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  1. mlmorgan2006

    4 days post op and already concerned

    Hi. I am a lap band revision and also 4 days post op for gastric sleeve as well. I also worry about this. I wish you the best! Sent from my SM-G935V using BariatricPal mobile app
  2. mlmorgan2006

    pre op diet

    I have the lapband. I had to do a 2 week pre-op diet.
  3. mlmorgan2006

    pre op diet

    No. It is a regular protein shake. I didn't have to do a clear diet for my pre op diet. But u did have to do 14 days of the liquid diet.
  4. mlmorgan2006

    pre op diet

    My surgeon and nut recommended that I use Pure Protein. You can buy a large container from Sams for about $20. I used it and was very successful with it. Good luck!
  5. mlmorgan2006

    Will we have to low carb for ever?

    My nut tells me to add about 4 bites of carbs to my meal. However, she tells me to eat my protein first, then the vegetable, and then the 4 bites of carbs if I am still hungry.
  6. My final straw was that everything was just harder to do. Things that should be simple were hard. There is also the desire to have a baby.
  7. mlmorgan2006

    First Fill Today

    I had my first fill today. The surgeon was going to put 2-3 cc's in the band. When he put that amount and I had to drink water, the water would not go down. He had to withdraw the fluid until the water went down so I ended up with .5 cc for my first fill. He did however say that that was good because it won't take as long to get to the green zone and that I am responsive to the band. We'll see how the next month goes. I go back in July.
  8. mlmorgan2006

    Liquids for a week after fill?

    My surgeon and nut have me doing clear liquids the day of the fill, the next day I do full liquids and on the 3rd day pureed/soft foods then on day for regular diet unless I can't tolerate it.
  9. mlmorgan2006

    Sweet tooth

    I have had peanut butter, yogurt, fresh fruit, and sugar free popsicles. I use moderation.
  10. I had the lap band and was out for a week. My surgery was the on 5/11 and I returned to work on 5/18.
  11. mlmorgan2006

    Pill crushing

    I had the lap band surgery and was told i would always have to crush pills that were bigger than a benadryl.
  12. mlmorgan2006

    Good idea for eating slow?

    My nut told me to take one bite per minutes. She told me to help with this to take a bite, put the fork down and set a watch for a minute.
  13. mlmorgan2006

    One month post op....

    Congratulations on your success!!! I will be one month post op on Monday. I have lost a total of 34 pounds, and this is including my pre-op diet. However, I was extremely sick the first 5 days after the surgery and couldn't even hold water down. Good luck and best wishes for your success.
  14. mlmorgan2006

    Anybody using a Portion Plate?

    Not me. My nut told me to use a small salad plate or saucer.
  15. mlmorgan2006


    For the first and second day after surgery I was on a clear liquid diet. Starting on day three it was full liquids. However, I was sick for about the first 4 days and even vomited the sips of water i was drinking. I think it may have been a mixtyre of the anesthesia, pain medicine, and the air they used during surgery. Good luck with everything.