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    Sue Can Do got a reaction from AmyR in Does band hell ever end?   
    Well, just to let you all know. Band hell does end. It has taken me a long time but I did not give up. My surgery was 2/20/2015. January 28, 2016 I went in for a fill, I think it was my 20th (not kidding), finally, I am in the green zone since then. I am losing very slowly but after almost 6 months of plateau, that's OK. As long as I am loosing. Since Christmas I have lost 10 lbs. So the moral of the story, don't give up, You will get there! I had no idea it would take 20 fills to get where I needed to be. So excited to be on this journey!
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    Sue Can Do reacted to OctoberRust127 in Bummed and angry   
    Thank you all. Your responses have really helped me feel A LOT better about my decision. I guess it's just one if those days..
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    Sue Can Do reacted to LipstickLady in Bummed and angry   
    Let me tell you what's fun.
    Walking into ANY store and buying an outfit because you love it, not just because it fits, is fun.
    Pulling warm jeans out of the dryer, sliding them on and buttoning them easily is fun.
    Wearing bright colors and patterns is fun.
    Pushing away a plate of food and enjoying conversation is fun.
    Hiking, biking, playing frisbee, dancing without getting sweaty and out of breath right away is fun.
    Fitting in a roller coaster, an airplane seat, a movie theater chair, down a bus aisle, etc. is fun.
    Wearing heels without foot pain is fun.
    Getting up without knee pain, back pain or weight gain is fun.
    Not feeling guilty about cheating on your diet is fun.
    food controlling your life is not fun. Living your life is fun.
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    Sue Can Do reacted to parisshel in Does band hell ever end?   
    Congratulations on being down 45 pounds. That is fantastic, and even though you aren't at perfect fill level yet, something is working for you!
    IMHO, small fills are more prudent than large ones. The experience of being overfilled and then having to return to get some fill taken out is not productive and I think makes things harder as once you are de-filled, it is really hard to get back (or feel for the first time) optimal fill level. Ask anyone whose been defilled and they will tell you how difficult it is to regain the sweet spot. I'd rather have a fill-person who allows me to "creep up" to perfect fill level, even if the process is costly/inconvenient/bothersome for those who don't like needles. So no, having 12 fills doesn't seem odd to me, just prudent (and I wish I had your fill-person!).
    It would be good to reframe expectations. You will be doing most of this weight loss "on your own." You've probably already realized this. WLS is, at best, 10% of the process. Your band will allow you to eat less and feel full on less volume, so the 90% of the process which is you doing the work will be easier than doing this without WLS. The fact that many surgeons aren't upfront about this doesn't surprise me--WLS is an incredibly profit-bearing industry so they aren't going to try and dissade you.
    That said, with your band you've still got the edge over someone who hasn't got a tool, so remember it's there and let it help you.
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    Sue Can Do reacted to CTJohn in Does band hell ever end?   
    Bands yet hell does end. Hang in there - 45 is great!
    It kicked in for me at maybe four months. At that point, I told Doctor that it seemed I was just dieting like before. He said just wait, it hasn't kicked in yet. He was right and it did.
    I got some larger fills initially (like 1-2cc's) but then very small ones. They like more frequent smaller fills, and it has worked for me.
    Hang in there. All of a sudden you'll say 'wow, there it is'!
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    Sue Can Do reacted to B-52 in Does band hell ever end?   
    It's not how many fills, but how much you get to have the band properly adjusted.....I know someone who has had 12 fills, but the Dr. only gives 1/2 cc per fill bringing her to 6cc's...and she remained unhappy after a full year.
    Then there are people here who report complete success and never had a fill...go figure.
    My first fill, one month after surgery, was 4cc's......after that I started to gain weight, 4cc's did nothing for me....
    It took 3 good fills to get me there....
    But then...having good restriction, things got crazy! I was not full prepared for what was happening...I had to learn how to co-exist with the band in ways I was not prepared for....it was then then the "Rules" began to take on real meaning.
    This was the most difficult thing for me, took a ot of hard work, determination....but I was not going to give up, not going to retreat....
    So even though it only took me 3 good fills one month apart from surgery, 4 months...it took me 10 - 12 moinths before everything started to click and I got into a "Groove"
    It has all been easy as it can be since then, and gets easier everyday almost 5 year later.
    But that first year...WOW...I can certainly understaand why so many newly banded people come here to voice complaints, and it's sad they get frustrated, call themselves a failure and want to give up..Agreed, it is not easy!!! At least in the early stages......I can also understand why so many Dr.;s will suggest other surgeries over the band....
