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  1. Sophie74656

    Is this price outrageous? (NYC!)

    If you can get out of the city it will probably be less pricey. I am in NJ and would be happy to give you the name of the place i am booked with.
  2. Sophie74656

    Cruise "Mocktails"

    In my opinion I think you can have your pina colada and enjoy it. You probably won't be able to finish it but ENJOY IT!!!
  3. Sophie74656

    Cruise "Mocktails"

    Yes, it is true. If done properly the part of your stomach that stretches is removed. You can eat more now because your internal swelling has gone down. It can take a while for all the swelling to finally go away.
  4. Sophie74656


    being exhausted is very common since you're not getting many calories. Dizzyness might also be related to dehydration. Are you getting enough fluids?
  5. Sophie74656

    pity party for me

    Yep I've been with my boyfriend for almost a year...the first time the clothes came off i was convinced it was going to be the last, that he would see everything hanging and run screaming. A year later he's still here, but honestly no matter how much he says he loves me and he's not bothered by the loose skin it's still something I'm self conscious about and try to not show much
  6. Sophie74656

    Want to lose weight

    Want to loose weight? Nah, I don't think anyone here on a board about weight loss surgery is interested in loosing weight. Nice try!
  7. Sophie74656

    Concerned Mom

    This thread makes me sad and I feel lucky that my parents were completely supportive of my decision.
  8. Sophie74656

    Ketogenic diet post sleeve?

    thanks guys, I'm going to do some research on some meal plans.
  9. Sophie74656

    Ketogenic diet post sleeve?

    Oh wow, way to go!
  10. Sophie74656

    Insurance Appeal

    He didn't get an official test, but my room is right next door and I can hear him through the walls LOL.
  11. Sophie74656

    You know you lost weight when

    When you enjoyed shopping for a dress for a relative's wedding....and at that wedding people you haven't seen in a while flip out over how good you look Also when you run into your ex-husband who you haven't seen in a year and he stammers and says you look amazing
  12. Hey guys I am starting to reserch plastic surgery and just looking for people's experiences. Overall I would like arms, breast lift, thigh lift, and my pani(sp?) removed. I'm concerned about the pain an length of recovery.
  13. Sophie74656

    I have a date

    I've thought about that. Even if I never hear from him after tomorrow, chatting with him has been fun and a nice little ego boost.
  14. Sophie74656

    I have a date

    It's after work on Tuesday. We agreed on coffee or something casual. I haven't mentioned my sleeve to him yet
  15. Sophie74656

    I have a date

    Oh my god you guys I have a date. I've been texting with this guy all weekend and we really hit it off and have a lot on common. We agreed to meet on Tuesday. I'm so nervous. I'm going to go vomit. Sent from my LGLS991 using the BariatricPal App

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