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  1. xmeridith

    Skin removal then pregnancy

    I had a full tummy tuck after surgery. Then 5 years later had my first kid. My body bounced back so quickly that everyone I saw couldn’t believe I had just had a baby. No issues. Then had a second kid 3 years later. Exact same result. Not at all a waste in my opinion.
  2. Never had any infertility that I knew of because I didn’t meet my husband until we were a bit older. But. 18 months post RNY we were pregnant the second month of trying while I was 39. Now 42 and halfway through a second pregnancy. Both 100% healthy. ❤️
  3. xmeridith


    I got pregnant 18 months after RNY. All was fine and healthy. Being pregnant is difficult for lots of reasons. I actually did lose a few pounds during the first trimester because of morning sickness and food aversions. But my OBGYN just monitored me closely. The best part was within 48 hours of having him, people were telling me they couldn’t believe I had just had a baby! Pick healthy food whenever possible and double your vitamins.
  4. My doctor won't do the glucose drink test on rny patients. I'm only 16 weeks. Don't know what the alternative is yet.
  5. I got pregnant at 18 months out and am taking 2 prenatals per day. Plus iron and calcium. And they've been checking my blood work frequently for any nutritional deficiencies. We planned it with both OB and surgeon to make sure we knew we were doing everything we could to be healthy.
  6. Had mirena removed in February and got pregs in June. Surgery was the January prior.
  7. The first few weeks are the hardest. And strangest! All of the wondering if it will really work and waiting for the scale to move. Next thing you know, your clothes will be falling off you and you will need to go shopping! I'm one year out. Started at 200 something with a band gone bad revision. Today. 135 and absolutely amazed!! Trying NOT to lose anymore because I'm on my third round of the clothes / shopping issue!
  8. I was banded in '04. Removed '14 due to complications. Bypass January '15. One year post op coming up. Best decision I've ever made. Wish I would've done bypass the first time. Second time around was MUCH easier for me. Truly. Honestly. Worth it. And I had to self pay for bypass which was a huge struggle.
  9. xmeridith

    We have to talk about this...

    I use Lysol at home. I don't know if it is really the reason, but with the change in bacteria in the gut, I'm thinking there is more bacteria, so I use Lysol for its antibacterial properties. Kills the germs, so to speak. Spray it in the bowl after. Unfortunately, it is just a side effect that I will probably always deal with. But it is worth it in my opinion.
  10. There are ways to make it 'easier'. Get into good habits early so you aren't having to learn them when you are struggling later in your journey. My go-to snack is fresh fruit. I've never eaten fresh fruit before in my life. Having an apple is like a treat though. Your tastes may change. Mine definitely did. This is an opportunity to make better choices. Start the exercise program as soon as you can after surgery. Make it a habit. Talk to your doctor, use this board, find resources to help you make it easy for you!
  11. xmeridith

    Post OP Bowel issues

    Possible cause is milk. I cannot tolerate it at all since day 1 and I'm 10 months out. However, my entire digestive process has changed 100% since surgery. Loose is my new regular. And multiple times a day. Everyone's body is different. My doctor's office says Imodium is a no-go forever for their patients. Can do more harm than good.
  12. xmeridith

    Never Enough

    If you have never tried weight watchers, I would suggest joining for a month or two. While I could never overcome obesity with their program, they do teach truly healthy eating habits and tricks for tracking your food choices and progress. Might be a helpful way to get back on track without hunger - aka the worst part of any diet in my opinion.
  13. xmeridith

    I haven't lost any hair. Weird?

    Mine started at month 6 but was done by month 9. Wasn't noticeable to anyone but me.
  14. xmeridith

    Got milk?

    I love milk. But am severely lactose intolerant since surgery 2/2015. My doc told me to keep trying it once in awhile to see if I can readjust but so far, no luck. Yogurt has been a good substitute. I need to try the lactose free milk, but just can't imagine it being the same. Milk has been ok with my doc since day one due to the nutritional value, even with the sugar content.
  15. My doctor's office told me that after bypass extended release meds won't work for me anymore. But that means taking MORE pills every day for me. Which is not my ideal situation. Anyone have any experience with success or failure of extended release meds after surgery?