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    Christina44 got a reaction from Sreeves in Day 4 Post Op Need Your Advice on the Nitty Gritty Please?   
    My surgeon said it was dehydration. That your tongue is one of the first signs of dehydration. When I was able I upped my Water intake and it went away...now when I don't pay as close attention and get behind on my water I get the same thing. Good luck guys!
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    Christina44 reacted to aelovelady in Coworkers talking.. "she had something done"   
    You should tell them it is none of their business and talk with your supervisor. They have no right, legally to answer any question about you. It is information covered by the Privacy Act!
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    Christina44 reacted to Delirosie in Entering week 4   
    Cream of Spinach
    Take some onions.. and sauté them a little bit of butter.. like 1/2 teaspoon..then throw in some baby spinach..if it gets a bit dry.. then add some chicken stock.. then add some salt and pepper.. A tablespoon of low fat or ff ricotta.. and less than 1/4 shredded low fat mozzarella cheese.. once it is all wilted and cooked.. then put in a processor.. and it because a creamed spinach.. nice side dish..
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    Christina44 reacted to Annicat in "Can't tolarade protein shakes"   
    I drink 2 premade Premier Protein drinks a day that I get at Sam's club. Ther is 30 grams of proteinin each 11 oz drink. The chocolate ones taste very similar to Yahoo chocolate drinks. They are a little pricey but since I eat so little I can afford them and they are obviously doing the trick. I am 7 months out and do not like the powder Protein at all. My doc told meat my 6 month check that my protein level was excellent and to keep doing what I am doing, so perhaps you could tolerate them. I drink them slowly, I never just drink anything striaght down.
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    Christina44 reacted to Beni in "Can't tolarade protein shakes"   
    I can't tolerate Protein shakes either. Even before surgery a shake would send me to the bathroom in a hurry. I did drink small amounts at a time in the first 2 weeks post surgery because There was very little I could eat. A couple tablespoons at a time.
    Next, I ate hardboiled eggs and tuna mixed with low fat maio mixed to the point of it being a cream.
    Now I eat anything protein/vegetable/fruit but chew very well and there is not a thing I can't tolerate. However, I must say it took a while for me to understand I had to take a bite the size of a chickpea and chew very well and then wait at least 30 seconds before taking the next bite. If you do that I am sure you can eat anything. Most people are not patient enough to eat such small bites and spread their meal over 20 to 25 minutes, myself included but I have to. It took a long time (3 months) for my stubborn self to get with the program.
    It is also key not to overeat because that's were the nausea and foamies come in. Because going slow allows enough time for your stomach to talk to your brain I get sick less and less. Now it's once every couple weeks and it is always because I ate too fast.
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    Christina44 reacted to anniesebring in Anyone else get stuck with a catheter? Ugh!   
    It shouldn't smell, your doctor needs to check your urine to be sure you don't have a CAUTI (catheter associated urinary tract infection). You may need them to prescribe an antibiotic.
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    Christina44 reacted to micmt in Anyone else get stuck with a catheter? Ugh!   
    I had the same issue but just had an in/out cath the first time. After that I was able I urinate on my own. But I have had a full cath before for 10 days. I never noticed a smell. My first thought with your situation is keep your bag empty and clean. Stale urine stinks bad.
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    Christina44 reacted to chrissybug in Day 4 Post Op Questions I need your Wisdom on the Nitty Gritty!   
    I had dizzies too. Dehydrated and doing too much. I'm 10 days out and still have hairy tongue. Lol. I can relate!!!!
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    Christina44 reacted to mickally in Day 4 Post Op Questions I need your Wisdom on the Nitty Gritty!   
    Being dizzy could be dehydration so make sure you get plenty of Fluid. My doctor said getting fluid should be the only thing to worry about the first week he said not to really worry about the Protein. I second the Premier Protein from costco premixed. I also use ungury chicken broth in place of Water in my Soups, really saved me when I can't tolerate the sweet protein. If you do use ungury make sure you blend it exactly like the package says then heat it up its the only way it works. You can always just sip on the broth as well.
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    Christina44 reacted to kat77 in Day 4 Post Op Questions I need your Wisdom on the Nitty Gritty!   
    I love the nutribullet and I always get vanilla flavored because I was never able to Mix the plain into anything that tasted good. It always has a taste even if it says I'm flavored. so I always use the vanilla flavored so that I can mix and a banana or some strawberries or some other fruit with my Protein. With the Neutra bullet I even mix vegetables and that I wouldn't be able to eat otherwise flaxseeds chard, Maquet powder, spinach, pineapple, lots of fibrous vegetables that our body needs that we can't eat anymore. I've always wanted to try the costco brand stuff too. As for the dizziness make sure you're hydrated and getting enough protein and calories. I've been hospitalized several times for dehydration so make sure you sip sip sip.
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    Christina44 reacted to CaliGirl1216 in Day 4 Post Op Questions I need your Wisdom on the Nitty Gritty!   
    Maybe you need to shake up the Protein Drink a little better. I got dizziness too, right around the stage you are at (4 days) and was told it was because I was dehydrated and not drinking enough Water. Don't know what the hairy tongue thing is, but you could try mixing Protein in with crystal light. I like the Premier Protein drinks from costco, they are already blended up with whey protein. 30 grams of protein and only 160 calories and 1 gram of sugar. They are delicious so I don't even mess around with powders. Good luck, stick with it. It is so worth it!