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    Sue Can Do reacted to Hope41 in Howdy GREEN ZONE!   
    Banded October 2014.
    9 fills 7.2cc in a 10.0cc band and still not in a green zone, haven't lost a single pound in 7 months but haven't gained any either. Only after last fill I can control hunger for about 3 hours but I can still eat bigger portion than I should. I asked the nurse to remove Fluid and check the total amount that's in the band and my Dr refused to do that saying that the band is settled in the spot right now and if he removes the fluid potentially could slip so he told me not to worry I will get there. Patience with yourself is the key, okay I guess I will try to be patient and not to think how I paid 16G for this and wait for a year or so before starts working.
    I will be celebrating one I hit the Green Zone that's for sure
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    Sue Can Do got a reaction from TheProfessor in Howdy GREEN ZONE!   
    Love your post, it gives me hope that the next small fill will be the one. I think I am close but just not there yet. My doctor also does the slow, gradual approach. This surprised me at first and I got impatient but now I am just waiting for the right amount. I have never vomited. I have had a few times if I ate too fast or too big a bite when I felt that lump in my lower chest area but it went through. I think that is because I have never had too much fill.
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    Sue Can Do reacted to B-52 in Howdy GREEN ZONE!   
    I agree 100% with everything you say....I have no hunger 24/7 also, and I can, and have gone all day without eating when I am occupied doing other things....I have to remind myself to eat, at least look for some Protein....
    A word of caution...it may wane after a while as you loose weight, but that is no big deal...normal...you are there now and know what it is all about.
    I have been there without any issues or changes for about 3-1/2 years now.
    There is one or two little tricks I have learned as far as any maintenance goes, but that can wait....
    Congratulations.....I love reading posts like this from fellow banders...
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    Sue Can Do reacted to TheProfessor in Howdy GREEN ZONE!   
    This post is such an important one for me. I AM FINALLY IN THE GREEN ZONE. Huzzah! Celebrating over here! Wanted to share it with you.
    A little patience and my surgical team's insistence on my "creeping towards the green" through small to tiny fills rather than BIG ones has been one that I have fully subscribed to. And now I AM THERE and have nothing but success and wellness to report!
    A warm, welcoming HELLO to the Green Zone. My friend, I have been waiting to meet you for 5 months. My history if you're interested:
    Banded December 18th, 2014. At that time I had 4.1 ccs of Fluid in the band.
    Fill #1: Jan 2, 2015 - .5 ccs
    Fill #2: March 18 - .3 ccs
    Fill #3: April 9 - .3 ccs
    Fill #4: April 29 - .2 ccs
    Fill #5: May 28 - .1 ccs
    Now here I am, at 5.5 ccs in a 10cc APL band, and I am in the green zone. That tiny .1cc fill a few days ago did the trick. What a feeling!
    Here's how I know I am in the much talked about (and celebrated, and elusive to many) Green Zone:
    I am not hungry. Period. I have a background feeling of satiety 24/7. I can only manage very small portions of food. (One small chicken thigh, 3 string Beans and a bite of salad. DONE). I have no desire to eat more. Zero. I find myself getting a "soft stop" signal from my body when its time to stop eating. When I've had enough, I sigh and have a 100% "NO MORE FOOD" feeling. I push my plate away. I've not had this consistently before, and now here it is every meal. I can go hours and hours between meals. I was at 3 hours satiation, but now I'm at 4-6 hours. Wow. Like, not even tempted. NO desire to snack in the evenings. No desire to nibble, even as the husband is grazing on handfuls of nuts or chips. Zero temptation. Total disinterest in food. My husband is as astonished as I. I realize now, having had only 1 vomiting episode (my fault - ate too fast!), how important and crucial it was to have patience with these small fills. My first fill I had gone in expecting a 1 cc to be putted in the band. When I shared this with my nurse this (after she gave me what she called, "A BIG FILL" of .5ccs) the horrified look on her face was priceless. "1cc! Are you mad, woman?! We'd never do that to you - that's asking for an emergency de-fill!"
    Have to admit I left there a little disappointed. I took a breath and realized that I was in amazing hands. I had to TRUST the process and the team, and abide by the rules. So I did. And now I am here, and feeling terrific! (And smaller!)
    The bigger the fill, the higher the chance of the band being tightened too fast. Remember that many bandsters will report that a fill can take up to 2 weeks to 'settle' and take effect, so that's why they are spaced out so much.
