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    What's ifs!

    I agree that you should let your surgeon know. It probably should not change anything, but only they can make that decision. Good luck.

    Air Fryer

    My wife bought me this for the holidays. It works very well, the meat is nice and tender. Next holiday season I am going to buy her a Sawzall.

    Super Bowl food/drink

    Stick to the post WLS diet program. If anyone asks why you are not eating most of the foods, tell them your stomach is bothering you. If they push the issue, tell them you have explosive diarreah - that will stop them them from asking any more questions.

    I heard that!

    Out of compassion they were concerned that you may have a health issue. I told people who asked about my weight loss that I had WLS. Many people were glad to see me lose weight but since it was so rapidly, they were genuinely concerned about my health.

    WLS is the easy way out

    Really? You know every WLS patient ever on this planet personally? You should also read this thread again. What did I miss while reading?

    WLS is the easy way out

    "WLS is the easy way out"......said no WLS patient, ever. Bull riding can also be interpreted by someone who never rode a bull as "easy". All they think you need to do is stay on a 1,500-2000 pound, bucking, angry animal for 8 seconds using only one hand to hold a rope

    Trying Hard Here!

    Tell your friends and family how you feel and why what they are saying hurts you. If necessary, distance yourself a little from the people who are doing this to you. We don't need toxic people in our lives. Stay positive. You are doing a great job losing your excess weight.

    Reset or not to reset

    "Reset or not to reset?" That is the question. I personally did not try it, but was thinking about it too after gaining some weight back. People have posted the success of doing it to get them back on track. I need to make sure I get back to the basics and need to journal for a while as a visual accountability (record my daily water/liquid, food/quantity/protein/time/why, exercise), eat slower, chew each small bite more, etc. first and get away from old bad habits that are creeping back in. Good luck and keep us posted.

    Funny how the political becomes personal

    To paraphrase a comical quote. "Politics, it comes from the Latin root "Poli" meaning many and "tics" meaning blood sucking creatures".
  10. 4MRB4PHOTO

    Lock up your Cheetos b*tches - Dr KindaFamiliar is back!

    Welcome back. A little excitement was happening on BP these last few days, but nothing that "the doctor" can't fix.
  11. 4MRB4PHOTO

    BariatricPal Policy Reminders – Everyone Please Read!

    And in other news, in the 4th quarter, the Patriots are leading the Texans 24 to 16.
  12. 4MRB4PHOTO

    BariatricPal Policy Reminders – Everyone Please Read!

    If they aren't acting like themselves, maybe they just need a Snicker's candy bar?
  13. 4MRB4PHOTO

    What is wrong with literal overly sensitive assholes?

    Don't hold back, tell us how you really feel.
  14. 4MRB4PHOTO

    Corn chips and crackers

    So, you joined this site yesterday morning, you have two posts and one of them is advising someone to eat crackers and corn chips at 5 weeks out. Fabulous!! Welcome to BP. Are we in the presence of a : ?
  15. I thought their slogan was "Come see what's fresh today". Their new slogan of "Trash peasant food" doesn't sound very good for their business.

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