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    lovingdavid got a reaction from Strong3r in The Gastric Sleeve Chat Room Is Always Open!   
    @@Pastano you can message me here I just had my first year anniversary July 16
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    Las Vegas Nevada
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    lovingdavid reacted to Big_Mama in Before And After Gastric Sleeve Surgery Photos   
    Anything you put your all into is possible. I was sleeved at 342 lbs exactly a year and a week ago. My Dr's goal for 18-months out was 197. I'm currently 191. Getting sleeved was the best thing I ever did!!
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    lovingdavid reacted to atontor in Before And After Gastric Sleeve Surgery Photos   
    Hi. I had the same thoughts but decided with the sleeve on 5/29/15My SW was 320. My DR told me I would lose 70 to 80 in a year To her surprise I was down 120 in 5 months. Im presently 200 and I'm hoping to reach 190 but those last 10 do not want to go away. I know it's mostly because I'm gaining muscle weight from the gym . But to answer your question everyone is different and you'll see that when you read all the post that are here from everyone. Some good and some bad. Make a decision that you will be happy with you.

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    Or those that I don't have my email is membrenoclaudia@yahoo.com
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    lovingdavid reacted to sirensong511 in Just got sleeved last night! My experience   
    Greetings fellow sleevers! am 28 years old 5'3 with a hw of 217lbs.
    So yesterday was the DAY! I am a self payer and went through a lighter me in Mexico. Everything is wonderful so far! I'll give a recap of my experience.
    When I got to the border i parked in the US and was picked up by a driver who took myself and a couple other folks to the hotel. The hotel was beautiful! The room had two twin sized beds and a comfortable and spacious bathroom made for people just coming out of surgery. I had been so tired from just drinking Clear Liquids and knocked out right away.
    The next day we were again picked up and taken to the hospital with the other couples (as a side note, I am on this journey alone by choice) once we arrived at the hospital we were taken up to our floor by our driver Abraham.
    After a few minutes wait and getting to know the incredibly sweet people there to have their surgeries done, we were one by one shown our rooms. I was checked on by the staff and given something for anxiety since my heart rate was a little fast and my hands clammy and cold!
    The sweetest woman, the wife of a man getting the bypass would periodically check on me and just chat and make sure I was comfortable. It felt like she was my guardian angel!
    Finally, I was taken to the operating room and before I knew it it was all done! I had nausea and cramps and was burping up blood, which is to be expected but they gave me all the anti nausea and pain medicine I needed. I just now drank some blue stuff for the X-ray to check for leaks. Fingers are crossed there's nothing wrong with my sleeve! I will update my journey in a couple days. Its been a pleasure reading others' journeys and mine has gone smoother than expected so far but I don't want to jinx anything! I have told ONLY my best friend who hasn't been completely supportive but I quickly nipped it in the bud and she is less negative about it now.
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    lovingdavid reacted to AnaTravella in NV - Henderson \ Las Vegas   
    I just started the process and I am looking for a locals support group can you please add me to the Facebook secret group? My emails is uranamati@gmail.com. I have my first meeting with DR Hanna on Jan 28 but I am trying to learn as much as I can before I see him. Hope you're all doing well and happy holidays!
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    lovingdavid got a reaction from Madeleine Renee in Over 100 pounds down...now questioning my marriage   
    Hi have you mentioned this to your wife? I am not married but maybe being open and talking to her about it would be your first step to see if she would also consider making a change.
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    lovingdavid got a reaction from little_mrs in Video of my 1 year progress!   
    Congrats in your progress!! You look so beautiful and very happy.
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    lovingdavid reacted to winklie in Over 100 pounds down...now questioning my marriage   
    I am divorced from a miserable woman. She has deep seeded emotional issues from an alcoholic father who drank himself to death to get away from her and her mother. (what a pair).
    I'll share a nugget my therapist told me, I live by these words.
    "Is it better to take one big hurt now and get it over with, or suffer thousands of little ones before the end?"
    Just something to ponder. And I feel for you. I suffered the thousands of little hurts before I attempted to end my life to get away from her. In fact had I not known military first aid I would have bled out. "Until death do us apart" meant a great deal to me back then. Now I am more zen about life. Best of luck in working this out.
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    lovingdavid reacted to VDB in Over 100 pounds down...now questioning my marriage   
    I have been married so many decade I cannot remember a time when I was not married. I think of myself as a five year old -- and there she is! Some of the decades were tough, but the last couple have been wonderful, in our older years. I am now a much smaller guy -- have lost the equivalent of her weight, but for all those years she gave me unconditional acceptance. Sure, once in a while she would get really worried about my health, but her concern never had any strings. In return, I give her unconditional acceptance. She has a physical disability that means I handle 95% of the daily tasks of life, which she often feels guilty about but I give her the gift of acceptance.
    Works for us.
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    lovingdavid reacted to melps in Over 100 pounds down...now questioning my marriage   
    This is so hard. I have to tell you sometimes when you are fat you don't know how fat you are. Denial, I had it!
