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    blondiebabs got a reaction from Alex Brecher in Blogs/Video Diaries   
    @@joatsaint I was going to suggest Clusie as well. Her vids are great.
    @@samantha1458 there are so many other great vloggers on youtube, just search "VSG" or "Sleeve", "Weight Loss Surgery" "WLS" etc, and you will find plenty of people of all age ranges, some just starting their journey, and I really love some who've vlogged their journey for years.
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    blondiebabs got a reaction from Tracytma in Back to work blues   
    I like those flavored salmon packets, I find them where I find the tuna, as well as tuna salad, chicken salad, or light thin sliced deli meat with a laughing cow wedge. I eat them all with a portion (5) of whole wheat crackers (crackers were approved by my nut). I also pack snack things like the light baby bell cheese, no sugar added fruit cups, boiled eggs, greek yogurt, cottage cheese with sugar free jelly, hummus, Protein drinks/bars, low fat Jerky.
    Good luck going back to work! I went back at 4 weeks and was still feeling extra fatigued and was not ready to go back mentally at all. I deal with chronic fatigue anyways though so it wasn't anything new. =) But it didn't take me long to get back into the groove of things. You will do great!
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    blondiebabs got a reaction from VSGAnn2014 in Feeling like my "partner" doesnt get it   
    That is kind of like when I had to have heart surgery and quit smoking my X-husband would not quit smoking around me, and would even fire up in the vehicle right next to me and get po'd if I'd roll the window down. Unfortunately some people do not know what it means to have a little compassion and to be supportive. He could eat his junk and keep it out of your face.
    As far as cooking dinner it should not be expected of you, especially if you work and help support the home financially too. I'm assuming in your vows you did not say that you swear to be his mother for the rest of your life.
    Good luck, I hope that he comes around, keep your chin up and being strong and doing what is good for you! =) Try to find a way to make his lack of empathy give you strength and determination to carry on.
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    blondiebabs got a reaction from Jillzzy in Carbs, PCOS and VSG   
    I haven't talked to the nutritionist about it yet, but when I do I'll let you know what they say. I have PCOS and carbs are my enemy and I consume as little carbs as possible usually. I haven't bought a loaf of bread in probably 3 years. My Dr put me on metformin for my PCOS and I found that the medication hates carbs more than my body does, so it wasn't hard to give it up to not deal with the side effects.
    I have found if I follow the LOW GI list of good carbs that I get more of an advantage out of those, and my body actually uses them instead of stores or rejects them, if I eat them in moderation obviously.
    I'd like to see if anyone has some numbers though, it'd be good info. =D
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    blondiebabs got a reaction from MyssJones in Can we talk blenders?   
    @@geelynn one of my favorite sweet treats with it is making soft serve with some frozen fruit, like strawberries with a spoon of unsweetened cocoa baking powder, almond milk and stevia... hits the spot! =D That's awesome you love it!
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    blondiebabs got a reaction from MyssJones in Can we talk blenders?   
    The short one is the "under the cabinet" version. I suggest no matter what model you end up with, just make sure to get the variable speed models. =)
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    blondiebabs reacted to emalou47 in Back to work blues   
    Thanks I am in bed for 9pm and with working in a busy office with client interaction I couldn't take a nap even if I wanted to. I will try everyone's ideas though
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    blondiebabs reacted to Bluesea71 in Read this before you whine about repetitive posts from newcomers   
    I typically avoid the posts on this website where people are ranting at each other. I feel like handing out a virtual cupcake to everyone and saying, "can't we all just get along?"
    Seriously people, the awesome thing about an online forum is you get to pick and choose what you read and engage in. This is the main reason why I prefer this over attending the support groups at my local barriatric center. I can't control who attends those meetings and then I'm stuck with them for an entire hour.
    I sign on to Barriatric Pal daily. Why? Because I know staying connected is one of the best things I can do to insure I am successful in this journey. Time and time again I read posts from people who have strayed from the site, gone off track, gained weight and come back for support. I come on this website and read these posts daily. IT'S MY CHOICE. I will be a year out from surgery on April 16, 2014. Yes, sometimes it is annoying to read the same posts over and over again about stalls, Hair loss, loose skin, food intake and Vitamins. Guess what? One short year ago I was the newbie starting on this journey anxious whether I would succeed or not. I was full of questions and eager to reach out to others as nobody in my "real" world had weight loss surgery.
    I work with a lot of people in 12 step recovery programs in my profession. Bill Wilson, one of the founders of AA, early on grew frustrated when he reached out to fellow alcoholics to help them, but often those men he tried to help went on to drink. He felt like giving up and one night his wife Lois, reminded him that HE was no longer going out and getting drunk. The act of giving back to others helped maintain his own sobriety. I remind myself of this. I choose to give back and help newbies on this site to help myself. I read your posts and it reminds me of information I learned long ago and "forgot". It helps me stay on track. If a post annoys me, I can choose to ignore it.
    I help you to help me.
    I'm going to eat a real cupcake now.
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    blondiebabs reacted to LipstickLady in It's so WEIRD not looking fat.   
    My surgery was almost two years ago and I've been "at goal" for over a year. I am still amazed when I see pictures of myself not fat.
    The kid in this picture is a size 2. I am not. Ha!

