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  1. hit my first 100 lbs down mark this last week and I am just so happy and excited to be starting the next 100 off!!!!

  2. Rach8610

    Valentines Day Challenge!

    Hello!!! I think there are two challenges going but I dont care...lol im excited... 332 today!!! whoot whoot I can see myself out of the 330's really soon!!!!
  3. I am so close to closing out the 300's I am just so excited to see what this month brings!!!!

    1. chelly12A


      Go rach, I am so happy for you.

  4. Rach8610

    Valentine's Challenge

    today's weight is 332!!! yea!!! I am getting so close to closing out the 330's!!! I am overly excited!!!!
  5. Rach8610

    Valentine Day Challenge?

    Ok so I lost that weight from that weird gain...i am back down to 337!!! I am in my 2nd week of my full body work out!
  6. Rach8610

    Valentine Days Challange

    well my first week of working out did me some good!!! I am currently 337 so I lost what ever that crazy gain was!!!!
  7. Rach8610

    Valentine Days Challange

    well my first week of working out did me some good!!! I am currently 337 so I lost what ever that crazy gain was!!!!
  8. Rach8610

    Help me!

    This happens to a lot of people specially when they lose very quickly because you have not had time to adjust and learn from old mistakes. You can do the 5daypouchtest to get you back on track www.5daypouchtest.com and then you need to get really mentally in tune and listen to your body. don't eat when you are not hungry and do not wait until you are full to stop...do not eat fatty junk foods..just tell yourself I don't eat that ...don't say I cant eat that....denying yourself will just make you want it more...just be resolved and say, I do NOT eat that .... Drink your Water, and I think after the 5 day pouch test you will be back to the basics and you will have found your groove again. You went though too much to let this happen....Dont wait to start, start now right this minute right this second regardless of what you already ate today. Good luck and I hope you find it in yourself to want to finish the game.
  9. Hey all if you want Alex to bring out chat room back go here:

  10. Rach8610

    No more Chat Rooms ?

    I have met some very wonderful people here in the chat room and it had some great busy days and not so busy days...I myself work during the day so I would stay logged in for long periods of time and I saw a lot of in and out traffic.... I would really like to have this chat room back, it is what set this site apart from other weight loss sites....no one else has an interactive live chat room.... BRING IT BACK!!!
  11. Rach8610

    Valentine Days Challange

    Monday I am up today but that was to be expected with the new work outs and monthly visitor...sad to say this is my first gain since my surgery and I expect it to be temporary. 341 OUCH!
  12. I cant believe its been almost 4 months since my sleeve surgery on 9/17!!!! I feel fantastic and I just am settling into my new life. Lots of changes... I have not yet tried to eat bread or Pasta and I am not sure when I will even attempt it. I have had a few bites of corn tortilla and corn chips. I have tried some potato chips...the magic number is 10 chips. I have not eaten anything crazy, but I have tried to eat baked french fries, but usually the magic number is 5.... I eat a lot of greek yogurt...my fav is dannon light and fit..its only 7 or less grams of sugar and 12 plus grams of protein. I like baked chicken and cottage cheese and I try to drink one Protein shake with spinach and blueberries a day. I have been hitting my Protein goal of 105 grams almost daily and only fall short on the weekend. its ironic the weekends used to be when I would gain weight for he week and now I almost all but forget to eat! I am feeling much more energetic now and I love to try on my clothes that never fit before. I would like to see some more weight loss and I know I need to work on working out. For the most part, I am feeling GREAT!!!!
  13. Rach8610

    Valentine's Challenge

    I would like to be added to this challenge...my weigh in today is 337 my goal weight will be 299 I know that is a lot to lose and I will push myself to the limit on this one!
  14. Rach8610

    Holiday Challenge!

    I ended this holiday challenge at 337!!! Just a 5 lbs shy of my goal but feeling great!!!! I am shooting for 5 lbs loss by the end of this week and hoping to see it!!! Thanks everyone!!! When is the next challenge?????

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