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    I got the lap band in March '08 & getting revised to the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy on 11/5/12
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    scrapbooking, painting, animals, swimming..
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  1. JennaJ221

    November 5Th Sleevers?

    hi everyone! hope everyone is doing good. I was running a fever last night and it started scaring me. i climbed up to100.1. im sooooo nervous about leaks..super afraid. i felt better when i woke up this morning and my fever was gone. back to a normal temp. question to all you 5 day post op sleevers is..are u getting a sharp 2 second pain in the chest area after you drink? i walked a bunch these past few days and havent had any gas pains really. yesterday this pain was frequent, not as bad as today but still there. Is this the dreaded gas pain???? and are u guys still experiencing this?? im not sure how long they usually last. Also, my stomac was making some noises (like growling) earlier today, was scaring me a lil, but then i went to bathroom and finally had a BM (sorry too much info), and then it went away, but have u guys had this growling too? thank u so much for any experience input..
  2. JennaJ221

    November 5Th Sleevers?

    Im doing pretty good here also, glad everyones feelin a little better. Been up and doin my laps around all day. Walking has def helped. Looking forward to goin home tomorrow, well technically. Still have no power and now another storm is headed in our area tomorrow into thursday, so i guess thats also going to delay getting our power back. But headed to my grandmas to recoop.. She just got her power back so thank goodness i have somewhere to go.. Getting a lil stir crazy in the hospital. The heat or air or something here is broken, so it just blows hot air 24/7 in my room, i was literally sweating, they had to get me a fan that i have blowing on me.. Havent even slept with a blanket the entire time thats how hot it is lol. But not really feelin any pain as of this evening, im more annoyed with the oxygen in my nose.. Its sooooo annoying.. I hate it lol. Oh well, going to get some rest now.. Hope all the nov 5th and 6th sleevers are doin well.. Keep the updates coming.. god bless!
  3. JennaJ221

    November 5Th Sleevers?

    thats so good, this thing was a mother.. lol. my date is monday nov. 5th..
  4. JennaJ221

    November 5Th Sleevers?

    Thank you!! I just heard back this afternoon and everythings a go!! YAY!! lol. And oh no, another storm? Well, at least i'll be in the hospital still.. these storms we're getting by us is getting out of hand. How'd CT do with Sandy? Hope you were ok in this..
  5. JennaJ221

    November 5Th Sleevers?

    Nov. 5th here too on long island. Im super nervous more for the fact my doctor needs my primary drs medical clearance still, today is the deadline, hoping they dont drop the ball otherwise i cant go on monday everything got pushed back on me bc of the hurricane. Its gonna be hard bc we still have no power, and prob wont still when i come home from the hospital.. Looking forward to being in the hospital just bc there is power..get some tv, charge my electronics, and not so cold lol. But really really nervous in general as well, and excited and cant wait to be out of the woods and on my way to healing and losing!! good luck to you all!!
  6. JennaJ221

    Long Island Ny

    Hiii, i'm from Massapequa, Long Island. I'm scheduled on November 5th for revision from lap-band to sleeve. My doctor is Dr. David Buchin in Huntington. How are you doing with lapband to sleeve so far??? I'm really excited to get this lap-band out of me..it's become my enemy lol.
  7. Congrats on your date!! Mine is also nov 5th, converting from band to sleeve. I had the lapband for 4yrs now, lost about 65lbs with it, but i just stalled and couldnt keep any solid food down, sometimes even liquids. Just couldnt take it anymore with the vomiting and one day something was fine to eat and the next day the same thing wasnt. So yea, im converting. Just doing all my final clearances now and im good to go on the 5th. Im very nervous tho. My fear is that my doc is going to go in remove the band and then find some reason why he wasnt able to do the sleeve. He says all is great, but im just so nervous about it still. Whats ur pre-op diet like? I start a 2 week liquid diet on the 22nd. Looking forward to that bc i'll get a jump start on some weight loss with that well congrats to us for nov 5th lol
  8. JennaJ221

    protein drink question

    eww. itried the muscle milk light yesterday...it was disgusting!! Tastes like chalk!! lol. i think ill be spending the extra money and stick with the myoplex lite..at least it tastes good!! thanks all!!
  9. JennaJ221

    protein drink question

    Hii. Thank u for everyones input. I think I'm going to go to walmart and buy a 4 pack first. Heard it was only 3.50. Honk, I work for bjs..so costcos the competitor lol thanks again everyone
  10. Hii. I currently drink either myoplex lite or eas advant edge protein drinks..I saw the muscle milk lite. Has fewer cals and is cheaper..so natuarally I'm interested lol. Anyways..wanted to inquire if anyone drinks this or has tried it? How's the taste?? Wanted to get some opinions first before I drop $25 on a case for it..any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  11. Hii. I currently drink either myoplex lite or eas advant edge protein drinks..I saw the muscle milk lite. Has fewer cals and is cheaper..so natuarally I'm interested lol. Anyways..wanted to inquire if anyone drinks this or has tried it? How's the taste?? Wanted to get some opinions first before I drop $25 on a case for it..any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  12. JennaJ221

    Please help (long) :(

    Hiii. I'm almost filled to the max in a 5 cc band..I'm at 4.45..but haven't really been losing..not gaining either. I'm actually goin to the doc friday to see if I can get a lil more for a top off since I haven't had any adjustments since 2009. Maybe some leaked out or doc said when weight is loss u may need to get adjustments. So anyway..everyones different. Maybe chew more thoroughly so avoid stuck situations. Or I would ask for a flouro..where they can see what ur band looks like, maybe its slipped a lil hence not bein able to keep anything down..I heard that's a symptom. I would def go back tho and demand them to figure this out. Bc its not adding up that u can't keep anything down but ur also not losing. Good luck!
  13. JennaJ221

    i need help and lots of advice

    Go to a bariatrics place. They do everything for u..all my doc put was knee problems..which I didn't have and my bmi was high. And I was approved no problem..they'll at least work to get u approved.
  14. JennaJ221

    Can someone please help me?!

    Well how's ur weight loss been goin? If not so good its bc ur not eating and that starvation modes kicked in or will eventually. Plus u should eat bc u need ur Protein and Fiber..otherwise u won't feel so good. My doctor wanted me doing 3 meals a day but I found I was gettin enough protein and meeting the daily totals, so I do the 4-5 mini meals..3 meals and 1-2 Snacks a day with one of the snacks is usually a Protein Drink..a low cal one like myoplex lite. And at the beginning during healing I wasn't too hungry as well..ur still probably a lil swollen..but that will change soon..around the 5th week I was beginning to be really hungry and it took me a few times with the fills to be comfortable..it'll happen, just follow the instructions by ur doc, tweak a lil if u must to better fit you..bc everyone is different..just remember a lot is trial and error and it takes a lil bit to get the hang of it..its been almost 3 yrs for me and I finally feel like I got the swing of things. Good luck!!

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