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    blondiebabs got a reaction from JLMET in Nervous - Does Anyone Else Feel This Way   
    I had my surgery in Feb and had similar fears, but luckily I'm losing. You will do great! =D
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    blondiebabs reacted to CanyonBaby in Skorts! Who knew?   
    I just posted about this on my "Sizes and more Sizes", but just wanted to let all the gals in on this wonder of wonders! I have such difficulty finding appropriate summer clothes for someone my age and size, and I'm not alone, I know! I just received an amazing item I ordered off of QVC.com, from the Women With Control line, their skort! I haven't seen skorts since I was a kid! This is a heavier knit skort (a skirt with a short built in), and it has a control top!!! It is a swingy skirt, and it comes in several colors AND in petite sizes as well as regular. I ordered both regular and petite to see which would work for me, and BOTH do!! I washed them, no shrinking evident. This is quite a find for me, because I'm still on the fence about shorts, and I like to have something cooler to wear. So have fun with it girls...if you need more info on the product, just ask on this post and I will get it for you!
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    blondiebabs reacted to ShellMilliner in Can't tell if I'm still a big sack of crap, or have legitimate asthma   
    Ah, okay. I know my surgeon Dr. Jawad has an office in Ocala as well as Orlando, that's why I asked.
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    blondiebabs got a reaction from ShellMilliner in Can't tell if I'm still a big sack of crap, or have legitimate asthma   
    @ShellMilliner I'm in Florida too, it's miserable for those of us who suffer from allergies here right now. My car is blue and I walk outside and it's covered in a thick blanket of yellow in just a few hours after washing it.
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    blondiebabs reacted to chunkyloverlovesyou in Can't tell if I'm still a big sack of crap, or have legitimate asthma   
    yeah i am in colorado and pollen is crazy, probably has something to do with it
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    blondiebabs got a reaction from FinallyFit50s in Sex talk warning   
    Awesome!! About the feeling better and stuff. Sorry about the relationship. You can always invest in a rabbit vibe to get you through till the next worthy bell ringer comes along.
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    blondiebabs reacted to Alex Brecher in Fast Food: What to Eat When the Unthinkable Happens   
    You are absolutely determined to lose your extra weight for good. You get weight loss surgery and are 100 percent committed to your high-protein, low-calorie weight loss surgery diet. You clear the junk from your kitchen and stock up on healthy foods. And, of course, you vow never to eat fast food again.
    That may work for a while, but sooner or later, you’re going to find yourself at a fast food restaurant. It may be because your friends or family insist on going. Or, it could be your only option at a time when you’ve forgotten to prepare a healthy meal, or you’re running late in the morning before work or in the evening after work.

