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  1. laurenella82

    I have failed.....I think

    So apparently I have been dumping for the last month on just about everything I eat. What I thought was okay wasn't and when I saw my surgeon today he basically told me to see a nutritionist but to go back to the basic bland stuff I ate in the beginning. I had some labs done and I see him again in 2 weeks. Hopefully I will be down by then. I am also trying intermittent fasting again but this time doing the 16:8 everyday instead of a couple times a week. If I do it right maybe I can get under 200 before summer. That's a 67 pound loss.
  2. I will be 3 years out from Gastric Sleeve surgery on 10 February. I got down to 222 from 198 (pre op...hw about 315). I am now back up tp 266. I haven't lost weight in probably 2 years. I am miserable and unhappy with my results. I feel like I can eat too much and have felt that way for a long time. I asked my surgeon for Phentermine to help kickstart me again (it's worked before) but he won't give it to me. I'm now looking into going to a local weight loss center for it. In early December I got a stomach virus and I have been feeling sick every time I eat ever since. I also have been having diarreah off and on since then. I'm pretty sure that by the time I get to the doctor tomorrow and have labs done, they aren't going to find anything becaus that's always how it happens. I have been back on the protein drinks for the last couple of days and I have been preparing my meals instead of buying them at the places near my job. Although there are some pretty healthy options like SweetGreen and Panera nearby, they are typically not my preference. That is mostly bcause I don't really like panera other than their bagles and their pasta (carbs on carbs smh) and SweetGreen tends to be a waste of money because I can never eat it all. I looked at myself in the mirror today and my nose has spread like I'm pregnant. If I were actually having sex I would probably think that I was. I have always carried majority of my weight in my stomach and booty and my stomach is growing again. I am at an empass. I don't know what to do. I am miserable all over again like I was pre surgery. One shining moment this week is that I tried on some clothes that I got for Christmas and although they were all an 18, they weren't a 22/24 and they all fit!! Thank God for small miracles! I would love to lose these 66 pounds in the next 4 months...probably not possible..... WHAT DO I DO NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. laurenella82

    All Protein Shake Diet

    I have been trying to do the same thing. Because I'm in an office full of eaters I've been having problems. But I think I'm going back to that as well. I stalled about 8 months after surgery (2/10/15) and between I stayed the same up until a couple weeks ago when I found out I gained 9 pounds! A reset is in order! But I need to eat fruit or veggies with it because I still get really hungry! Good luck with your journey!
  4. @@maxcimax I'm thinking about starting over as well. My problem with that is I get really hungry sometimes! I make cupcakes and I have an order to fill this weekend. I have 3 others in my house that always want cupcakes for here when I make hem for someone else and that's going to be an issue...I make pretty good cupcakes! [emoji81]like you said, One Day at a time!
  5. @@OutsideMatchInside I don't track every day. When I do I use MFP. This is what it looked like today....
  6. It's not easy by ANY means! My old Nut wouldn't prescribe them to any of her patients. I didn't want them then but I had read a lot of people saying they were put on them because of extremes stalls. I wonder what the new one will say.
  7. Thanks ladies. @AmberWarstler, I feel you. I've been on phentermine and I don't really want to go back but if it will kick start me I may consider it for 2 weeks
  8. laurenella82


  9. So my last maybe 3 or 4 appointments with my surgeon were rather disappointing. In the laft 4-6 months I haven't lost ANYTHING (Maybe 5 pounds)!!!!!!!!!!! My surgeon's goal for me was to be under 200 when he saw me for my 1 year appointment. That was 12 February(2 days after the actual 1 year mark). He wasn't happy....so you know I wanted to cry right there! He must have seen it in my eyes because he quickly let me know that I didn't do bad, I just should have been further along. So I now have until May to lose 35 pounds and I am eating much better, I am getting in more Protein and I am exercising at least 3 days (pushing for 5) a week. My scale hasn't budged. My stomach seems to not want to do anywhere. I was losing inches at one point but I've been stuck in this size 16 for 4 months now. I'm very frustrated. I need to know what to do to get this thing moving again. My goal was to be at my goal size (6) by my 1 year surgiversary. Now it's by 18 months but it's not going to happen if my hard work is not reaping any rewards. I almost feel like I shouldn't eat anything.....ever....and just go exercise. But that's not a good thing HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please
  10. laurenella82

    I Want To See Before & After Pics! (Cont'd)

    Last summer vs early this September. 7 months post op
  11. laurenella82

    Dumping How it feels like?

    High fat and hug sugar foods can cause dumping. The one time I experienced it, it was from fried chicken (I was craving it) that was fresh out of the fryer so all the grease was still on it. I got dizzy, hot, light headed, nauseous, and I thought ideas going to pass out. All of that lasted for about an hour. It was the worst experience ever!!!
  12. I lost 18 pounds in the month before and 23 in the first 2 weeks after. Then NOTHING FOR ALMOST 5 MONTHS!!! ???????????? but I'm 6 pounds out and the last time I weighed I was 63 pounds down!! My doc says that some people lose a lot up front then the rest come off slow. Some people lose slow up front then the weight just falls off after a few months. Some people have said that they lost super slow up until about the 6 month mark and then it picks up greatest after that until about 18 months. It varies greatly. I'm hoping I'm one of those who doesn't have such a difficult time with stalls from now until 18 months.
  13. HW: 298 SW: 280 CW: 235 Sleeved in 2/10/15
  14. laurenella82

    I Want To See Before & After Pics! (Cont'd)

    HW:298 SW:280 CW:242 Surgery Date 10 Feb 2015 Excuse the transformation Tuesday at the bottom lol! It was posted on FB yesterday