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  1. Dee, Put me down for -1 pound. I have to get moving on working out more so I can get the last 10-15 pounds off for good. Thanks for keeping track. d
  2. Hi everyone, I have been anyway for awhile. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and an even better New Year to come. I am abt 10 pounds away from goal, so if you would let me join the challenge, please put me down for -10 pounds.
  3. I have a friend, who is heavier than I ever was, she has told me "You used to be my token fat friend". She also asked what size I was wore at my heaviest, when I told her 16/18 she said "No way I thought you were bigger than me". So the other day I called and we were talking I asked her what she was doing and she said that she was in the pantry eating her 3rd cinnamon roll. I asked her why she was in the pantry and she said that way if no one sees her the calories don't count. I had to laugh and than I asked her if the light was off that way she couldn't see the calories going straight to her as... I know it was mean to say, but this is supposed to be one my BFF and she has ragged on me since I started losing weight and I had finally had enough and just had to give her a dose of her own medicine.
  4. Mine is at 11:30. I'll try to make dinner though.
  5. I'm getting a fill tomorrow too. What time is yours? When and time and I'll try to make it to dinner too.
  6. Munch, WOW...I can see why the men are beating down your door. You are one HOT Lady. Mini, I can see the difference. You are doing an amazing job, keep up the great work. And just think before the band you would not have lost 30 in 4 months, right? I lost about the same amount, I know at times it felt like I wasn't losing it fast enough, but in the end at least I was losing. I am down another pound this week. I really need to start working out again, my weight loss has totally stalled and it sucks.
  7. Lotz, Let me know if Brandy can't do it, maybe I could swing it.
  8. Hi All, We are back from Cancun and had a FABULOUS time...here is a picture of the Family. Hope everyone is well, sounds like it from the posts. Mini, I am down another pound, for being on vacation thats pretty good. Ok can't post the pic will try later.
  9. Deb, COngrats on your vows, what an awesome accomplishment, 24 years. Please try and post pics that would be wonderful. We love you no matter what and would never turn you away. I am honored that you would share that with us. I wish you a lifetime of happiness. You have found your true lifemate and that is a once in a lifetime experiance. Well, this is my last post for a week, we leave in the morning for Cancun. i can't wait... I am down 2 more lbs this week and am so excited. Everyone have fun and I post when we get home.
  10. Marie, So glad to hear your Dad is doing well. Sending warm wishes your way. Keep taking good care of him and your whole family, that will make it a little easier if you stay well rested. Mini, Put me down for -3 lbs. Yeah this fill is working again. We go to Cancun on Saturday I can't wait...I need a vacation so bad.
  11. Just thought I would let you know that Brandy is fine just been really busy. I have talked to her though and she is doing well.
  12. Jamie, I can pick you up on the 5th, I'll do a fill the same day as well. Munch, Send me a CD I would love that. I'll pm you and get you my address. Thanks a ton... Seriously I'll pick you up. We can do lunch. Hey Lady, We have missed you. You are not the fat lady clothes, you are looking so good and need to shed that reputation. I don't know if I can make it, but maybe someone else would like to try my clothes on for size...
  13. Munch, Just a quick note, I heard a Dave Matthews song today and thought of you. I have never really heard them before and I know you always talk abt how great they are...well I agree.
  14. Lotza, So sorry to hear about your Dad, I am sending good thoughts and prayers your way, let me know if I can do anything even though I am all the way in COlorado. Not sure if he does, but I would call about the pain and the egg. Mal, SO happy for you. You did it girl. I got goose bumps just reading about it I am joining you next year.
  15. Mine must have had a little in it too. Cuz, when we took it all out I was to have 7.3 but I had 7.4 instead. Not a lot but a little. Mini, thanks for updating for us. Looks like I won't make it this time, but hopefully next challenge.
  16. Dee, WTG Lady. That is so awesome. I am so happy for you and you look wonderful to boot. Love the picture you and your daughter are so beautiful.
  17. Dee, I am so sorry that happened to you, you are so much more than what is on the outside. You are such an incredible woman with a big heart and you are the kindest person. That mom & nurse both should be slapped and I can stop by the hospital later and do it. I agree with Mini one day soon you will be known as the "beautiful woman with the BIG Heart". I love you and don't let it get you down (I know easier said than done). Mini, So glad your son is okay, I said a few prayers for you last night before I went to bed. What a rollercoster ride that was for you, definatly an "E ticket ride". I would love to see you when we come again. Our manufacturer is there and we try to get out once or twice a year. Munch, I was really upset for you when I read about the pesky neighbors, to bad you don't have bitng dogs. They could bite your neighbors in the butt for you...
  18. Hello All, I have been away for awhile due to various reasons. I'll start with none band issues first. I have been so busy with volleyball and getting no help from parents who have said that they will help, it has been crazy. I'll I can say is that the season is over in 2 weeks then I should have more free time. I also, got accused by some of the parents that I was flirting with the coach so that my daughter could get ahead, funny thing is she is still starting on JV and not on Varsity so I must not be very good at it. Last week I was offered a job at dd club volleyball team to be the admin assistant, it was so tempting (all her club fees $2500, including travel about another $1500 would be covered and my travel as well), but I had to turn it down. It was going to be way to much time away from the little one, plus I think the club might be in trouble and dd is being looked at by another club (that is a little bit more competitive). Last weekend hubby and I were in SLC for a garage door convention, it was pretty boring, but we did get a big award the "Chairman's of the Year". Yeah us!!! Now on to the band issues...I went in a little over 2 weeks ago and had all my fluid removed so we could see where I was at. I was at 7.4cc, I had gotten to where I was having a little heartburn and not eating as much, so Tom & I decided to put back only 5.4cc, well that sucked I could eat anything I wanted absolutally no restriction and I gain 4 pounds. I had to go about 1 week like this til I could get back in and have a little more put in. I saw Dr. K last Tues and he put in another 1.3cc, so now I am up to 6.7cc. I still think I need a little bit more I can eat more than I want to and have to remind myself to stop. The good news is I have actually lost the 4 lbs that I gained and am now staying steady. I go this Thursday to see Tom and I will have him add just a little bit more. I must confuss, last night as I was getting caught up on the hundreds of posts I had missed, I was eating cold stone ice cream and it was so good. I need to get back on the 'bandwagon'.
  19. Mini, WTG on the video, let us know when that is. Munch, I can come help mess with the neighbors if need be. Have them re-ck and keep bugging them til they do. I am so happy for you on the new jeans. Isn't that just the best feeling?
  20. Brandy, If you need anything let me know you have my cell. Take care and keep us updated. Praying for you and hubby. Big hugs...:) And just cuz I thought you could use a laugh.
  21. Marcy, WTG, you go girl. That is awesome. Post a pic if you can.
  22. Thank you, she is a lovely girl on the inside as well. We are so proud of her.
  23. thanks Mini, I am biased since she is mine.:cursing: Good job explaining how to add pictures too.