    Don’t panic. Wherever you are, you can find a healthy meal that has some Protein and won’t make you gain weight. Just stay calm so you can make a good choice. Here are some suggestions for the top six fast food restaurants in the U.S.
    1. McDonald’s
    Some people may blame it for America’s obesity epidemic, but the country’s top hamburger restaurant actually offers some choices you can live with. Skip bacon, fries, sauces and dressings, anything with double or triple the meat, and anything labeled “crispy.” You can always get away with ordering a burger or sandwich without the bun or bread, or eating just the filling from a snack wrap.
    The following are good bets.
    An egg white delight muffin, with or without the English muffin, for Breakfast.< /span>
    A fruit ‘n’ Yogurt Parfait without the granola topping or oatmeal with apples and without cream, for breakfast.
    A grilled sweet chicken chili or Southwest chicken snack wrap without ranch sauce and without the tortilla.
    A grilled chicken sandwich, hamburger, or cheeseburger without the bun or bread.
    A salad with grilled chicken.
    Apple slices or a tangerine on the side.

    2. Subway
    Subway can live up to its reputation of being a weight loss-friendly restaurant, but not all menu items are good choices for your weight loss surgery diet. Watch out for their breads – none are whole grain – and skip the pizza. Also, beware of fatty fillings like seafood and tuna salad and meatballs. Of course, stay away from sides and Desserts like chips and Cookies.
    The following are good bets.
    Egg white and ham on flatbread (or just eat the filling without the bread) for breakfast.
    Salads with lean Proteins like black forest ham, oven roasted chicken breast, turkey breast, a veggie patty, steak, or ham.
    Apple slices and Water to go with your meal.
    Tons veggies to make your sandwich more filling and nutritious but still low-calorie.
    Mustard, balsamic vinaigrette, or a fat-free sauce.

    3. Starbucks
    Don’t blow your diet on beverages. If you’re not careful, you could get 600 calories and 80 grams of carbohydrates from a single drink at Starbucks. And the baked goods? Best not to even look at them, unless you want to risk dumping syndrome. Still, you can get away with a Starbucks drink or meal that you don’t need to be embarrassed to tell your surgeon about.
    The following are good bets.
    Decaffeinated coffee or tea without milk or whipped cream. Use almond milk and sugar-free Syrup if you want to jazz up your beverage.
    Spinach and feta breakfast wrap, egg and cheddar breakfast sandwich, or reduced-fat turkey bacon breakfast sandwich without the tortilla or bread.
    Fresh fruit.
    Chicken and hummus bistro box.

    4. Wendys
    Like McDonald’s, Wendy’s is another hamburger restaurant that can really do some damage if you’re not careful – but you can get away with a high-protein, low-calorie meal if you do your homework first. Stick to “Jr.” sized burgers and skip the fries, chicken nuggets, fried chicken, and bacon.
    The following are good bets.
    Salads with grilled chicken and without high-calorie dressings or toppings.
    Jr. burgers and cheeseburgers and grilled chicken sandwiches and wraps without the bun or bread and with mustard instead of a fatty or sugary sauce or dressing.
    A side salad and apple slices.
    Unsweetened iced tea.

    5. Burger King
    What can we say? Americans like their hamburgers. Burger King is the third hamburger restaurant that ranks in the top five fast food chains in the U.S. You know the drill. Skip the bacon, fries, onion rings, double and triple burgers, and crispy chicken, and don’t even think about sundaes, shakes or pies – unless you want to feel sick from the sugar. There are plenty of options for high-protein meals as long as you skip the bun.
    The following are good bets.
    Maple flavored oatmeal with apple slices for breakfast.
    Ham, egg, and cheese biscuit without the biscuit for breakfast.
    Yumbo hot ham and cheese sandwich without the hoagie bun and with mustard instead of mayo.< /span>
    Tendergrill chicken sandwich, veggie burger, or Whopper Jr. without a bun or mayo.
    Side salad.
    Chicken, apple, and cranberry salad without the cranberries, or chicken Caesar salad without the croutons.

