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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to Julie norton in Recent fill def made a difference but..   
    Good point and I don't want my head in the sand...that being said, any WLS has it's pros and cons. And golly. I'm starting to feel like our circle of banders gets a bit smaller every year⭐️
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to RetroGirl in What is your "scale" strategy?   
    I'm only 20 days out so I suppose my attitude toward the scale will change over time.
    As for now... I'm obsessed with it. I actually put my scale into the closet so I wouldn't weigh every day. Didn't work out! I still do it. However, in the week 1 and 2 I would step on the scale billions of times a day, so I guess that is still an improvement. (?)
    However, I only log my weight once a week, each Monday.
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    LessOfMe0503 got a reaction from BLERDgirl in What if it is hard to exercise   
    I would look for chair workouts. I just saw a fun looking one to the whip-nae nae song.
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to dwinette in What is your "scale" strategy?   
    I weigh once a week.. On Sunday's only...I write my weight down because I'm a visual person....
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to _Kate_ in What is your "scale" strategy?   
    I weigh every morning but if I don't lose for a couple of days I assume I am stalling and then stay off the scales for a bit.
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to James Marusek in What is your "scale" strategy?   
    I weigh myself each morning when I get out of bed. This is usually my lowest weight for the day. I log the weight. I do not obsess about my weight. I just use it as a tool while I experiment with food and meals. It has taught me a lot.
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to McButterpants in What is your "scale" strategy?   
    in the beginning I would weigh daily, sometimes more than that - GASP! I loved the days where I'd see a 2-3 pound weight loss, but on the flip side of that would lose my mind if I gained. The scale made me crazy. My husband hid the scale from me and brought it out once a week - that saved my sanity.
    I did start a photo journal and took my measurements every month. This also helped - if the scale wasn't moving, I would take my measurements and, sure enough, I was losing inches. I'd take a selfie and see the difference in my body and face - I was getting smaller.
    The scale is not representative of what's going on inside your body - the scale won't show you fat lost and muscle gained. A picture will show you that. How your clothes feel will show you that.
    Now, nearing two years out, I weigh probably 1-2 times a month. It just doesn't have the same control over me it has had over the past 25 years of my life. I will never hand over the power to the scale again - it's not worth it.
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to choosehope in What is your "scale" strategy?   
    I've decided to get rid of my scale and only go by what the doc says or give it to my psych and weigh once a week there. I know my tendency to let my emotions and self concept get caught up in the scale. I've also engaged in restricting and purging behaviors when my scale wasn't showing what it was suppose to before a weigh in. I have to stop that lunacy, and the first step, for me, is no scale....until maintenance where I will watch it like a hawk so I don't fool myself into gaining all my weight back. The control food and weight has over my mind is ridiculous! But I'm breaking free!!
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    LessOfMe0503 got a reaction from NaomiAus in Weight loss bucket list   
    Going to a class reunion. Ziplining, Water slides, crossing my legs, buying cute shoes, matching bra/panty sets, shopping, having energy, fitting in a movie/plane seat comfortably
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to lauraellen80 in What is your "scale" strategy?   
    I usually step on the scale every morning, but I only record my weight (in My Fitness Pal) once a week. The further out from surgery I get and the more slowly I lose, I may have to restrict myself to only getting on the scale once a week, though. We'll see how crazy it makes me...
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to OutsideMatchInside in What is your "scale" strategy?   
    I weigh once a week. At home and at the gym. I am thinking about stopping though. It is so hot and I keep retaining Water, it isn't accurate at all.
    I might just go to once a month weighing. It is much easier to feel the differences than to see the differences on a scale.
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to NaomiAus in Why is protein so important   
    It also aids in muscle building which helps burn fat.
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    LessOfMe0503 got a reaction from NaomiAus in Weight loss bucket list   
    Going to a class reunion. Ziplining, Water slides, crossing my legs, buying cute shoes, matching bra/panty sets, shopping, having energy, fitting in a movie/plane seat comfortably
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to BarrySue in Weight loss...   
    Belly gains weight first, belly loses weight last. It's practically a greek tragedy.
    Unless you're one of those pear-shaped women, in which case, I hate you (I don't actually, I'm just insanely jealous ).
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to Elled2 in Why is weight loss with a lap band so slow?   
    The first month or slow with a band is slow. Your body has to adjust to the surgery. The surgery and fills can cause swelling and that affects the band. Ask for another fill and listen to your physicians. Getting the band filed too quickly is not a positive as you don't get to learn about how your band impacts you. I got filled far too quickly and the relationship I developed with my band was not as positive as it could have been. Now everything is fine but it is a huge life adjustment.
    If you want to lose weight and maintain your weight loss don't rush into the fills! Take things slow like your first high school relationship. The band is for life so learn everything you can about your body and your band.
    My weight loss journey became much more positive when I learned not to rush progress.
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to LynnAlex in Does anyone stock up on smaller clothing?   
    I only shop at Salvation Army. I try to only buy clothing that is 50% off. Every day or week the color changes. Yesterday all purple tags were 50% off. I have been buying 1-2 sizes smaller that what I am currently wearing. I try them on and look for pants that need about 2-4 inches to zip. I only buy name brands. (Vera Wang, Eddie Bauer, Talbot's, Jones, etc.) I also bought bathing suits in 4 sizes. I want to swim at the gym and know it will be hard to find swimsuits in the winter months. I look for high quality. I bought 2 long sleeve shirts, 2 short sleeve shirts 5 pairs of jeans, 4 bathing suits for $32. If I lose weight and they don't fit, who cares.