    I was told to watch out for night cough, heartburn, frequent stuck episodes, sliming and vomiting. With the band too tight too fast, you ultimately gain weight because you develop an Intolerance of regular foods, resulting in maladaptive eating - soft, slippery, slider foods that tend to be fat and calorie-dense. (Ice cream, pudding, cream Soups, etc).
    At every one of my 5 fills, my surgical nurse(s) have encouraged me not to get too hung up on the amount of Fluid in the band, nor what 'other peoples' bands are filled to. Every BODY is different. 10% of lucky bandsters never need a fill EVER. Most people need 4-6 fills to get to the Green Zone.
    I'm down 46 pounds and feel TERRIFIC. Its taken 5 months, but they have flown.
    HOWDY Green Zone, glad you're here! Slow and easy wins the race...!
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    Sue Can Do got a reaction from 45678 in How to deal with carb flu?   
    Don't give up. It is really hard. I know. Ours was a 10 day liquid only diet. 4 Protein Shakes per day, juice, sugar free anything liquid except soda pop and caffeine, broth, etc. I hated it. I kept saying to myself, if I could stick to a diet, I wouldn't be doing this! But that self talk can get you in trouble. I started telling myself, "you can do anyting for 10 days" "don't want my doctor to know I couldn't even do this" "If I don't stick with it, there may be complications with the surgery, got to get that liver out of the way!" It worked, I mostly stuck with it. The doctor said everything was fine in there, except I did have a small hiatal hernia, which was repaired. Haven't had acid reflux since! I found the broth really helped. the sweet taste of everything got old fast. Tomto or V8 juice helped too. good luck, you've got this covered and can do it!
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    Sue Can Do got a reaction from angelf13 in 2nd fill "no able to add any fluid to band"   
    Are you hungry all the time? or does the fill you have make eating small meals 3x per day satisfying? If you aren't hungry maybe the fill you have is all you need for now. I've heard of some people not needing any. their stomach seems to just sense the band and not need any further tightening to get rid of the constant hunger sensation. Hope you continue to do well. Sounds like you are doing great.
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    Sue Can Do reacted to Bandista in Last chance.   
    @@Sue Can Do if any one had told me I would turn into a person who likes to exercise I would have laughed uproariously. But it's happened! I took the faking it until making it approach. I watched a Ted Talk about success and how if you hold your hands up like you're crossing a finish line something happens to the brain (boy am I paraphrasing here, but you get the idea). I started doing that when I'd approach the treadmill or even just for a walk -- or while I'm walking -- the hands-up in the air, YIPPEE! -- pose. I think it may have worked. Anyway, something worked and I am just back from my daily walk and feeling good about it. Before I was always looking for a way not to exercise and now I look for ways to get more. If It can work for me it can work for any one.
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    Sue Can Do got a reaction from 45678 in How to deal with carb flu?   
    Don't give up. It is really hard. I know. Ours was a 10 day liquid only diet. 4 Protein Shakes per day, juice, sugar free anything liquid except soda pop and caffeine, broth, etc. I hated it. I kept saying to myself, if I could stick to a diet, I wouldn't be doing this! But that self talk can get you in trouble. I started telling myself, "you can do anyting for 10 days" "don't want my doctor to know I couldn't even do this" "If I don't stick with it, there may be complications with the surgery, got to get that liver out of the way!" It worked, I mostly stuck with it. The doctor said everything was fine in there, except I did have a small hiatal hernia, which was repaired. Haven't had acid reflux since! I found the broth really helped. the sweet taste of everything got old fast. Tomto or V8 juice helped too. good luck, you've got this covered and can do it!
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    Sue Can Do got a reaction from Bandista in Last chance.   
    Thank you all so much! This a great site and I am so glad I found it. I am going to tell everyone at my support group about it. I'm sure many know but if they don't, they need to check it out. So wounderful to find people that know just what I am going through to support me. My daughter and one of her friends are getting ready for lapband and I made sure to tell them to get hooked up. I watched some videos from Dr. O'Brien in Australia that have helped me so much to understand how this all works in inside me and it has really changed my thinking! I am so excited about this whole process again and ready to lose more weight and be healthy. Now, if I could just love to exercise, I'd have it made!
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    Sue Can Do reacted to Lady VS in Freakin' feet!?   
    I couldn't have said it better myself. Unfortunately, you're going to just have to let the shoes go, Go Walking lol. Go figure. Hahaha I completely understand what you mean about the weight loss. I'm in between shoe and pant sizes as well. I never would have thought that my misses frame I've accepted all my life is a junior size 7. Really????? Continued success
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    Sue Can Do reacted to gowalking in Freakin' feet!?   