    6. Taco Bell
    As with the other restaurants, you can get in big trouble at Taco Bell, or you can get a good meal. Stick to the smaller menu items and choose from the Fresco menu to get items under 350 calories. Taco Bell offers plenty of high-protein menu items, but you’re better off skipping the tortillas, taco shells, and tortilla chips.
    The following are good bets.
    A.M. Grilled Taco or Crunchwrap without the burrito or taco shell, if you must get breakfast at Taco Bell.
    Chicken taco or burrito without the tortilla or taco shell.
    Salsa, pico de gallo, hot sauce, red sauce, or pizza sauce.
    Fresco grilled steak or chicken soft taco.
    Fiesta taco salad with chicken or steak and without rice – don’t eat the shell.

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    blondiebabs got a reaction from FinallyFit50s in Sex talk warning   
    Awesome!! About the feeling better and stuff. Sorry about the relationship. You can always invest in a rabbit vibe to get you through till the next worthy bell ringer comes along.
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    blondiebabs reacted to Alex Brecher in “The Biggest Loser:” Irresponsible Weight Loss Surgery Comments?   
    If you’re a weight loss surgery patient or patient-to-be, you’d better grow a thick skin if you haven’t already. Your thick skin will help shield you from negative reactions to bariatric surgery. People are not afraid to make personal and hurtful comments about this surgery, even they often have no idea about the facts.

