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  1. Sending you prayers for a good recovery.
  2. lovingdavid

    NV - Henderson \ Las Vegas

    @@AnaTravella I sent you the request on fb ????
  3. lovingdavid

    Video of my 1 year progress!

    Congrats in your progress!! You look so beautiful and very happy.
  4. Hi have you mentioned this to your wife? I am not married but maybe being open and talking to her about it would be your first step to see if she would also consider making a change.
  5. lovingdavid

    Before/After Pics

    You look amazing!! Keep it up!
  6. lovingdavid

    Have you ever?

    Hi try not to stress about it. It will happened and always remember when we females are on our cycle that will change so that can also be a factor.
  7. lovingdavid

    Progress so far! (Pics)

    You look great!! Keep it up ????????. Stalls are normal so don't stress to much..
  8. lovingdavid

    The view from 'down there' (a ladies room post)

    Great post lol thanks for sharing!!
  9. lovingdavid

    The fear of regain is REAL!

    I think we all decide if we want to go back and look the way we did at one time. I sure eat what I want but with moderation. I cannot over eat specially that picture with all that food lol I would feel sick! We all Know it's a tool and does help out very much! I think that people were probably not really ready in having the surgery and they just go back to the way they once were. It's like why have surgery in the first place then? I know I wouldn't want to gain the weight I've lost because I feel great and proud of myself. Everyone is different and we are not "lucky"we are just doing what we need to ???? and working our butts off. Great post!
  10. Everyone is different. I did not have to do any pre-op diet.
  11. lovingdavid

    Quick question

    Yes I chew Trident ???? no problems at all.
  12. lovingdavid

    Always Cold

    Yea you will even get more cold. I am 1 year and 4 months today and it's something that I don't like ???? it's been to cold for me.. I live in Las Vegas and this summer was great for me.. Lol
  13. lovingdavid

    Two Year Post Opp Upda

    Great post!! Thank you for sharing.
  14. Yes am just very cold now. I don't have the extra weight so am noticing it now. I am 36 yrs old and I did not wear gloves and scarfs before but last night I had to ????. I am sure missing my capris and sandals. But yes I need to buy more winter clothes.
  15. Love shopping for smaller clothes but am hating the cold lol
  16. lovingdavid

    Can we ever have cake?

    Hi I never had issues with food but if I crave something sweet I will have it. We can eat whatever we want just with moderation.
  17. lovingdavid

    My new life begins tomorrow!

    Wishing you the best tomorrow. Good luck and remember to walk walk ????.
  18. lovingdavid

    I'm 3 wks post-op and had a beer

    Sorry to hear you experience this but then again it was your choice to drink it or not. Next time just get water and it's way to early to drink alcohol. Hopefully you are not feeling sick anymore.
  19. lovingdavid


    HW and SW: 252 lbs CW: 156 lbs surgery date: July 16, 2014 Still want to lose 30 more pounds
  20. lovingdavid

    well..maybe there is hope for "real life" meeting someone

    Sounds good to me if you ever write a book please let us know. I been single for a little more than a year. I was in a 8 year relationship but now I am thinking of dating but really not in a rush ????. It would be nice to just go out with someone and enjoy a nice dinner or maybe IKEA lol j/k. Overall if it happens it happens but my main concern right now is myself during this journey.
  21. lovingdavid

    Who's still around?

    Thanks for sharing your post!! I always enjoy reading from individuals that have several years out of surgery. You are doing great! I will have 1 year w/ 5months on Monday. Thankfully everything is going well with me. I enjoy reading that you share your clothes with your daughter ????.
  22. lovingdavid

    well..maybe there is hope for "real life" meeting someone

    Well at least you went on a date ???? it's always nice going out and enjoying a nice evening and dinner.
  23. lovingdavid

    well..maybe there is hope for "real life" meeting someone

    Well what an ass best thing is that you found out during the first date. Better knowing before than going out with him again. Like I always say "everything happens for a reason".