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    How do you view overweight people now that your thin?

    I've always been attracted more to athletic guys... *shrugs* I just never actually dated them - just had fun.
  2. KeepCalm

    There sure are a lot of beaches on this board here

    I think I'll keep my Channing Tatum <3
  3. KeepCalm

    My horrible experience at a restaurant.

    I have the right to complain about a BUSINESS. You obviously have a lot of pent up anger. There's medicine for that. @@Aggiemae I have extra if you need some. My don't make manda mad pills come doubled for incase I need to take two instead of one.
  4. I'm either freezing like Jack frost kissed my hands and nose or I'm sweatin' like I just got out of the sauna... which usually happens after I eat something hot (not spicy) just hot... I put my heater on and aim it under my desk to make it warm up everything... and its burning my leg, but if I move it - I'm right back to freezing! I'm so not looking forward to delivering pizzas tonight.... I just wanna wrap myself in a blanket with holes for my hands and sit on the couch, but then I'll get hot and yeah.
  5. KeepCalm

    No where else to vent

  6. KeepCalm

    I'm calling BS

    @ Thank you very much
  7. KeepCalm

    I'm calling BS

    I haven't been feelin' it until recently, and I'm just over 6 months out now but I gotta go out hunting It is my birthday afterall...
  8. Everyone else has said pretty much what I would in some context or another... so I'm just gonna offer a hug and hope that your week goes better. I know how you feel about the F - I'm rather upset with myself too atm - I missed the first test and assignment because I wasn't able to purchase my book and teacher doesn't have make ups. I made A's and Bs on my other three assignments and Bs on the last three tests... and have walked away with a 68 because of the missed test and assignment hoping I can fix it, somehow...
  9. KeepCalm

    Y'all! I just bought myself an Instant Pot!

    I'm getting impatient for my birthday and Christmas! I hope I get one and just because Mommy says we'll see does not mean yes... actually its usually a "no, I just don't want to tell you no" but I can be optimistic! and get it myself if I don't get it I'm keeping tabs on this post for all the recipes to try out!
  10. KeepCalm

    Salt it up!

    I'm not craving salt or anything like that... but I've noticed lately I've been adding a dash or two of salt to my food lately. Before surgery I very rarely even USED the salt shaker when eating. Just wondering if anyone else noticed this... I've always said salt is supposed to bring out the flavor of things more, but over doing it is just nasty. So, I'd put a lil in when cooking, but rarely when I sat down to eat. And now its like everything needs a lil salt...
  11. KeepCalm

    Salt it up!

    as far as I know my BP is still normal - when I'd get BP done at Drs. they'd always do it 2 or three times thinkin' the machine was broke cause they'd expect me to have high BP and it was always normal or one CNA told me it was the BP of a teenager... maybe its just the need for stronger flavor, I hope so...
  12. @@summerset you know... she was talking about what works for her, right? she NEVER said it would work for everyone. Perhaps quit reading into it so hard that you think she's telling YOU or anyone else what to do because she's not. She is stating what worked for her or doesn't and how HER body reacts to various things. I've noticed that my body works the same way - if I eat to many bad carbs ie. junk food, Pasta, white flour stuff, I quit losing and gain... popcorn is still off my list for a while since I'm totally addicted to it. Now that I'm pushing myself to get back on track, I've started losing again. Stuffed pepper Soup, anyone? I have tons left over - made with turkey ground meat and peppers with quinoa...
  13. KeepCalm

    Y'all! I just bought myself an Instant Pot!

    This may sound kinda babyish, but I don't care! My mommy said she'd see about getting me one for my birthday/Christmas present!!!
  14. When I went for my first consultation (July 2015) - they suggested I be unfilled because my surgery would probably be sometime in October or November of 2015. So, I went right away and got unfilled... I ended up not getting approved and had to resubmit. By January I had gained 20lbs cause I ate everything I had not been able to eat previously because I would get sick if I ate it. kinda had one long last supper, I guess you could say. I went in for my appointment in January and pretty much demanded that I get refilled, so I wouldn't gain anymore weight and that I didn't care if I started getting sick again. The nurse that was doing the refills didn't want to refill me because she thought I was doing it for the wrong reasons. I finally convinced her that it was because I did NOT want to gain anymore weight. after the fill - I lost about 25lbs before surgery - I was at 250ish for the consultation - 270 after the regain, and 249 on day of surgery... I'm at 225 right now, and stuck because I quit caring... Recently though I'm trying to take back control of my life and get back to doing what needs to be done instead of letting my roommate control it. I bought a new car and starting working at my second job again. I'm trying to get back on track with my eating habits, but its a mind over matter thing for me and I've never been much good at telling myself no I can't have that, but I'm trying. I noticed I hang out on here more when I know I'm getting off it. I messed up last night after being on track all day and again this morning. I'm restarting again at lunch with chicken salad and a Protein drink for mid afternoon and sugar free Jello. I have to remember to eat before I go to work at night as that is when I usually fall down. Yes, I tend to ramble - I'm sorry...
  15. KeepCalm

    Y'all! I just bought myself an Instant Pot!

