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    NOLAGal reacted to ortega07 in bad breath   
    I've heard it's bc you are in ketosis, basically burning fat!
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    NOLAGal reacted to NicoleSW in Favorite full liquid, savory choices?   
    I have to prepare a sample meal plan for my pre-op appt on Monday. I have it mostly done but I was wondering if anyone could suggest some of their favorite savory, high Protein, full liquid meals? I have plenty of Protein Shake recipes but I know I'm going to get soooo tired of all the sweet drinks.< /p>
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    NOLAGal reacted to gahannagal in Help how to slow down   
    Check with your program. My program suggests eating with a baby spoon, and put the spoon down between bites. I had someone suggest chewing 200 times between bites. I think it is exaggerated but the point is it will slow you down and your food will do down much easier. I too have had to learn to slow down. They want us to take 20 min to eat. Since I am still eating about 1/4 cup of food at a time it doesn't take long to eat it. I am 6 weeks out and there are only two items I can eat more than 1/4 cup. Maybe you are like me and can't go to the higher amounts yet. I wish you luck in slowing down because you will feel so much better! Oh and one time I figured out it was the food I was eating. I suspected an allergy before surgery and after I got really sick so I confirmed the allergy. You can do this!
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    NOLAGal reacted to mlm28 in Help how to slow down   
    Hi Jackie, I am nearly 3 months out and still have this problem..I try to eat 2-3 spoons and take a break and start again. I have huge issues with chewing...not chewing enough and get sick soon after I swallow the food.
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    NOLAGal reacted to jackie's journey in Help how to slow down   
    Hi I'm three weeks postoperative and for the first time experienced pain from eating too much Soup. How do you all know when to stop eating? The pain happens after I've finished eating and not during eating. My brain thinks of dinner as a full meal. I have to get it rewired somehow.
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    NOLAGal reacted to Doxie Mom of 3 in After surgery daily schedule for meds, vitamins, protein and liquids   
    I too have a med pill container for morning, noon, mid-day, and evening. I have to take lots of pills as I am sure a lot of the gastric bypass ptients do as well. On Sundays I fill it for the week. I work from homwe so leave it at my desk and take them throughout the day. I have room for improvement inactually taking them that is for sure but I am getting there. I need to do a food app too so I can show my Dr. what I am eating.
    Good luck to ya!
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    NOLAGal reacted to AuriP in After surgery daily schedule for meds, vitamins, protein and liquids   
    What I'm going to start doing is going out to buy a medication container with morn, afternoon and evening. Plus I'm going to place reminders on my phone as alarms at least until I get into a habit.
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    NOLAGal reacted to AngryViking in After surgery daily schedule for meds, vitamins, protein and liquids   
    I drink Water all day and carry a bottle wherever I go, so that takes care of the fluids. I use MFP to track what I'm eating and my Protein intake. And at this point, the Vitamins are like second nature: multis and D3 in the AM, Calcium at lunch and calcium and B12 before bed.
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    NOLAGal reacted to Ginger Snaps in After surgery daily schedule for meds, vitamins, protein and liquids   
    I take my Multivitamins in the morning, squirt b-12 under the tongue and take a high dose Vitamin D pill every 2-3 days.
    I chew some caramel Calcium citrate caramel things during the day and take Biotin at night.
    Really the main things not to take together are the Iron and Calcium.
    It's really not a big deal.
    I also use My Fitness Pal to track food and mostly just watch the Protein (I hardly eat any carbs). If late in the day I'm low on Protein, I just drink a shake before bed. I should probably track Water but don't, but there's a place in My Fitness Pal for that, too.
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    NOLAGal reacted to smiley922 in After surgery daily schedule for meds, vitamins, protein and liquids   
    There are so many things to keep track of each day and the schedule for Vitamins, so they dont interact, along with making sure you are getting your Protein and liquids.
    Any apps or ideas you can recommend to keep on track.
    I am thinking charts and graphs here, what worked for those that are post surgery?
    I am a bit of a flake and need all the help I can get.
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    NOLAGal reacted to tamg26k in Caloric Intake   
    I had my RNY 3 months ago today and I felt the same exact way when I transitioned to solid foods. I added up my calories and I was only getting about 500-600 a day. I'll be honest, I don't worry about calories. I don't measure my meals either. I first make sure I am getting my Protein in every day and I really watch all of my carbs pretty closely. By the time I finish my Protein at meals my stomach is completely full. As far as fruits go, I try to stick to a few berries- blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, or strawberries as the carb count is lower. I also try to have a few bites of veggies at lunch and dinner. The protein and the carbs are the only things I watch really closely. As of today, 3 months to the day of my surgery, I have lost 75 lbs. I hope this helps. My best advice is the same thing that you have probably heard over and over - eat small bites and chew chew chew!
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    NOLAGal reacted to kimodell69 in OCTOBER 2014   
    I'm doing the Breast Cancer 5k walk today. Wish me luck!
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    NOLAGal reacted to LisaCO in OCTOBER 2014   
    My creamy vanilla Protein has arrived. I am adding orange or rootbeer extract tastes just like an orange cream sickle or a root beer float.