    What the hell?? Now I'm down to a size 7. The weather is finally starting to ease up here in the Northeast so last weekend I started changing over back into warmer weather shoes and OMG....the 7 1/2's are falling off my feet. I don't get it. I know my feet got narrower and I already went down from an 8 1/2 to 7 1/2 over the course of two years but I didn't expect to go down another half size. Some of these shoes are really nice and I don't want to get rid of them. I tried cushions and other things to be able to wear them, and some of the shoes still fit, but many do not.
    How in the world did my feet go from an 8 1/2 to a 7? The only good thing is that I've spent so much money at DSW that I got a pair of shoes for free. I hate to think what I've spent on shoes these last two years.
    Oh, and for those folks who doen't see the scale move and get discouraged...take it from me...no weight change does not mean no change in clothing sizes. I've been fairly stable at the 113 lbs for a while now...and have lost a total of ten pounds in the last six months...not much, right? Well, I've noticed some of my clothes are getting loose on me again. I have several medium tops with short sleeves that I suspect I will need to replace for this coming season. I know I need some new jeans....my size 6 black jeans are falling off me and I just bought them about three or four months ago. So remember that the scale is just a number and you can't live and die with it. Use your clothing as a better indicator of how you are doing in the weight loss department.
    Have a great Friday and a great weekend everyone!
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    Sue Can Do reacted to Susan Gustavson in 5 years out   
    Well, today I am 5 years post op and the difference between my old life and my new life are very different. So far I have lost 135 lbs, I weigh 165 down from 300. I finally have a BMI of less than 25. I have learned a lot over the last 5 years. I lost a lot of my weight in the first 6 mos but i have continued to lose slowly after that. These are the things that helped me be successful.
    1. I knew I was a food addict and I treated the weeks after my surgery like detox. I had to clear my system of the toxic foods I was eating and start over again. I periodically juice for a week or two when I know I am backsliding. I knew I wouldn't feel good those first few weeks as I went through withdrawal because I had been a drug addict years before but I knew if I could get through it without using I would do better in the long run.
    2. I thank God I had a Dr who talked to me straight and told me there were foods I couldn't or shouldn't eat anymore. Breads bother me terribly so I don't eat them. I didnt eat any Pasta for at least a year or rice due to the issue of swelling. Ice cream and pudding are an issue for me because they are too easy to eat and therefore over eat. Work hard at not throwing up.
    3. I got counseling. I knew that I couldn't just give up my coping mechanism, I would just find another one. I needed to find out why I eat and how to control that urge. I eat as a way to lower my stress and hide from people. My layer of fat was a great insulation from the world. Losing my insulation was scary but it opened up a new life for me.
    4. Don't drink your calories. I didn't touch soda for 4 years I have had a few since then but they are really hard to drink and I don't really like them. When my weight loss slowed I stopped drinking coffee except once a day, the rest of the day I drink Water. Water is better for you anyway and you will develop a taste for it.
    5. Enjoy your weight loss. Not everyone will be happy for you when you lose weight and some people will get really sad because either it didn't work for them or they aren't ready to give up overeating, you can't let that trip you up. I was fighting for my life, I wish all my loved ones could do this too but I can't make them. I deserve to live a good full life though and I can't stay where I was just keep them happy.
    6. Exercise! It reduces stress and tones your body along with burning fat. I ate my stress so I need to work out to lower my stress levels. I also really like it. I feel good knowing I can lift weights and do chin ups. I started slow and built up as I lost weight. I love my arm muscles!
    7. Loose skin is just a fact. I can't afford the surgery to remove it. It looks weird but it is also a kind of a badge. This is what I accomplished. It is also a reminder to not fill it up again.
    8. Reward yourself. Set goals and when you get there reward yourself with something tangible not edible. Buy some nice outfit for yourself, treat yourself to something sexy and the good place to wear it. Take a trip and enjoy fitting in the seats and toilet on the airplane.
    9. Don't totally restrict your food. You can eat good things but in reasonable proportions. You can have chocolate but not every day, or every other day, maybe once a week though. Make those things a treat.
    10. Take care of yourself. Get enough sleep. Eat right. Go to the Dr when you need it. I let my Protein get low a few times and got really ill.