    I've decided to get one of these for myself for my birthday since I cancelled the cruise :/ maybe 2018!
  16. I'd rather read material that doesn't have blood involved... which I did, I researched a lot of material that showed what was done and that should be required. *nods*
  17. for the most part - healthy I could eat was salads, that went down fine... oh and tuna, but if I tried eating solid foods like chicken, meat, and some veggies (which by the way I love except carrots I'm kinda eh on them)... On a good day, everything was fine, but most days I'd eat one or two bites of something and have to run to the bathroom. what I mean is only healthy foods made me sick - if I wanted to I could eat all the junk and it would slip right through. I didn't though I'd eat grits, oatmeal, Soups, salads or soft boiled eggs. I could eat the soft stuff, just nothing harder and when I tried, I'd get sick... I'd get so frustrated being with my family at dinner and stuck in a corner - they knew the first excuse me was cue for get outta the way. most of my days were 'soup' days... which is what I called any day that I couldn't eat regular food.
  18. That was my problem - I couldn't eat anything healthy/good for me, it would get stuck and come back up. I didn't gain though (until my unfill), probably because I was still going to the gym and riding my bicycle everywhere...
  19. KeepCalm

    Diatomaceous Earth

    My roommate uses it all the time - drinks it with Water and we use it as a pesticide. He's not a surgery patient though either and was wanting me to ask this same question. I'm not interested in drinking it though, I'll stick to stuff that taste semi good (and good for me) and not like chalk.
  20. I buy organic Peanut Butter. Has more fat than the PB2, but my nutritionist hates PB2 because it is all chemical. I really don't have peanut butter very often anyway so it is a nice treat. Your nutritionist is wack - just wanted to mention *nods* at least as far as PB2 is... it has... roasted peanuts, sugar, and salt. There is NOTHING chemical in it, and its made by slow roasting the peanuts and pressing the oil out. ----------------------------------------------------- that being said - I eat about a tsp or two of skippy natural peanut butter when I'm craving something. and I use the PB2 in my shakes - PB2 is not good for making ahead and storing for later though - I learned that the stinky way.
  21. KeepCalm


    Sleeved - June 14, 2016... 249ish - was at 260 when I started, unfilled my band and gained 20lbs - got refilled and got down to 249 before surgery. April - I was probably 265ish Today - I still have a ways to go, but I'm at 225 It put them in sideways, sorry. Sent from my SM-N920T using the BariatricPal App
  22. KeepCalm

    Back Issues

    I'm not even sure where to ask this, sooo... Has anyone else noticed having mid-back hurts as you lose weight??? I've never had back problems before, but now.... Sent from my SM-N920T using the BariatricPal App
  23. KeepCalm

    So um...

    I've never been good about being on a date. I'm deaf/hard of hearing and it makes social interaction difficult sometimes. Especially if the person I'm with doesn't really understand how to act (normal btw). I'm kinda socially inept, I guess you could say. Point of this - I've been asked to go out for a beer with this older gentleman (he owns the used tire shop across the street from my house) I've never been out with someone just as friends unless they are family. Roommate and I don't go out socially ever - mostly because he's to afraid someone will think we're together. I don't know how to act. I have the tendency to be too nice and some guys think I'm interested in them (and yes, I know that sounds conceited, but true) I've had way to many guys get mad at me after they figure out I'm not into them at all... I need advice on how to just go out and have a beer or two and not feel like I'm misleading anyone because I'm not interested in this gentleman. He's older than me by about 20 years probably, and because of past history - I don't do the older guy thing. I just... don't know how to interact with ppl I don't know. Yes, I do it alright on here - because I can read my words and 'hear' aka read y'alls - so I don't miss out on what your saying. This is already making me edgy and he hasn't even called to see if I wanna go get a beer or not yet. I can't even talk about this with my mom because she just goes Well then your going to be alone the rest of your life. cause she gets mad because what she did/does isn't good enough for me. I tend to like guys that are younger then me or my age group (sometimes) anyone to much older then I - I tend to treat them like a father figure if that makes sense. even if they are only 10 - 15 years older.
  24. KeepCalm

    New topic time...

    @@OzRoo In games - I don't mind horror, movies... not so much lol. I'm gonna pull it out and try it out gaming relieves my stress levels, if that even makes sense lol. I was playing mass effect - I have 1 and 2 need the newer ones. hmmm I think I'll make that my 10lb goal lose 10 buy a game! lol @@Moogle - that's the same as me - I was playing since beta and got really bored the last few expansions, played a little bit (like a week) last year... and for about 3 months the year before (roommate was in one of his nice moments and bought me the expansion and server/race change for birthday/Christmas)
  25. Premier Protein is really filling and it doesn't taste nasty to me anyhow... and they're 30g of protein. You've incorporated a walk aka exercise into your date and added the at least one meal replaced. That's great - and yes, you are going to falter before surgery because part of your mind hasn't exactly grabbed hold of what you're doing and is subconsciously resisting. I'm having issues with that atm even after surgery. I think a lot of weight loss is mental and realizing that what you want to do and being mentally strong enough to do it. There are a lot of people here to help support you along the way and help you to find ways to get it done. So far my way (since I restarted) is to keep busy enough I don't have time for food, I'm hoping it works out!

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