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  1. Happy 41st Birthday nat36!

  2. Happy 40th Birthday nat36!

  3. nat36

    Any old timers still around?

    HI Im still around although I dont hand around as much as I used to. Im holding steady at 66kg and couldnt be happier. Wish I could afford plastic surgery now to really finish the job
  4. nat36

    Optifast Side Effects

    Hi Vickie I dont know of any support groups in Geraldton. I am happy to talk with you if you need support.
  5. Hi Fanny, I totally agree with you I have seen this guy a couple of times now and the first time I went he told me I need to put on 4kg and then last time at the same weight he said I could lose 2kg more if I stick to tuna and coffee basically. Im sorry I cant offer any help on a new fill Dr I just wanted to let you know I know what you are talking about. I have found a Dr in Geraldton to see now.
  6. nat36

    Charlis Lap Band Journey, Perth

    Thats strange that a lapband dr would hope that you come to your senses and pull out. Anyway you date is tomorrow so good luck and think of it as the first day of the rest of your life.
  7. nat36

    Perth Bandsters - your stories & successes

    Angela my Dr showed me 2 lapband surgeries one with a fatty liver and the other after optifast, and the fatty liver surgery was quite difficult as there was a lot of moving the liver around to get to the stomach which also meant a slower and more painful recovery. I would do the optifast just for your own recovery.
  8. nat36

    cost of surgery

    I seen a surgeon about public banding and he told me the chances of being banded within 2 years was slim to none so I joined private health waited 12 months to the day and was banded and have not looked back. Waiting 12 months for private health to kick in seems like forever but it goes quickly.
  9. nat36

    Perth Bandsters - your stories & successes

    Wow Thailand I didnt think it would be safe. Do you know what kind of savings are made by going overseas I really want work done but I know it will be a long way off as it would be selfish of me to expect so much money for myself when there are so many other things we could spend money on. I need an full body lift my butt reminds me of a sharpei dog and the rest......well Im sure you get the picture. Wouldnt swap the weigt loss for anything though I love it.
  10. Hi Nat how are you going? I have a question for you regarding multi vitamins, did you take tablet form or liquid and what brand etc did you find to work the best for you? I'm on the search at the moment before I go in for my op. I'm on Swisse women's multi but they are rather big and to be honest I'm just a little concerned to say the least that they could be a problem to swallow. But i haven't come across a liquid multi that covers all vitamins...What did/do you use?

    Thanks Annie

  11. I always start the post op steps after a fill just for a shorter period of time. Liquids for 24 hours then slowly ease onto mushy food like runny scrambled eggs then start working in harder food. I think you need to give the band and your body time to adjust to being tighter. I always find that I feel really tight for a few days then it eases off. Hope you feel better soon.
  12. Thanks for your reply Nat. And I certainly have read and heard lots of great things about Dr Watson. Everything at the moment is running fast forward towards my op and I'm just trying to finalise an endocrinoligist to help me through with my meds, I'm on a few bits and pieces when it comes to my medication as well as insulin injections. This I am hoping will soon be a thing of the past once my surgery is done. I feel like my minds in a spin. I just want it done now...Does that make sense??

    It's fantastic to hear that you are off your meds and are feeling so healthy, congratulations...

    I too am looking forward to that feeling...

    Thanks again


  13. nat36

    results not typical

    No double d's here either, more like double sad. Oh well my next journey..........PLASTIC SURGERY
  14. Hi Nat I'm Annie I noticed that you had your surgery performed by Dr Watson, my husband and I are also having the procedure performed by Dr Watson a wk apart in May my husband on the 4th and mine on the 11th at SJOG's hospital Murdoch. How did everything go for you and were you happy with Dr watson? We are both really excited and nervous of course, my husband has started his pre op diet and I have joined early with him in support, I thought it wouldn't hurt. If you have any advice towards any of our journey we would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for your time Annie...

  15. After being morbidly obese for most of your adult life the Dr tells you that you are 3kg under weight!!!