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Fly Butterfly, On Broken wings you must still try!



I wrote a Poem a long time ago when I was twenty on the back of a water coloring painting of mine. I was told in class at the local Community College to read it out loud. So I did and the next thing I knew somebody in the class was wanting to send it to her Publisher friend. So it was published for free in a small community magazine.

The poem at the time was bleak however hopeful about a butterfly with broken wings who does begin to fly. The poem came to me at a time of life adjustment, I had just lost a good new friendship to a girl due to a misunderstanding and my best friends went off to college in a different State. So one night I wrote from the bottom of my aching heart and there manifested a poem and later a fixation on butterflies.

I started to research Butterflies and they soon became a metaphor for life.

The ugly caterpillar is in it's cocoon for awhile not knowing if it will make it. It then breaks out as a strong insect with beautiful wings.

The Miracle of life!

So every once in awhile that poem in different times in my life it creeps in and burrows into my mind.

"You have to, in order to survive." Is the last sentence to the poem.


It has hit home for a long time now since I put on the weight and now that I'm embarking on this weight loss journey.

I feel someways I'm in the cocoon and waiting for my beautiful wings to take flight.

I know I will get there because like the poem has a happy ending of success.

I will have mine!


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