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to Julie norton in Regrets   
    I think this is a great site for questions and info and others experience with the band.
    There appear to be some naysayers around on some of the sites. but please be assured there are happy and healthy banders around.
    Hoping for a great fresh start for you .
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    LessOfMe0503 got a reaction from Debbie3sons in Regrets   
    I'm so happy to see happy banders! I banded almost a month ago. So far I don't have regrets but I don't feel like I have been banded long enough to know for sure. I can say that I honestly believe it was the right choice for me. Being strongly rooted in that knowledge has helped me not be persuaded by the band negativity I have seen so much of.
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    LessOfMe0503 got a reaction from Elode in Going through surgery single   
    I went/am going through the process single. I had lap band on Aug 4. I have an 8 year old son. I have the world's best family, friends and coworkers. I was very public with my decision and got so much support. There was some negativity... I just walked away from it.
    I get tons of support from here and a fb group of people who banded the same month I did. Since we all started at the same time, we are going through things together.
    I would guess that in a city like NYC, there would be support groups that meet. Those would probably be good places to start.
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to Dream4tc in protein intake and weight loss connection ! please advise   
    Did you see that Pure Protein is now offering pumpkin Pie? Yummy!
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to DavidK in Questions about weight loss surgery   
    I went with the lapband because I didn't want to permanently change my insides, and I am very glad I did.
    In my opinion, which one you choose should depend on how successful you are with dieting on your own. The lapband really should be looked at as a tool which will help you stick to a lower calorie diet. Its adjustable to get more or less help. The issue is that the more you get the band filled, the more difficult your life becomes.
    So if you just need a small to moderate amount of help to keep you on track and stick to a diet, I think that the lapband is a great choice. If you need a lot of help then the sleeve might be a better option.
    I currently have a very low fill on my band, and after 4 months I am about 18 lbs from being in the normal bmi range. I had high blood pressure when I had the surgery, now my blood pressure is normal and I have cut the amount of medication I am taking in half. The lap band has helped me rapidly loose weight when I eat properly, and significantly reduced the damage during my moments of weakness. I tolerate all foods, and have had very few issues so far, unless I do something stupid like swallow food without chewing it.
    While my experience has been great, I feel like that is because the band has such a low fill. If I had to keep my band significantly tighter to achieve weight loss, my experience would probably be totally different.
    From the studies I have read, the complication rates of lap band were really high for the first few years that they were implanted. Though as technique and understanding have improved, the complication rates seem to have gone down quite a bit. I think a lot of doctors have soured on it because so many of the first wave of bandsters had issues with them.
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to Bufflehead in Going through surgery single   
    I had surgery and went through recovery and all that as a single person. In a way, it's good. There isn't anyone hanging around to sabotage your efforts, make critical comments, eat ice cream in front of you, or bring pizza home. You can eat whatever you want without worrying about whether your partner wants something else. If you want to work out at three in the morning with the music blaring, go for it. If you want to spend your money on the most expensive Protein powders, workout clothes, and digital kitchen scales available, no one is going to argue with you and tell you that you should be spending money on Nintendo games or HBO subscriptions instead.
    I guess I am by nature an independent person -- generally, the fewer people hanging around to bother me, demand compromises from me, and expect me to spend my time and energy accommodating their needs, the better. Yes, there is a reason I am single -- for starters, I like it!
    I had the support of my medical team and my close friends and family. That was more than enough for me.
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to BigViffer in I have a gift for many of you...   
    Many people posting on here appear to need this. I have plenty, so I will share with anyone who needs it!
    There. It's a big chunk of spaces and line breaks! You can use these to end paragraphs, begin new sentences and even change the thoughts you are trying to communicate!
    But wait! There's more! Take advantage of this one time offer and I will throw in the complete set of standard English punctuation!
    , . ? ! & ( ) : " ; '
    And if you order in the next 5 minutes, I will show you how to disable the CAPS LOCK KEY!
    All joking aside, I realize this is a web forum and it is meant to be more casual and laid back, but if you put just a little effort into making your posts easier to read, you will not only get more replies to your threads, you will most likely get better replies as well.
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    LessOfMe0503 got a reaction from jess9395 in Good "inexpensive" protein powder?   
    I have not seen any Protein powders or shakes that I would consider inexpensive. However, I'm not spending as much on food so it kind of evens out!
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to dhrguru in Finished C25K!   
    So tonight I finished the 9 week c25k training program. 9 weeks and 45 miles!!! I'm SO damn proud of myself!!!
    As I was doing my cool down I was feeling nostalgic. Tonight I walked out of the house with my headphones and told the kids I'd be back. I recall a time the kids were too young to be able to leave, making finding time to exercise hard. And then I was thankful that despite being 'super morbidly obese,' (side note I just thought of the acronym SUMO... ugh, I hate that even more!!!) my knee and joints don't ache. It all made me realize that I picked the best time possible time in my life to have this surgery.
    Well now I'm gonna work at bettering my pace and time, but guess I'll look for a new form of exercise to add in too.

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