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  1. I had been over and over in my mind weight loss surgery for a decade now! I always thought I could lose it naturally. What the final straw for me was today when my Primary Care went over my MRI of my stomach with me and lectured me for an hour on how I am close to have a cirrhosis of the liver! Plus I am hypertension and high cholesterol and metabolic syndrome. I mean I'm a walking time bomb for my life to end. I am only 33! I will not die! This has become health to me more then anything! So what was your guys's final straw? Lisa
  2. I'm glad I found this forum because to be honest I wasn't impressed with the people in my Weight Loss Seminar: Now do I approve of surgery for somebody just needing to lose ten pounds? No...Seriously that did happen in my weight loss seminar. There was a woman just needing to lose ten pounds wanting bariatric surgery. She complained about her back aches and knee hurting. Yes I know extra weight is no fun. But to be cut open just to lose ten pounds in a blink of an eye is not a good idea. One guy started yelling when he found out he couldn't smoke marijuana afterwards and not be issued medical marijuana. One woman's cell phone kept playing annoying music throughout. These two older woman acted like Twelve year olds when the word "Dumping" syndrome was announced they laughed so hard and said "Poop." I felt as if I was in the Twilight Zone gone berserk! Then came the end portion of the questions: "Will I ever be able to eat a large bag of chips again?" I think the doctor was at her wits end by the end. She quickly left the room. Then a fight broke out between two woman screaming at each-other about who needed the surgery most. The nurse asked if one of them had been drinking! I left so fast at the end I didn't even want to know the answer. I can laugh about this now but trust me at the time NOT FUNNY! Has this happened to anybody else? Like I said it was a mixture of the circus in the twilight zone during a bad dream. Lisa
  3. limichelle34

    No real ending we decided

    So my ex and I have a Lot of love. What we realize is it takes two whole individuals for a healthy relationship not tWo halves. He and I are in no contact for a year while he works on himself through counseling etc...I'm of course am working on weight. When we meet up down the road we will be in a Healthier place. Sorry for jumping the gun On my other posts. Lisa
  4. "So we will pick these flowers for the reception tables." That picture and quote comes to my frame of mind when I think back to March 2012 in Michael's Craft Store looking for fake flowers for my wedding the following November 3, 2012. I had been with the guy for seven years unaware that he wasn't wanting the same things and was hanging on by a thread. I went from almost getting married to not even being able to whisper it or really think of it when it came to stepping on egg shells around his fragile state. Then the past three years shouldn't have happened. I should have left when he doubted if he loved me! I just believed him and I after our eyes met and we found each-other inseparable so many years ago that we were soul-mates, that he was the 'one.' Its funny how one moment your flying on air and the next you come crashing to the ground. This happened to me this morning when he closed that iron door for good, locking it and throwing away the key. There are things I want out of life and things I don't want! I want to fall in love again! I want to meet the True Soulmate. What can I say I'm a hopeless romantic! I want to think I will be back down the road with my Sis in Law picking out new arrangements for a different venue to my future dream guy. Right now those dreams have faded, whoosh! Turned to dust! So I thought about this one quote i read a long time ago. "Sometimes things have to fall apart so better things can come together." I won't settle. I won't give up on new dreams and aspirations. For now I have myself and that is enough. When he comes he comes! Lisa
  5. limichelle34

    First Appointment Review

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience. This makes me less nervous myself for my first appointment this Wednesday. Lisa
  6. limichelle34

    My Time to Shine!

    It's a new chapter in my life as I pack up all the things my Ex gave me over the years, I put it in a box and put it away. I woke up not sad for the first time I woke up rejuvenated! That I will find somebody who will want the same desires as me. For now I start the most important task: Taking care of myself! Seeing the Bariatric Surgeon is the first step this coming Wednesday. Then taking the rest from there. I need to rebuild myself inner to outer. This is my Time to Shine. Lisa
  7. limichelle34

    Any Arizona Singles out there?