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    lovingdavid reacted to Graciesmom04 in Over 100 pounds down...now questioning my marriage   
    Without knowing her....maybe...she's depressed. You should know, as well as most of us, that when you reach that certain wt, you don't want to do anything. You just eat your comfort foods that are easy. You don't move. Don't exercise. And, if someone points out that you aren't or are doing these things, it makes it worse and you do it all even more. My spouse has never uttered a word to me about my weight, even when I'm sure I was an embarrassment to him. I was one to myself, surely I was to him.
    If she's seeing you losing weight, it's making it worse on her. You can talk til you're blue in the face. If she's depressed with self hate, it's just going to make it all worse. Not sure what the answer is, except for her to know that you love her and will love her no matter what. If she feels threatened by you changing and leaving her, then what's there for her to change? She will just give up completely. Talk to her and show her as much love as you can. Tell her you want her along on this journey with you, just like she's been with you in everything else.
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    lovingdavid reacted to daveintx in Over 100 pounds down...now questioning my marriage   
    I have lost over 100lbs and now questioning my marriage due to her weight and her not trying to go down the same path.
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    lovingdavid reacted to kranky813 in I'm overweight... holy cow I'm overweight!   
    So... I'm overweight. I am no longer obese. It's so weird. I have been obese for over half my life. To see that "overweight" BMI was sort of a shock to me. It's weird how the little things surprise me so much. Like the other day I bought a medium shirt. A freaking Medium. I always buy XL. Or how I fit more comfortably in the bathtub. Or wearing boots outside of my jeans. Or.... well there are so many. I just love life today
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    lovingdavid got a reaction from maggie409 in Before/After Pics   
    You look amazing!! Keep it up!
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    lovingdavid reacted to maggie409 in Before/After Pics   
    I reached 70 pounds lost this morning and I wanted to post a few photos for those considering WLS. I am five months post op and I had a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy in Tijuana Mexico. I used Dr Jesus Martin Lopez. He and his staff were amazing. I booked my surgery through BariatricPal and they were also wonderful. I have had no problems and I can tolerate 90% of what I eat. Every now and then I have something that doesn't agree with me. This doesn't mean I can never have it, I just wait and try later. It simply meant it wasn't time to have it yet. I attribute my lack of complications to Dr Lopez. He did an amazing job and is truly a talented surgeon.
    The surgery is simply a tool. The biggest contributing factor to success is mental. I was ready mentally and prepared to NOT make food a priority in my life. I was ready and willing to give up whatever food I needed to make this work and to give it up for the rest of my life if necessary. Temptation has been there but I have not given in and I have not cheated. I still have 60 pounds to go to reach my goal. I WILL make it because I WANT to make it and I am WILLING to put in the work and sacrifice needed to get it done.
    THIS HAS BEEN HARD! But it has been worth it. If you are considering WLS because you think it will be the easy option, please reconsider. The surgery did make it possible for me to make it half way to my goal. I could not have done it without VSG.
    So, instead of saying onward and upward... I will say onward and downward! I am determined to post more pics on the future. I think the great thing about this forum is if I do screw up and I do cheat, I know I can come here for the swift kick in the ass that I need to get me back on track

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    lovingdavid reacted to CowgirlJane in well..maybe there is hope for "real life" meeting someone   
    Ok...not going to believe this one!
    In July or August I met a guy at a dance lesson... he struck me as a nice man, pretty much had to force my phone number on him (pretext was he was interested in a horse related info I was to send him). After sharing the info didn't hear from him until he friended me on Facebook a few weeks ago. I just assumed not interested. Well today he called and asked me on a date.
    Knock me over with a feather!
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    lovingdavid got a reaction from lsubabe33 in Have you ever?   
    Hi try not to stress about it. It will happened and always remember when we females are on our cycle that will change so that can also be a factor.
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    lovingdavid reacted to SuperDave in Have you ever?   
    I weigh myself once a week, Monday morning, before I get in the shower. That's my official number. It used to drive me crazy when I weighed myself daily, since I would go up and down for seemingly no reason.
    Of course, it gets a little awkward at the doctor when I strip completely naked before stepping on the scale...
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    lovingdavid reacted to <3 Carolina Girl <3 in Have you ever?   
    I'm fighting a 5 lb swing - it's scary as hell! But I know what I'm doing wrong & when I get scared, go back to doing what's right.
    The tool is there - I have to remind myself to use it sometimes.
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    lovingdavid reacted to lsubabe33 in Have you ever?   
    Thank you ????
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    lovingdavid reacted to lsubabe33 in Have you ever?   
    Ok great. Thank you for your advice. I have a schedule that every Thursday I weigh myself when I get up. It is the time of the month to. ????
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    lovingdavid reacted to magtart in Have you ever?   
    I've been going up and down 2 lbs for a month now. It is getting tiresome, but it happens. Weight loss is not linear.
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    lovingdavid reacted to ValerieDee1975 in Have you ever?   
    Nothing! through out our day the scale will go up and down..also during our period, what you eat, etc.! I only weigh myself now when I first wake up...have had no food, hardly any clothes, etc. and that is the number I go by (tracking)...so much can make our weight fluctuate during the day...you will drive yourself crazy. So, pick ONE time to weigh and stick to it....and expect to sometimes go up a bit...it will be ok, it WILL go back down Been There Done That! lol...I am 6 months out....down about 56 lbs.