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  1. SkinnyLaRodgers15

    Privacy: How easy or difficult was it for you?

    I like your plan lol I may have to follow suit. An ulcer wouldn't be unbelievable either. I think they know they typically stress me out lol!!!
  2. SkinnyLaRodgers15

    Discouraged and regreting

    Congratulations on the loss! I am glad you have posted this. I am 2.5-3 wks post op (lapband with plication). Yesterday, I went for my first post-op follow up per their scale, actually weighed more than their scale in the preop room. How discouraging when I've been living on protein shakes, Thin oatmeal and soup! Without this post, I don't think I would have ever heard of the "stall period". Definitely motivating to keep on keepin on and the lbs will (eventually) fall off!
  3. SkinnyLaRodgers15


  4. SkinnyLaRodgers15

    LapBand-friendly fast food (don't judge me!)

    I am so glad to read this! I have been eating Wendy's chili (making sure I chew really good before swallowing) ! I might just stop and get some after work too!
  5. SkinnyLaRodgers15


    I had this procedure done just about two weeks ago (12/31/14). My surgeon calls it the iband. but its the same thing. I am eager to get restriction (scheduled for 1/29/15), because only after a few days post op, I was already feeling pretty hungry. Thankfully, I am not able to over indulge the feeling. I would like to stay full for longer than 2-3 hrs. I lost a small amount, but nothing like what I read in the forums right out of the operating room. I have been cleared to do aerobic exercise so hopefully that help.
  6. SkinnyLaRodgers15

    Where is your port?

    Thank you for posting this. I was wondering where mine is because I cannot feel it. I was banded 10 days ago and have my first follow up on Monday . I was starting to wonder if they had really done anything more than 5 incisions. Can't feel port and two days after surgery I am super hungry :-)
  7. SkinnyLaRodgers15

    Help please

    I was wondering the same thing. I was banded under two wks ago on a Wednesday. By that Saturday, I was already "hungry". I haven't over done it, following Drs orders. But I was wondering if my first fill will curtail my hunger pings. First fill is about two wks away.

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