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    40 year old mother of 2 - active but overweight. researched the sleeve for 2 years before actually doing it. BEST THING EVER
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    gardening, family/friends, biking, traveling
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  1. gertiesboys

    When did your hair loss start?

    My doctor told me that hair loss was actually not that common. You just hear about it because its drastic. When you look at the stats, its rare. Not sure how true that is...just his message to me.
  2. gertiesboys

    November 19th!

    How is everyone? Longing for Wed when I get REAL food aka cottage cheese and yogurt. Today (day 6) I felt great. Still some pain with the higher incisions but put in a full day at work and am not beat. I actually still have energy. I'm doing well with the Protein and other liquids. No issues at all - sip sip sipping.
  3. gertiesboys

    November 19th!

    Pre-op survival: I mixed vanilla Protein shakes with coffee which was really good. I also mixed my chocolate unjury with coffee. It was great b/c its cold here so it was like hot cocoa. I ordered wonton Soup and then just drank the broth. Got in 93g. Only 4 more days!!!!!
  4. gertiesboys

    November 19th!

    I will be your sleeve buddy - I go it at 8:30 am on the 19th (just found out today). I start my preop diet tomorrow. I thought the same thing about T-giving but I remembered I don't really care of T-giving foods and, if I'm serious, I'm ready now. This also puts me on the road to recovery for Christmas.
  5. November 19th - found out today!!!!!!
  6. gertiesboys


    I was approved yesterday also. I go Thursday to officially put the wheels in motion.
  7. gertiesboys

    ISO Low BMI Sleeve Mentor

    Jen, are you self pay or covered by insurance (If you don't mind me asking)? Right now all of my anxiety is tied up in whether or not my insurance will cover this.
  8. gertiesboys

    What your look forward for?

    Mainly starting a new healthy lifestyle that I don't feel will be sabotaged by my mirror. Being active. Being comfortable enough to dance like no one's watching and to not give a flip if they are.
  9. I honestly cannot remember a time in my life when I wasn't dieting. Now, because of my low BMI, I've been told not to lose any weight. I feel like I'm headed in the other direction though because I am eating what I want but in moderation. I'm not counting anything, I'm not logging anything, I'm not taking any pills, etc etc. It is very hard. I know that my diet will be the focus of my life after I'm approved (not if but when, staying positive). I just do not know how to live without trying to lose weight.
  10. gertiesboys

    ISO Low BMI Sleeve Mentor

    I have something in common with each of you. I too exercise - not rigorously but I am active. My weight does not slow me down, its my head. I know that, no matter how hard I exercise, it will be all for not because my diet with sabotage it. Dieting your whole life truly affects your relationship with food. I am so needing a tool that can help me focus on my diet other than people and books telling me what i already know. I've told my mom, husband and best friend but no one else. If I lose the weight, everyone will want to know my "secret" but I'm not sure what I'm going to say. My mom is supportive but clearly against it. I have to do this for me....no one else. ITs time.
  11. gertiesboys

    ISO Low BMI Sleeve Mentor

    No, you are too old. I will take advice from anyone. I'm hoping that I get approved. I feel like I'm gaining weight everyday since I can't lose any which is killing me b/c I don't remember the last time I wasn't on a diet. I hope his isn't all for not.
  12. I don't know what his stipulations are but I'm using Dr. Philip Legget
  13. @@Paloma68 I'm probably not going to have surgery until December. Just scheduled my first nutritionist appt and endoscopy. I'm 196 at 5'2". Any chance I can call on you for advice as you go?
  14. I have a low BMI (35.6) and truly only one co-morbity issues (border line BP). I'm actually one of those truly healthy fat people. I only want to lose around 50 pounds although by BMI standards, I should be around 120. I do suffer from chronic pain in my knees and feet which is the result of any attempt to exercise as I get older. I just turned 40 an have ben contemplating this for 2 years. I decided that I don't want to live the next 40 years in a constant state of yo-yo dieting....I've been doing that for at last 30 years and I'm done! I need a mentor that can help guide me and support me through this process.. My doc has already told me to stop all attempts at weightloss until my surgery since I can't afford to lose any and still be approved. I won't lose 40 pounds in the first month like others so I'm looking for someone that had a similar experience that I can relate to.

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