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    Christina44 reacted to CountryGirl5584 in Anyone else dream about food? Preop liquid diet day 9   
    I am on my last day of the liquid diet. Surgery is tomorrow. I would watch people at work eat lunch and wonder if that really tastes as good as it looks. I would also imagine how good it must taste, but I pushed through and haven't cheated. I am actually proud of myself for getting through the pre-op diet. I'm down 13.5lbs
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    Christina44 reacted to Hhull0814 in Anyone else dream about food? Preop liquid diet day 9   
    Day 7 of 10 pre op diet , I hate it . Although my diet is not strictly liquid it is very strict like 10 items , I am hangry all the time . Never thought I'd be stuffed and still want food sooooo badly. Tonight it's cheese cheesey gooey cheese and garlic bread . Just 3 more days and food will be the farthest thing from my mind right ?
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    Christina44 reacted to kcadoret in Anyone else dream about food? Preop liquid diet day 9   
    I use to have dreams like that as a teenager when doing fasting blood tests. It'd often be something like chewing a red pepper and freak out because some of the liquid may have been absorbed already.
    The liquid pre-op diet is the stage I'm most fearful of. I hope it's not difficult in my dreams as well!
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    Christina44 reacted to anaxila in Anyone else dream about food? Preop liquid diet day 9   
    I had two food dreams the first week after surgery. One was about a pizza Hut sausage-and-extra-cheese stuffed crust pizza, and the other was about a big gooey cheeseburger from the restaurant near our house. No subtext at all, no surgery thoughts or concerns while dreaming, just luxuriating in the juicy fatty meaty carby goodness.
    Last week I had another pizza dream, but this time I was aware that I was post-surgery and was wrestling with the pizza urge something fierce. I still caved in and ate the dream pizza, but I still think this version counts as progress.
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    Christina44 reacted to Shortierock in Anyone else dream about food? Preop liquid diet day 9   
    Thank you !!!
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    Christina44 reacted to highdesertblue in Anyone else dream about food? Preop liquid diet day 9   
    Thanks for sharing your dream. I don't have surgery for another four weeks, but sometimes have a dream that I ate something I shouldn't have. I think I am afraid of regaining the weight!
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    Christina44 reacted to CountryGirl5584 in February   
    Surgery tomorrow!!
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    Christina44 reacted to tissiegirl in February   
    Actually Roxanne I go for my surgery tomorrow morning. Later today I'm getting last minute stuff and packing later. I'm am freaking out totally.....today is clear liquid all day and Magnesium Citrate at 5 pm. I'm on BP meds the Dr told me to take them tonight.
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    Christina44 reacted to shannon73 in February   
    Just got home from the hospital. The nausea was terrible yesterday and this morning but the pain isn't too bad. So happy to be home.
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    Christina44 reacted to Shrinkingmom in venting -- emotional rollar coaster   
    I wish I had done this earlier than 36 but I use to think it was the "easy way" and I should be able to do it on my own. After I had uterine cancer, HTN, and severe sleep apnea, (all caused by my obesity) I decided I would try the "easy way". I am now 2 1/2 years out and I hope that I am conveying this with the caring and non-judgmental attitude that I feel. Everyone who tells you "you can eat all the same things just less of them" and "your body won't let you binge eat or overeat" are telling you the truth relating to about the first year. After the "honeymoon phase", which is that first year, it all gets just as hard as it use to be but now you have a tool to help out. You start wanting to go back to all those old habits, you can eat more at a time, you learn you can eat more often and maintennace of that weight loss is hard just like it was before.
    I am not telling you this to discourage you or to scare you but to prepare you. At first, you don't want to eat and you can only eat a very small portion and no matter what you eat the weight just falls off. As you get further out and closer to goal, all that slows down and it becomes work. That is why, during that first year, you need to work on yourself, learn to eat healthy, leave out the foods that are bad for you except for a VERY rare treat, start exercising and build that lean muscle to burn those calories. I did this to get healthy, not to lose weight. My brother and sister in law had bypass 10 years ago but never learned about health or changed their habits and have now gained the weight back and are in worse shape than they were. You can say all day long that you will never gain it back but I know that unless my brain has been changed and my habits, it will all come back on eventually and that terrifies me. I have learned to love healthy food, love exercise, and love me. I still struggle with keeping off about 10 pounds that wants to come and go but I have maintained my goal wt with a lot of work and discipline. I know that this is a lifelong process and I would do it all again tomorrow!
    Just make sure you are doing this for your health and not to lose weight. It will make a huge difference in your success. Good luck and I know you will do what is best for you and your family!
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    Christina44 reacted to xmaleengyx in Scared   
    I'm 4days out and I'm still on liquids and broths. I can't handle more than 2 ounces at a time. I do wish I could chew something solid but I know I cant. Next week is my post op appointment. I'll be doing soft liquids or possibly pureed foods. I wonder be able to eat solids until after my 3rd week out.
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    Christina44 reacted to Peace Love & Sleeve in Scared   
    Went for my 1st preop appt today and after 9 days I've lost 15lbs!
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    Christina44 reacted to BLERDgirl in Scared   
    My doctor has a specific protocol; 2 weeks full liquids, 2 weeks purees, 2 weeks soft foods, then everything as tolerated. I had no issues with any foods I tried. I think the 2 weeks full liquids provided sufficient time for things to heal so eating was never painful or uncomfortable for me. I've tolerated everything I've tried. I've been a very compliant patient and just had an easy time of it.
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    Christina44 reacted to DeyArm in Scared   
    I really did not have any pain at all. It will feel like you did 100 sit-ups at the gym. A couple of your incisions may give very little discomfort. It was annoying to get up because of everything they had to disconnect every two hours for you to walk. I had a morphine pump that i could use anytime i felt pain, and never needed it. Bring a pillow for the ride home, it helps with the bumps. I also wore sweatpants so that they didn't rub against the incisions. I had no trouble putting on my shirts or shoes. Bring slippers in case you have to share a bathroom, that way you don't have dirty socks. Your nurses will be very attentive, so don't worry

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