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  1. Jen - a work in progress

    October 2014 sleevers check in please!

    Happy 2 year sleeve-versary!! Sent from my SM-G900P using the BariatricPal App
  2. Jen - a work in progress

    Giving up my daily habit (weighing myself)

    I used to weigh daily, at least once a day. Always first thing in the morning before I had any intake and sometimes at the end of the day to see what I was after a day of eating and drinking. I did it to find my average or more realistic weight I guess. I recently moved to Houston, TX from WI and left all my things in storage back home while apartment hunting and working down here... including my scale. It was hard at first for awhile. Granted I work in a hospital (scales everywhere!) but it wasn't my scale and I don't know how accurate it was in comparison to mine at home so I lost interest in the scale.... sort of....
  3. Jen - a work in progress

    Constant nausea, morning sickness feeling, allergies, post nasal drip

    I was given Prilosec right after surgery for acid reflux. I do have it and it sucks lbvs. I was told about it being a side effect of the surgery when I met with my surgeon for my initial consultation. That being said, I haven't been taking my meds everyday like I'm supposed to. I'll get back on track with it and see of that helps. I'll be seeing the allergist next week to get started with allergy shots again. Hopefully I can get this all under control real soon.
  4. Jen - a work in progress


    I'm in Houston as well. Surgery date was 10/23/14.
  5. Jen - a work in progress

    Any one from Texas?

    Hi, I'm a 34 yr old mom with 2 boys (9&10). I'm from Milwaukee, WI but recently moved to Houston, TX. I had surgery October 23rd, 2014.
  6. Jen - a work in progress

    October 2014 sleevers check in please!

    Hey everyone! I haven't been on here in a very long time. I'm doing well. Recently relocated to Houston, TX from Milwaukee, WI. I'm down to 168lbs and trying to hold steady. I guess I could get to 150 but I'm happy with the current results and don't want to go too much lower. It's a challenge tho, that's for sure. Hope you all are doing well! I'll post pics soon. I'm not big on taking pics but I'll get there eventually lol
  7. I've been having this constant almost all day nausea. Whenever I try to eat, I feel like I'm going to vomit, no matter what I eat. I also get this feeling with Fluid intake. Sometimes I feel like I'd be better if I just threw up but can't make myself throw up - I try, but nothing comes up. I have been dealing with some major allergies and have been rather congested over the past few weeks. I only recently put the two together... Post nasal drip and nausea. Has anyone else dealt with this? Is that a reasonable excuse for all the constant nausea and gross feeling in my tummy? I recently moved to a new state and haven't found a Bariatric clinic yet to follow up with. I'm sure I could email my surgeon back home but I can't get back in to be physically evaluated if they need me to. For the allergies I have been taking either Claritin or Zyrtec and using Flonase nasal spray. With the more extreme flares, I've even added Benadryl to the regimen. I have an appt scheduled for Sept 14th with an allergist to restart allergy injections. I'm hoping that helps as well.
  8. Jen - a work in progress

    Memorial Day Challenge!

    I'm in
  9. Jen - a work in progress

    Easter's Challenge

    I missed it too due to traveling and having no scale but I was the same weight.
  10. Jen - a work in progress

    Easter's Challenge

    173 for March 30th
  11. Jen - a work in progress

    Easter's Challenge

    174 for March 23rd. I keep forgetting to post on Monday smh
  12. Jen - a work in progress

    Easter's Challenge

    175.6 lbs
  13. Jen - a work in progress

    Easter's Challenge

    175lbs Sorry for the loss of your puppy and nice to hear about your new additions. I can only imagine the fun and excitement that comes with 3 young dogs in the house lol. Enjoy!
  14. Jen - a work in progress

    October 2014 sleevers check in please!

    I've been doing pretty good and met my original goal I set for myself. I had surgery October 23rd and was at 238lbs. Today I am at 178. My goal was to get back to 180lbs. Since I'm still in that 6 month window of loss, I'm sure I'll continue to drop and be closer to my dieticians agreed upon goal for me of 150lbs. I'm not really following any diet now. I still eat healthy like I should - that's a permanent lifestyle change I've had even before I embarked on this journey. I do drink alcohol more than I'm willing to admit but in social settings which also happens to be often. I'm working on getting toned up now to try and pull everything back together again. I know my weight will go up as my muscle increases since muscle weighs more than fat. Overall, I am very happy with the surgery so far and my results even tho I have a long ways to go being only 4 months out.
  15. Jen - a work in progress

    Easter's Challenge

    178 for 3/2

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