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  1. im banded and 26+ weeks preg, i did an unfill at 2nd month cause i needed to eat a little better, (my doctor didn't want me to unfill though) .. i have a great pregnancy, i don' t have any problem with the port so far and i gained 16 lb.. Good Luck and Lucky babes for all the Band Preggos Q:-)
  2. PinkMary

    It's a girl!!

    congratulations!!! im waiting impatiently for my first baby too
  3. PinkMary

    flying solo for 8 months

    im very proud of you Michele, congratulations! you are a fighter of life! you re an example and an inspiration for us.
  4. PinkMary

    What are your favorite NSVs?

    same here! i agree so much.. my biggest nsv was to be able to buy a plain Lee jean! i didn't ask much i guess
  5. PinkMary

    Thirtysomething women, no kids?

    34 no kids :confused:
  6. PinkMary

    Is exercise a must with the band?

    Poodles, i lost this weight without exercise.. the past month i joined the gone for good club just to be motivated and use the traidmill.. i don't know whats your weight right now but it was emotional impossible to me to start exercising when i started at 265. im lazy and im not proud about it, if i was exercising my body would look better and thinner.. but the point is i lost the weight
  7. PinkMary

    With this morning's weigh-in...

    Bravo Wheetsin! Way 2 Goo!!
  8. PinkMary

    Post Your Skinny Dream Clothes

    http://www.edressme.com/blackflapper-0-102b-b.html do i ask much?
  9. 1. Weight when banded 265 2. Study duration 10 months 3. Percentage of meals where you drank during the meal or within 2 hours after the meal 40% 4. Average minutes per week you exercised during the study period 0 5. Number of fills you received during the study period 2 6. Regularly used diet drugs during your study period (yes/no)? no 7. Caucasian 8. Weight loss during the study period (in pounds) 85 <!-- / message --><!-- sig -->
  10. PinkMary

    10 months before-after

    thank you all very much, what i wanted to say is that i could do nothing by myself and without the band. I had not complications and if you ask me today if i would do it again.. i would say YES in a heartbeat! my life changed completely, i have not sleap apnea anymore, my weist and legs doesnt hurt anymore, im not snoring anymore, and it gets better and better with almost -40 kgr less.. the complications around the world is like 0,5% and i would prefer to risk them than living as i used to live.. in depression and without self esteem.. and there are even better stories than mine in this forum! so dont focus in the negative posts but in yourself and your own programme! the Band will help you!
  11. PinkMary

    10 months before-after

    i have a lot of scratch marks in my stomach and a lot of cellulite in my back place :nono: i wish i was exercising but im such a lazy.. thank you girls
  12. PinkMary

    My big NSV!! (pictures)

    owww what a looovely family!!! and you all look so happy!! im so happy for you Diane! thats a huge NSV i was with my mom yesterday and i did pedicure and skin pilling for her :nono: i love being her slave! she deserves it!
  13. PinkMary

    I hit ONE-derland!!

    Diane you have perfect legs for sure but especially from kneess to ankles how do you call this place?? :Banane13: :Banane11: they are very skinny! drily without even a cell of fat! models legs! i hate my english :Banane45: :woot:
  14. PinkMary

    Gone for Good Club - May 2006

    uum i hope its ok that i just update my 1st main post and i do not paste the whole process in a new post :grouphug:
  15. PinkMary

    May I have your attention, please?

    the french manicure and onederland belongs to you!! Congratz!
  16. PinkMary

    Almost 6 months out...

    Congratulations! you have done excellent!! Bravo!!! :bananadoggywow: :Banane20: :fruitsex:
  17. its great not feeling hungry.. this my 2 cents... i have felt sooo few times really hungry.. its great looking as a woman and not as your husbands brother :Banane33: and i support and advertise the band as Jachut! i agree whith what she said!
  18. french fries :Banane56:
  19. Hello Eficka! welcome to this beautiful place! i wish you good luck for your upcoming surgery! 100% its worth it! guess what.. im also a Bandster.. guess from which country.. Greece :Banane40: :waytogo: you wont have any problem with airplane our goverment insurance paying also the procedure over here.
  20. PinkMary

    Scar Stages Share yours!

    you are then the big winner! you won an electric clothespin!
  21. PinkMary

    Erosion: Our OWN Statistics.

    Date Banded: 7-6-2005 Country: Greece Doctor: Dr Sahpazidis Erodoed: NO
  22. PinkMary

    July Bandsters

    hello friends! im not much arround lately cause im soo much busy but i have to announce proudly that i lost so far 65 pounds i think i must change my ticker i have long time to do it :clock: success and health to everyone
  23. PinkMary

    Sons says I look like Hippo on Madagascar!

    my 4+ nephew told me before one year that my breasts look like watermelons ..!!! i wanted to die
  24. Michelle im so very happy for you! you are just 9 pounds over your goal! i think you can do it! and with so much love and care from ALL of us! your stomach is now small not as it was before the surgery! keep it as it is! follow what ever you learnt this year! i believe strongly on you that you keep being successfull the new year also! wish you the very best for the New Year! Lovz Hugz
  25. PinkMary

    Mousecrazy Happy Birthday !!!

    Happy Birthday girl

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