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  1. I actually joined Weight Watchers so I could have someone weigh me in every week! I seemed to do just fine when I was going in regularly to see my NUT but once they switched me to only going in every 6 months I started to struggle. When I finally do get to my goal weight I will be able to still go to Weight Watchers every week for weigh in and not have to pay anymore. Even if I did have to pay each week I think it would be worth it for me just to keep my weight in check.
  2. MarciaN

    What are your best tips for success?

    Hopefully most doctor's offices have extensive plans to get you prepared. I know that I had to have nutritional counseling for a minimum of 6 months along with classes on exercise etc. That being said, I read lots of books, watched youtube videos and started exercising before surgery so I would be the healthiest I could be going in. Best advise I to listen to your healthcare team and actually DO what they tell you to do. Is it easy-- sometimes....and sometimes not! Set yourself up for success. For each person that is different-- I needed to make sure that I only have healthy choices of food in my house (that way if I do go "off the deep end" I have to literally go out to get something. Support is probably the most important thing you can get. Being on sites like this one where everyone truly understands what you are going through are invaluable. The other important thing is to forgive- You might need to forgive a parent...or a spouse...for past hurts. But the most important person to forgive is yourself. None of us are perfect--not previously...and we won't be in the future. If you make a mistake (and you will) just shake it off, learn from it and get right back to working the plan. We are not in a race here--we are on a journey. You can go it! And rely on everyone here to help.
  3. MarciaN

    The Struggle

    I didn't have knee problems but I did have hip problems. It was extremely painful to even walk from my house to my car. I have lost almost 120 pounds now and am a walking guru. Does my hip still hurt-- yes-- but I am doing exercises and stretches. There is still pain but compared to what I used to have it is tolerable. If you have injured yourself, weight loss is not the magic cure- but it sure helps take the stress off of the injured joint. Good luck in your journey.
  4. MarciaN

    EKG complications

    I had an irregular EKG too. This ended up delaying my surgery by 3 months. I had to go in for all these tests and eventually had to have a PET Scan with stress test. I was really scared that I had ruined my heart with all the excess weight. They kept asking me when I had my heart attach. I told them that I don't remember having anything like that. Then they told me that sometimes women can have silent heart attacks. Well--- the wait was terrible! After the scan I was told that while my heartbeat is not "typical" it is normal for me. My heart worked just fine under stress. Now I just need to be sure if I have an EKG again that I get the technician my "normal" test so they can compare the two. Our bodies are all unique. Hopefully you will get the same news I got. If not, you at least will know where you are and be able to do what is needed to be the most healthy that you can be. Good luck!
  5. MarciaN

    All Inclusive Resorts

    I went on a cruise just 6 weeks after my procedure. Everything was just fine. Just order EXACTLY what you want- no more- no less. They will bring it to you looking beautiful and you'll be eating right along everyone else. You really don't need any explanations because it is amazing that thin people typically eat like this! I am dating a wonderful man now and he has never had a weight problem. His refrigerator has exactly the same things in it that mine does. We go out to eat all the time and just order really healthy options. it is almost a non-issue now. You will do great! Have fun!
  6. MarciaN

    6 days in

    Congratulations! Getting through the liquid diet is probably the hardest part of the process. Only one week left and you will be joining us! Good job!
  7. MarciaN

    Am I crazy?

    I never had any problem with drinking either. Be thankful because you will not have to worry about dehydration. The only thing you need to remember is to wait the 30 minutes between drinking and eating. A pound a day is unbelievable! Enjoy the journey and be thankful.
  8. MarciaN

    4 years post op-vsg

    One of my favorite sayings is "You don't drown by falling in the Water, you drown by staying there." Good job on realizing that you have fallen in the water and a really good job in not staying there!.
  9. That is SO exciting! Not being Obese is such a big deal! So proud of you! Yes, we are getting quiet around here. I think we are all in our "rhythm" and this is now getting to be a habit. It is good to know that we will always be here for each other but looks like we are standing on our own a little bit more now. Everyone should be very proud.
  10. I agree- amboyd! It doesn't matter where we are from, how old we are, or how much weight we started at-- we all have a connection because we are on this unique journey together that no one who hasn't done this will understand. I especially love our little group because we can actually keep track of each other and cheer each other on.
  11. I was on my pre-op journey for almost 9 months and had lost close to 70 pounds by then. I remember asking the group if I really needed the surgery. I decided I had a much better chance of keep the weight off long term with the sleeve. Has my life changed?...actually... not too much. I did the pre-op diet for 9 months so I was pretty used to eating the way I am eating now (except now I have slight pressure which tells me I have eaten enough.) I am one of the very fortunate ones who does not get upset with any foods (that being said- I do not eat refined carbs....so I'm not sure if these upset me or not.) I don't have reflux, I don't get constipated. Overall I feel fantastic. Since I lost a lot of weight pre-surgery- I did not lose the huge amounts that some folks do. Basically I'm losing about the same amount I did when I was doing the pre-op diet. Slow and steady...and it all adds up. I still get hungry (I know some say they don't) but I just now know what I need to feed my body. I am so thankful for this forum! I was scared before surgery but the day of surgery I felt confident and comfortable in all the prep I had done beforehand. Since you have been contemplating this for 3 years I am sure you are well prepared and will do great. I think my most exciting moment was when I woke up in recovery and realized that it was done! What a wonderful moment. Good Luck!
  12. I've never used fitness pal. Is it a better logging system than the one in fitbit?
  13. It is sometimes hard to not be discouraged. I lost more each month pre-op than I have since surgery. I am hoping that my body is just a little bit in shock and that it will start picking up. I'm only 6 weeks out from surgery but have only lost about 4 pounds in the last 5 weeks. On preop I was losing about 8 pounds a month-- and I'm eating half the calories (only at 600 per doctor's directions.) I know I have done great up to this point but am a little disappointed that I was doing better before surgery. (Definitely not trying to complain...I just needed to share my frustration.)
  14. MarciaN

    Seeking Buddies 5'2" & Under

    how are you doing htracewell? The first 5 days or so are the hardest. Hopefully you will be feeling great soon.
  15. I am 3 weeks out and am thrilled that I've lost 13 pounds. When we get to goal weight and look back this will be a blip in our lives. The longer it takes the better habits I have formed. And my skin will have a better chance of snapping back....maybe LOL. Rejoice that the scale is going in the right direction!

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