    One of the barriers to getting weight loss surgery is the fear of telling others about it. People are quick to make you feel ashamed about your choice. They accuse you of cheating or of making a dangerous decision.
    But it’s not just uninformed people who can make you feel bad. What about the media, which you trust to get its facts straight, and which influences millions of Americans’ beliefs and opinions? Sadly, the media spreads its share of misinformation about weight loss surgery.
    One striking example occurred on the final episode of this season of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser.” For the record, this was not the first time this show publicly aired negative comments about weight loss surgery. On this occasion, Dr. Robert Huizenga clearly stated that weight loss surgery is an unhealthy choice. The implication was that it is a mistake in all cases, and far inferior to the weight loss methods used by “The Biggest Loser” contestants.
    There was no mention of the fact that the weight loss methods used by the contestants are the exact same as the most effective weight loss methods used by weight loss surgery patients. That is, both use a low-calorie diet that dramatically reduces junk foods, and both encourage physical activity. The problem with weight loss surgery? Dr. Huizenga did not explain. Viewers can only guess at the horrors he was thinking of.
    I’m certainly not the only one to notice such snubs on national television. The BariatricPal community had a thing or two to say about this particular episode of “The Biggest Loser,” and I invite you to check out the comments and add to the discussion if you haven’t already.
    The Biggest Loser
    Nobody’s dream in life is to get weight loss surgery. Unfortunately, nobody’s dream in life is to struggle with obesity, but many of us do. What options do we have? Those of us who have chosen weight loss surgery chose it because we exhausted our other options. Those options – regular diets – just didn’t work for us.
    So, what would Dr. Huizenga have recommended in my case? A 16-week stay at the Biggest Loser Ranch, just like the contestants who made it to the season finale? Full dietary, medical, and physical activity support, just like the contestants? Sure, I would have been happy to try that option. Unfortunately, it costs about $3,000 per week to stay at the resort. That’s a value of $48,000, not including the longer-term support contestants receive.
    Could I have lost the weight without surgery if I had had $48,000 to spend and the promise of lifetime support? I don’t know. What I do know is I did not have the chance to try. I did, however, have the chance to get weight loss surgery, and I made the most of it.
    Don’t get me wrong. I really respect what I see on television of the Biggest Loser trainers and health staff that I see on television. Dr. Huizenga seems genuinely distressed about contestants’ poor health at the beginning of the show, and just as genuinely satisfied about their improved prognoses by the end. This season, trainer Jen’s tears were representative of the sincere stake the trainers have in the contestants’ lives. And, like many in America, I’d be on the first plane to Los Angeles if Bob or Dolvett offered to train me. But I do wish they did not feel the need to bash weight loss surgery without explanation.
    The Truth of the Matter
    Even if you have the choice between losing weight the Biggest Loser way or through weight loss surgery, which is better? There’s no question that you need to decide for yourself, but let’s take a look at each of these weight loss methods.
    Losing weight Biggest Loser style means spending hours a day in the gym. The show doesn’t air nearly as much material on food as it does on exercise, although terrible eating habits got contestants to where they were, and good nutrition is clearly a part of their new lifestyles. It seems doubtful that Biggest Loser contestants can continue to exercise so many hours per day for the rest of their lives after the show, and I am certain that many other individuals just do not have this kind of time.
    Weight loss surgery is…well…surgery. It involves going under the knife and changing something about your insides. There are inherent risks that are unavoidable when you undergo weight loss surgery. Aside from that, bariatric surgery requires a controlled, high-protein, nutritious diet, and exercise is recommended. Many patients can average about 100 pounds, or a respectable and reasonable 2 pounds per week, during their first year after surgery.
    How do the results of losing weight Biggest Loser style versus with bariatric surgery? Initial weight loss seems comparable, according to a study discussed in US News and World Reports. But the study found Biggest Loser contestants ending up with a lower metabolic rate – making them potentially more likely to regain their weight. Granted, this study did not follow participants long-term, so we do not know what will happen in 10 or 20 years. What does seem clear, though, is that it is not yet justifiable for the “Biggest Loser” to state matter-of-factly that all weight loss surgery is bad.
    Why Does It Matter?
    Does it really matter what a reality television show says in passing about weight loss surgery? I believe it does. For one thing, the country already has a culture that largely views bariatric surgery negatively. We don’t need to increase the negative feelings with these vague statements proclaiming that the show helps contestants lose weight the “right” way, and other methods of weight loss are “wrong.”
    Second, the show has millions of loyal viewers, including many who may be eligible for weight loss surgery. In my opinion, the show is doing them a disservice by stating unequivocally that bariatric surgery is a bad option. For some of these viewers, bariatric surgery may be the only option that would allow them to lose the weight that has plagued them their entire lives.
    I don’t know what the solution is to this problem of negativity towards weight loss surgery and weight loss surgery patients. Education and patience come to mind – spread the word, when you can, about how weight loss surgery works and why some people get it. And, grow a thick skin. No matter where you are in your weight loss journey, you’re bound to get some negative comments about your decisions. Just know that you are doing the right thing for yourself.
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    blondiebabs reacted to Goatfarmer in Almost Surgery Time!   
    Thinking about you today. Look forward to hearing details.
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    blondiebabs got a reaction from sunflowerchild in Almost Surgery Time!   
    I check in at 5am in the morning! February 16th is the day! I'm excited and the nerves are pretty much gone, I've been so nervous and full of anxiety and now that it's here I'm like "Lets rock it out!" =) Good luck to anyone else having surgery tomorrow (2/16/15) as well!
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    blondiebabs got a reaction from sunflowerchild in Almost Surgery Time!   
    I check in at 5am in the morning! February 16th is the day! I'm excited and the nerves are pretty much gone, I've been so nervous and full of anxiety and now that it's here I'm like "Lets rock it out!" =) Good luck to anyone else having surgery tomorrow (2/16/15) as well!
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    blondiebabs got a reaction from sunflowerchild in Almost Surgery Time!   
    I check in at 5am in the morning! February 16th is the day! I'm excited and the nerves are pretty much gone, I've been so nervous and full of anxiety and now that it's here I'm like "Lets rock it out!" =) Good luck to anyone else having surgery tomorrow (2/16/15) as well!
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    blondiebabs reacted to GreenEyes604 in Almost Surgery Time!   
    Best of luck to the both of you. Just think this time tomorrow you'll be on the Losers Bench
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    blondiebabs reacted to marbelvsg in Almost Surgery Time!   
    Good luck! I'm going tomorrow too. My check in is at 11:30 and my surgery is scheduled for 1:00!
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    blondiebabs got a reaction from FinallyFit50s in Sex talk warning   
    Awesome!! About the feeling better and stuff. Sorry about the relationship. You can always invest in a rabbit vibe to get you through till the next worthy bell ringer comes along.

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