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    I'm a mess! I'm laid back...fun...funny. I'm everyone's favorite fat friend. It'll be interesting to see if I'm as interesting when I'm NOT obese...
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  1. Any recommendations? Or advice on choosing a new doctor?
  2. MaureenVA

    How long is the wait?

    If you're not already in the group, there is a private FB group for Dr Cantor, Dr McArthur and Dr. Salameh (the VHC surgeon 2% of people get) patients. Let me know if you'd like to join.
  3. MaureenVA

    Starch questions on pre op diet

    After surgery we are allowed very moderate amounts of starch, but, you're right, diet should focus on protein first, flol owed by frech veggies and fruits. The list the NUT gave you is more like limits, not 'have to'. If you'd raher have salad than rice...more power to you. NuT's point is if you're going t o have carbs...have the right carbs in moderation.
  4. As of right now, I'm to report at 6am for 8am surgery. Hope that doesn't change.
  5. I'm not your age, but we're hav I ng our surgeries on the same day!
  6. A lot of people use insureprotien.com to get their protein...but I want to know the magic behind the curtain.
  7. I've seen posts where people are getting coverage for their supplements and Protein shakes through their insurance. Are you? What do you get covered? Who are you insured with? What was the process for getting coverage?
  8. MaureenVA

    Anyone from Virginia?

    My last NUT appt was 4/20. I think my approval was early May. My consult was 5/29 and I got my date early/mid June . You have to pick up all of your RX and have any followup scheduled (I needed sleep medicine) before they submit you to scheduling. Mine took longer bc dr cantor was in the hospital more and in the office to deal with paperwork less. Now that Dr McArthur is back, should be smoother.
  9. MaureenVA

    Anyone from Virginia?

    My WLS mentor had Halmi and has been incredibly successful. If I wasn't kaiser, thats where I would go.
  10. MaureenVA

    Anyone from Virginia?

    That's who I have...Dr Cantor. He's the best.
  11. MaureenVA

    Anyone from Virginia?

    Fredericksburg here. Surgery at Holy Cross hospital on 8/17,
  12. MaureenVA

    How long is the wait?

  13. MaureenVA

    How long is the wait?

    I, too, went to nutrition in woodbridge! My last NUT appt was 4/20, my surgeon appt was 5/29. Surgery is 8/17.
  14. The kaiser program is a minimum 6 mo. It generally takes closer to a year, start to finish. I started my program in october, surgery in 2 weeks. Dr Cantor wait right now is about 2 months but that can change on a dime. I finished my NUT appts 4/20....didn't see Cantor until 5/29 and in mid-June, was offered the 8/17 surgery date.
  15. I can't believe I'm finally here. I know I'm not on the table yet...my surgeon has a long wait. But I've wrangled all of the insurance nonsense and have been approved and referred for surgery. I was shaking like a leaf in the surgeons office waiting for the other shoe to drop...for someone to tell me some reason that I couldnt have the surgery. But they didn't! I have to have an IVC filter placed (next week) and that has me totally freaked out. Small price to pay for an extra layer of safety...so i'm glad to be doing it. Just nervous about the procedure in general. I'm expecting to have my actual surgery date in the next 2 weeks. Surgery to be performed in early to mid august.