    Just wondering..... I'm up for chatting, not really wanting to date until after the surgery and I have lost weight. Just wanting a buddy pen-pal now. Who knows what could happen? Lisa
  8. I'm seeing Dr. Flavia Soto who spoke at the seminar and I really like her that's why I chose her. I'm going on August 19th. They said it will be two hours. I will see the Nurse, Dietitian and her but I wonder when they fit in the Psychological Evaluation? Did any of you have it the same day as your consultation? Lisa
  9. @@Pinkgirl1234 I agree that is the best revenge!!!!! Being happy and healthy. I find that the ones who commented so negatively with me were very much insecure themselves. So just the thought of me being happy and healthy just made them cringe. Time for revenge.
  10. Okay that makes sense that you have to schedule that after. Thank you all for the responses! I'm glad it moves fast. I want all the paperwork done! LOL
  11. @@Pinkgirl1234 I agree! I think my former friends loved it when I put on the pounds! Hence the former friends. When I was young and thin they used to always complain to me how beautiful I was back then. When I first started putting on the pounds it gave them more power to knock me down and smile at my ailments with the weight. My ex boyfriend his mother was horrible about me being big, she compared her tiny figure to mine all the time. When I mentioned I wanted to lose all the weight. She would always go quiet. Her favorite phrase to me was. "Now I need to lose four pounds and I know from the way you are I probably don't look it." Glad to be rid of the negative people! Lisa
  12. Just what we all want a nice vacation where they cut out 85% of our stomach! *rollseyes* I swear some people think we are doing this for fun!!! My GI doctor who I have known for years when I told her I have a consultation with the Bariatric Surgeon she gasped and in a mortified tone told me "Cancel it, surgery is too drastic and dangerous! there are no quick fixes!" Have you guys noticed whenever bariatric surgery is mentioned somebody comes up with the "There are no quick fixes." It makes me wonder if my GI doctor thinks I'm thinking in my brain "Great! After surgery I will snap my fingers and POOF just make the fat disappear because I' m all of a sudden this magical goddess." Lisa
  13. limichelle34

    Another year alone

    Daveo I'm single enjoy talking to you in a different state. What more could You want? Lol
  14. limichelle34

    My heart keeps getting stomped on

    So the guy I loved for ten years last night gave me hope we would be together again one day. Now he says he doesn't want me! I Can't take much more of this
  15. limichelle34

    My heart keeps getting stomped on

    Thank you all so much for your kind responses. I truthfully have been over the relationship for three years, it just hit that he permanently shut the door when I thought it was always open. I know I'm better off! Your stories about making lists are awesome! I need to do that. LOL I keep thinking of Kelly Clarkson's Lyrics "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." Lisa
  16. limichelle34

    My heart keeps getting stomped on

    Thank you all for your kind words. Its been a roller coaster ride of a relationship and I'm now ready to get off and wish him well. It's all I can do. I have to take care of me. Lisa
  17. limichelle34

    Another year alone

    Daveo I'm as lost as you are! Don't take my advice I'm heartbroken
  18. limichelle34

    Another year alone

    That is how I met the love of my life a decade ago! It was when I wasNt looking. Daveo you will find her!
  19. limichelle34

    Another year alone

    @@Daveo So do I! I'm a loner! hahah
  20. limichelle34

    Another year alone

    Hello, I wouldn't mind being your friend Daveo you sound likE an awesome guy! Lisa
  21. I wrote a Poem a long time ago when I was twenty on the back of a water coloring painting of mine. I was told in class at the local Community College to read it out loud. So I did and the next thing I knew somebody in the class was wanting to send it to her Publisher friend. So it was published for free in a small community magazine. The poem at the time was bleak however hopeful about a butterfly with broken wings who does begin to fly. The poem came to me at a time of life adjustment, I had just lost a good new friendship to a girl due to a misunderstanding and my best friends went off to college in a different State. So one night I wrote from the bottom of my aching heart and there manifested a poem and later a fixation on butterflies. I started to research Butterflies and they soon became a metaphor for life. The ugly caterpillar is in it's cocoon for awhile not knowing if it will make it. It then breaks out as a strong insect with beautiful wings. The Miracle of life! So every once in awhile that poem in different times in my life it creeps in and burrows into my mind. "You have to, in order to survive." Is the last sentence to the poem. It has hit home for a long time now since I put on the weight and now that I'm embarking on this weight loss journey. I feel someways I'm in the cocoon and waiting for my beautiful wings to take flight. I know I will get there because like the poem has a happy ending of success. I will have mine!
  22. @@OKCPirate That makes perfect sense. @@Babbs I think the Doctor wanted to do that in the middle of her lecture. @@lauraellen80 It makes you wonder where these people come from?
  23. I guess I was lucky to get the entertainment for free. LOL
  24. limichelle34


    From the album: Living Life Large! Before Pictures!

    My 33rd Birthday July 7th, 2015 at 268 which I still currently weigh
  25. limichelle34

    Living Life Large! Before Pictures!

    My weight ranging from 302 to now 268 within the year. I haven't had my consult yet. I can't wait to begin this journey and share photos along the way!