    Five years ago I took a step to change my life and I would do it again today if I had to. It was scary but I was determined to make it work. I had friends and coworkers who it hadn't worked for because they didn't want to get enough fills to effect what they could eat or they ate things early on that caused a slip. I wasn't willing to take that chance so I did exactly what the Dr told me, I am so glad I it.
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    Sue Can Do reacted to Bandista in Last chance.   
    It is working! You are doing beautifully -- it takes a little time but you are headed in the right direction. I still love food -- it's not my enemy now. I have always had a healthy diet but just ate way too much and despite being very restrictive (diet after diet) I could not get the weight off and just kept getting heavier. Now I have dainty portions at appropriate intervals -- I'm not obsessed with more, more, more or focused on what's next. This is my last chance, too, because like you I would not do a more drastic surgery.
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    Sue Can Do reacted to B-52 in On fence about another fill   
    My Dr. used to refer to to the "Yellow-Green-Red" Zone chart on the wall...ask me a few questions such as hunger, cravings, etc, and determine where I was on that chart....compare my current weight to my last visit and calculate weight loss, (or gain)...then determine if I needed a fill or not.
    The goal from day one was always to get to that Green Zone, where everything was functioning at it well tuned peak.
    No hunger or cravings, portions under control, (cannot binge or overeat), and steady weight loss until I reached my body's normal fat range....
    I could never have gotten to this place without getting my band properly adjusted, and that took the right amount of fills...
    (and I had to adjust my habits to meet that)
    My last fill was 4 years ago....everything has been "Heaven:" ever since....smooth effortless sailing.
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    Sue Can Do reacted to TheProfessor in On fence about another fill   
    I was completely where you were when you posted this! Today is Thursday, and I was scheduled for a fill on Tuesday. I had been experiencing good satiety (solid 3 hours between meals) and no stuck episodes (except when I was stupid and ate too quickly or something I should not have). I also have seen my scale stuck at between 217-218 for 3 weeks.
    What to do, what to do?? Like you, I was scared I would be "fill-greedy" and overdo it, thereby undoing all the good that has been done these past 4 months since being banded. On the other hand, how do I know if I'm in the green zone if I've never been there?
    So. I decided to go for the fill, but thoroughly explained EXACTLY what was happening for me before that needle touched me so the bariatric nurse could make an informed judgment call. She thought a small fill might be beneficial - so I had .2ccs.
    I'm glad I went for the fill. What a difference! Since Tuesday I've been experiencing a bit of "restriction" for the first time ever - actually feeling the band putting a limit to how much I can eat in partnership with listening to my own body signals - and my feeling of satiety between meals is waaaay up - I ate a small dinner at 5:30 pm last night, went to bed at 10pm (no Snacks, not even the thought of a snack), woke up this morning not hungry. Began to wonder if I'd ever want to eat again!
    I've since had a yoghurt and and a salad with chicken, and feel great.
    I say listen to your body, and ask your surgical team (surgeon, nursing staff) for advice or guidance. If they are truly professional and excellent at what they do, they should be able to offer you some expert advice.
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    Sue Can Do reacted to JustWatchMe in On fence about another fill   
    What I have done. My last few fills were 0.01 each. Now I think it's perfect. For now. I've been at perfect a few times for awhile. I'm still losing so I expect it to change over time.
    Pro tip: the tightest part of my day is first thing in the morning. If I can swallow two Tylenol arthritis caplets with a sip of Water, I am happy that I am not too tight.I actually do that during my fill under fluoroscopy as well.
    Here's what jumped out at me from your post. You should not be eating until you feel like you can't eat any more. You've already eaten too much then. What works for me, is to slow it down a lot. As you approach finishing one cup of food, ask yourself with each bite: Am I satisfied? Is it possible that the next bite might make me feel full? Be honest with your answers. This is difficult to do for people who love food. But if either answer is yes, stop. Physically get up, walk away, go to the bathroom, wash your hands, come back, sit down, wait for a minute. Timing is everything. It takes time for those signals that you ate to reach your brain. It doesn't take long. Two or three minutes at most. Once that happens, and you are no longer starving, you can make this decision objectively.
    Good luck. The band is now working for you. Now we need to work with the band. This is the tricky part.It truly does give us our signals. We just need to learn to listen to them. And then to actually obey them.
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    Sue Can Do got a reaction from CTJohn in Last chance.   
