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  1. I was in the hospital for 3 days and out of work for 2 weeks when I had my sips 2.5 years ago. Medicine seems to be all about shorter stays and more at home monitored recovers. Plan on a couple of weeks out of work. But , it's all worth it. Great procedure!
  2. Mojo56


    I take 2 calcium 600 mg daily, 2 multi vitamin bariatric advantage. I also get a monthly b 12 shot. That's it. I try to eat a lot of protein. I don't count anymore. I have blood work every 6 months and the protein is always good. Mostly I eat protein first and then whatever. When I eat something not good for me the worst result is gas or diarrhea. No weight gain. I drink water all day and swim for exercise.
  3. Mojo56


    Thought it was time to chime in. 2 years out from SIps with Enoch in Cary NC. All good, diabetes gone, blood work perfect. Just saw him yesterday and we discussed what NC BC/BS is doing and it's not good. More hoops to jump thru, and yes....they consider sips to be experimental and are not covering it. Enoch has made some adjustments to the procedure. I wish you luck. It's the best thing I ever did and Enoch is awesome.
  4. By the way....kidney stones have stopped! No more.....
  5. Princess...how exciting...great to hear!
  6. Mojo56

    Who Are You?

    I am 100 lbs lighter than I was pre op 15 months ago. I weigh less than I did when I was 20.....I'm now 57. I wear a size 32w, a small or medium shirt. I used to wear 44w and extra larges. I have more energy, more positive thoughts and am no longer a slave to food. Iam able to eat most foods but not too much of any one thing. This is who I am now! Thank god for my family practice doc and his referral to my weight loss doc Paul Enoch. My diabetes is gone and I am healthy once again......this is who I am!
  7. Peggy, good job...keep up the good work...congrats on your lost weight
  8. Mojo56


    1 year out, sips here. Awesome surgery. How can I help.
  9. Hi, I had a sips 13 months ago. I did have a period of throwing up sometimes if I over ate or ate to fast. I still eat small quantities but many times a day. Basically snacking all day. Dinner is the least I eat. If I can help at all let me know. Good luck.....it's an awesome surgery.
  10. Just had my one year checkup 2 weeks ago. Sorry haven't been on the site much lately. Enoch confirmed that BcBs is not covering sips. He's not happy about it. They reclassified it as experimental without enough long term data. I am one of a hundred patients in a study being done. My results are amazing. Diabetes gone, high cholesterol gone. Weight loss maintained thus far. I wish this was available for everyone. My only issue is that I have had such a huge metabolic change my body is creating some small kidney stones. They hurt at first but I take an anti inflammatory , the pain goes away in an hour and I never even feel the stone pass. My doctors think this will stop soon. I get my protein water and vitamins everyday and eat whatever I want. Some things have gastric consequences......you know what I mean. But life is good. I was a 44 waist now 32. I wore extra large, now I wear small. All of this due to the sips procedure. Damn insurance companies should change their policy.
  11. Nice to see discussion of SIPS and the duo switch. BCBS of NC approved mine in November of last year, other than that I have no current info. My experience has been awesome! Below goal weight. Only take 2 chewable multi vitamins and 2 gummy calcium vitamins each morn. No biggie
  12. Specifically the percentage of diabetes resolution. 95%. That's what I was after.
  13. Mojo56


    My results have been stellar!
  14. Ditto what Rogofulm said " when gaining a couple of lbs is ok because it gets you closer to goal weight" An amazing feeling!

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