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  1. Sophie74656

    Is this price outrageous? (NYC!)

    If you can get out of the city it will probably be less pricey. I am in NJ and would be happy to give you the name of the place i am booked with.
  2. Sophie74656

    Cruise "Mocktails"

    In my opinion I think you can have your pina colada and enjoy it. You probably won't be able to finish it but ENJOY IT!!!
  3. Sophie74656

    Cruise "Mocktails"

    Yes, it is true. If done properly the part of your stomach that stretches is removed. You can eat more now because your internal swelling has gone down. It can take a while for all the swelling to finally go away.
  4. Sophie74656


    being exhausted is very common since you're not getting many calories. Dizzyness might also be related to dehydration. Are you getting enough fluids?
  5. Sophie74656

    pity party for me

    Yep I've been with my boyfriend for almost a year...the first time the clothes came off i was convinced it was going to be the last, that he would see everything hanging and run screaming. A year later he's still here, but honestly no matter how much he says he loves me and he's not bothered by the loose skin it's still something I'm self conscious about and try to not show much
  6. Sophie74656

    Want to lose weight

    Want to loose weight? Nah, I don't think anyone here on a board about weight loss surgery is interested in loosing weight. Nice try!
  7. Sophie74656

    Concerned Mom

    This thread makes me sad and I feel lucky that my parents were completely supportive of my decision.
  8. Sophie74656

    Ketogenic diet post sleeve?

    thanks guys, I'm going to do some research on some meal plans.
  9. Sophie74656

    Ketogenic diet post sleeve?

    Oh wow, way to go!
  10. Sophie74656

    Insurance Appeal

    He didn't get an official test, but my room is right next door and I can hear him through the walls LOL.
  11. Sophie74656

    You know you lost weight when

    When you enjoyed shopping for a dress for a relative's wedding....and at that wedding people you haven't seen in a while flip out over how good you look Also when you run into your ex-husband who you haven't seen in a year and he stammers and says you look amazing
  12. Sophie74656

    people not educating themselves

    I apologize in advance if I'm going to offend anyone first of all I want to say this place is awesome, a great resource of support and personal experiences But I am seeing posts here that kind of confuse me. I understand each doctor is different and some are more thorough than others. But I don't understand when I see posts that ask such basic post op questions like how much Water or Protein they should be having, or specifically what they should be eating. I think it's great that people can come here and ask questions and see what other people are going through. But there are things that you should be getting from your doctor or nutritionist, not an online message board I wonder if it's that some people are going into surgery not having done much research, or is it that some doctors or nutritionists are not educating people well. My team was so amazing, I had so much information given to me that by the time I had my sleeve I felt like I could be a nutritionist myself
  13. Hey guys I am starting to reserch plastic surgery and just looking for people's experiences. Overall I would like arms, breast lift, thigh lift, and my pani(sp?) removed. I'm concerned about the pain an length of recovery.
  14. Sophie74656

    I have a date

    Oh my god you guys I have a date. I've been texting with this guy all weekend and we really hit it off and have a lot on common. We agreed to meet on Tuesday. I'm so nervous. I'm going to go vomit. Sent from my LGLS991 using the BariatricPal App
  15. Sophie74656

    I have a date

    I've thought about that. Even if I never hear from him after tomorrow, chatting with him has been fun and a nice little ego boost.
  16. Sophie74656

    I have a date

    It's after work on Tuesday. We agreed on coffee or something casual. I haven't mentioned my sleeve to him yet
  17. Sophie74656

    well he has definately moved on

    I received a message from someone on facebook that I didn't know, but they mentioned that my (soon to be ex) husband is involved in a new relationship. I didn't know who sent me the message and I didn't think much of it...at first. Eventually curiosity got the best of me and I did a tiny bit of looking around. For the record we have been separated for 6 months and have not started formal divorce paperwork yet. I went to her facebook page and there are tons of pictures of the two of them, hugging, kissing, etc. Now, I hate to say negative things about other people's appearance, but...she's much larger than ever was even before surgery, and her face...well I just hope she has a nice personality. I'm sure I'm biased against her but it was really a kick in the gut. I know I shouldn't feel like this. He cheated on me, he made me feel bad about myself, he disrespected me, he ignored me, he never wanted to spend time with m, ehe put my needs last...I know I'm better off without him. But I feel so rejected and hurt. I can't help this feeling of "you dumped me for THAT?" I just needed to get that off my chest.
  18. Sophie74656

    Apples or Peaches?

    If you like apples and peaches.... as a sweet treat I filled a crock pot with apples and peaches and cooked them down to mush. Then added a tsp of vanilla. The best applesacue ever!
  19. Sophie74656

    well he has definately moved on

    I don't blame the messenger actually, the message was one of concern. Something like I see he is involved again are you ok. Since their name wasn't their real name I don't know who it was. I really do appreciate the support here. I don't have many friends and it does help just to get it out.
  20. What are you eating so soon? At 2 weeks I was still on liquid. And yes, it was hard to get it down. you are all swollen inside. It takes a while for that to go down. After a few months you will be able to eat a little more
  21. I don't think YOUR goal weight has anything to do with whether or not this person needed the surgery. There are tons of other factors you know nothing about that could be at play here. A BMI over 30 is still obese. My weight has nothing to do with it, just a reference. I think someone who only needs to loose 50 lbs should not have life altering permanent surgery. And clearly based on the other comments they made, not being happy loosing more than a pound a day, suggests that this person is either trolling or was incredibly ill prepared for the realities of surgery. This person has started TWO threads on this subject and in both of them has not mentioned any comorbidities. So just my opinion, they should not have had surgery. Dear sophie, it is my first time in this app so i thought that first thread was deleted thats why i re-wrote it. And the reason as to why i had this surgery is because i'm diagnosed with pcos and have gained 40lbs in less than a year. And said that if i didn't do anything about i can easily be diabetic. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App my opinion....it's your life do what you want, the choices are yours. In my opinion 40 lbs isn't a huge amount. Before my sleeve I could easily start a diet and loose 40-60 lbs. I had PCOS too. Did you have any other factors? with that low of a bmi it's odd that anyone would do the surgery without major comorbidities
  22. this is one of the big reasons I stopped using the forums on my fitness pal. To many people who were already skinny going on and on about how fat they are and how they need to loose weight when they were already well below my goal weight. I saw so many people posting their "before" pictures that showed slim people with flat tummies talking about how they needed to loose so much weight, it really made me feel bad
  23. Sophie74656

    Get a step counter

    my phone has a built in step counter. It mocks me
  24. Sophie74656

    Fashion advice

    So I never wear dresses or girly things and this might be a stupid question what do I do with a clutch when sitting at the table? When I get up I can leave it on the chair, but when seated where does it go? this is all such new ground for me. I never cared about makeup or dresses or shoes. Oh god I have to buy shoes. EDIT: what do you guys think of this one. I don't want to spend a fortune https://www.amazon.com/Damara-Pleated-Crystal-Studded-Handbag-Evening/dp/B00ORM7VMM/ref=cts_sh_1_vtp
  25. Sophie74656

    Protein Bars?

    I hate quest bars. I eat a protein bar every day at almost a year out

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