    I started this journey about the middle of 2014. My insurance required that I have a 6 month doctor supervised diet. I was able to go to the dietician and she reported to my PCP. I saw the actual surgeon for the first time in January. I had a attended an informational meeting back before I started the 6 month wait that the doctor spoke at. So I was familiar with him. The staff at the weight loss center was very good and informative. I had my lap band surgery Feb. 20, 2015. I went in on a Friday for the procedure and was home by noon that day. I had very little pain and did not use any pain medication. I did have the referred pain in my Left shoulder that lasted about a week. It was pretty intense at times and I used tylenol. Helped a little!
    My surgeon required a 10 day liquid diet prior to the surgery. This was mainly Protein shakes, juices, broth, SF Jello, and popscicles. That was tough. I just kept telling myself, "You can do anything for 10 days". I lost 11 lbs before I even had the surgery. The worst part is I got tired of everything being sweet. I did get some V8 and Tomato juice and drank broth. That helped some. I also quit drinking diet soda and caffeine. I drink tea and SF lemonade mostly now.
    After, the surgery I was on a liquid diet for one day and then could have full liquids or mushy foods like Cereal soaked in milk mushy! Protein Shakes, yogurt, Soup, etc. It was then I really grieved for food. I wanted something real to eat sooo bad. I was eating around 600to 800calories per day and I was not losing much weight. Couldn't figure that out, except my body was in starvation mode and was afraid I was going to die!
    Finally, I progressed back to real food. about 2 weeks later.
    I had my first fill at about 2 and half weeks out. I have had a fill every 2 weeks since and had one this week and I finally think I am getting somewhere. I can eat about 6 oz of food now and not get hungry for 4-5 hours. I was getting worried as I was getting hungry too soon. Hoping for the best. I have lost 21 lbs since surgery, 10 weeks out now.
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    Sue Can Do reacted to JustWatchMe in Last chance.   
    Don't ever give up on yourself. You sound like you are on a successful path. My band has given me a chance at a normal life. I'm 54 and I am healthier today than I was at 35.
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    Sue Can Do reacted to B-52 in Last chance.   
    Hang in there....It DOES WORK and from what I have just read so far, everyone's thinking is spot on....
    LAST CHANCE???? My Health was deteriorating fast! My family history was grim, having lost both my brother and sister from obese related illnesses...sister was the worse going through amputations, cardiac and other circulatory surgeries, finally renal failure....they flat out said she had too much going on to qualify for kidney transplant.
    I started down the same road, diabetes out of control, my blood work was all over the place, nothing was normal. Had clogged arteries resulting in one hart attack, had to undergo cardiac surgery...
    My PCP was very blunt and honest, told me I was a walking time bomb and did not have long to live. Stated if I could but loose 50-60 lbs, this would all start to reverse itself.
    Knowing that I have tried every diet under the sun, and failing miserably at every one of them,
    He recommended weight loss surgery and referred me. WLS was my LAST CHANCE!
    That is why I have never taken this lightly...full steam ahead...I want this band to do the maximum performance, everything I anticipated.
    And it did!!! Lost over 100 lbs in a year......all my illnesses have been reversed...no more medications or insulin injections.
    I go to the gym every chance I get.
    My hunger/cravings are in check, have no interest in food or eating most of the time. And when I do eat, the band limits my portions, making it impossible to overeat or binge. And when I do eat, all I do is eat wisely, making healthy choices.
    No more diets, no more calorie counting.....
    Does not mean I don't enjoy the treats in life...I do! It's just that I don't make a pig of myself...all things in moderation thanks to the band...
    Head Hunger....perfectly normal, but it goes away eventually....I have gone out of my way to purchase something I was craving, only to throw it away after one or two bites.....
    The band turned my life around...all my Dr.'s are astounded...(and I have/had a lot of them)
    I do not, have not, any weight loss goals...how can I ??? I was OBESE because of a lifestyle of bad eating and being a coach potato....NOW my lifestyle has changed, and the reverse happened, I went on the opposite direction and lost weight until I was back to what my body determined was normal...where it should be for someone who eats right and gets plenty of exercise.
    Maintenance?? I don't get it...I have been on many, many diets so I understand what maintenance is in terms of dieting programs.
    But I am not on any diet program....simply put, because of WLS, my eating, what and how I eat, has been changed...and it will stay that way for the rest of my life....it is the New Normal for me. So there is nothing I can do differently.
    I should say, concerning my health improving and illnesses reversed, a Heart Attack, (MI) the damage is down to the cardiac wall - muscle and cannot be fixed, and with this, there are 2 medications I will take for the rest of my life....
    BUT that does not stop me from running 3-5 miles 5 days a week, and strengthening what I do have.

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