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    NOLAGal reacted to layknee in OCTOBER 2014   
    lunch is strained cream of mushroom Soup made with fair life Protein skim milk. I added a dash of onion and garlic powder and a dusting of pepper.  i probably won't finish the whole
    1/2 cup serving. But what nice is the fair life milk is 13g Protein per eight ounce. Taste good.
    Ps. I had my mom go get me milk of magnesia and I was able to pass gas feeling a bit better than yesterday. I can still feel all this gas moving.
    Recipe if from my wls book I was given by the doctor.
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    NOLAGal reacted to smiley922 in OCTOBER 2014   
    Hey I am outa the hospital at a friends, they didnt trust my son to be attentive. Sipping on broth, got my pain meds, and watching Sons of Anarchy. Happy Happy Joy Joy!
    Tomorrow start full liquids, can not wait. Yes I can, but excited at the thought of full liquids. Been since Saturday.
    Proud of all the folks that have gone before me. :)
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    NOLAGal reacted to superbariatricbabe in OCTOBER 2014   
    Is anyone else still struggling with "fullness"?
    I'm trying to be really careful not to over fill my pouch, but it's hard to know what full feels like. I definitely err on the side of not full rather than painfully full, so I'm not even sure what full feels like! There's no more hungry vs not hungry signals to help me differentiate.
    How do you guys do it?
    I'm asking because sometimes I feel like I can drink more Water than I should, so I have to concentrate on not over doing it.
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    NOLAGal reacted to smiley922 in OCTOBER 2014   
    Going home today. Waiting on the orders to be released. My ride is here
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    NOLAGal reacted to hope4me62 in OCTOBER 2014   
    Hello all...newbie here with RNY surgery date of 10/07. Glad that week is over! Not terrible pain but more being uncomfortable in hospital. Was so glad to be at home.
    I'm determined to only weigh once a week from now on. I was checking daily and felt so bad that I didn't see these big drops like so many do. I'm adding a pic of an app screen that measures your heart rate. I've been over 100 beats per minute for a long time. Well, it's much improved this week!!!!
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    NOLAGal reacted to misstvb in OCTOBER 2014   
    I totally agree with Beni you look great. I still look like walking death.
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    NOLAGal reacted to Beni in OCTOBER 2014   
    @@layknee you look amazing for someone who just had surgery
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    NOLAGal reacted to superbariatricbabe in OCTOBER 2014   
    Just had my one week check up. I'm very relieved that he took my drain out. Definitely one of the weirdest sensations of my life. Very fast and strange. Now I feel so much better and the pain I. My left side is a lot better. It's weird to think that the tube goes that far into your body.
    I've been cleared for Stage 2 liquids - skim milk and Protein powders are okay, as well as fat free thin Soups like Tomato Soup and sugar free puddings.
    Just had a cup of chicken stock with unjury chicken Soup flavored Protein powder. Freakin' delicious.
    I feel like 80% of my recovery is done and it's only been a week! Now I can't make any more excuses and putting off working from home ???? guess I better get to work soon. I think I'll work from home for 2 weeks and then go back to work full time!
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    NOLAGal reacted to dc0520 in OCTOBER 2014   
    Hey all! Oct 7th here. Have had a pretty rough time but things are finally getting better. My mom is a nurse and was able to come help with my three girls. It's quite nice to just ask her if healing is going normal. Getting tired from just liquids. I'm sure once my diet progresses I'll have more energy. I'm down 21 lbs as of today so it's a good start. I'm so happy others are doing well!
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    NOLAGal reacted to Janice1968 in OCTOBER 2014   
    My surgery was October 1st, I feel great! I've lost 12 pounds so far. I don't feel any thinner yet. I started pureed food today.Omg felt like I had real food finally.
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    NOLAGal reacted to LisaCO in OCTOBER 2014   
    My surgery date was October 1st. Its nice to read all the positive comments. I feel great! I can see my body shrinking. I have lost 11 pounds since my surgery date. Just ate a weight watchers fudge popsicle I hope it dont make me sick. I am looking forward to Oct 20 thats when I will get to introduce more food. I currently get 5 foods, cottage cheese, yogurt, Beans, sf pudding & egg white. I have not tried an egg yet. My NUT said if anything bothers me it will be the egg. So I am scared. Getting my Water & a 50 gram Protein Shake in daily. Thank you for starting this thread.
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    NOLAGal reacted to layknee in OCTOBER 2014   
    I left a message over on the other thread. I'm doing okay I was having some incisional pain and maybe some gas pain. They took me off of the PCA today around 430pm. I am now taking Norco 7.5 mg liquid oral medication. Trying to get down this I infiltrated two IVs already so I'm on my third IV. Miss my kids. They won't let anyone under 18 up here because of the enterovirus that's been spreading among gradeschool kids. I do have my own room though. chicken broth is disgusting because there's no salt or pepper in it.
    Of course I still do not like sugar-free Jell-O. changed into my pajamas. My O2 sats staying in the upper 80s and lower 90s. Trying to keep up with my deep breathing and coughing exercises. They took my catheter out. Went to the bathroom on my own. Walked up and down the hallway.

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