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  1. blondiebabs

    PCOS Strikes again!

    I have to take BC pills to regulate my period due to my PCOS, I've taken it for over 10 years, at the moment I take Marlissa. I don't contribute the BC to any weight gain, as long as I do what I'm supposed to I still lose weight.
  2. blondiebabs

    Back to work blues

    I get that too, fatigue isn't always a lack of sleep issue. Good luck!
  3. blondiebabs

    Back to work blues

    I mostly try to be rigorous about taking my Vitamins, Iron, B12, etc and that seems to help somewhat. I also drink a cup of warm tea in the mornings, with some stevia.
  4. blondiebabs

    Back to work blues

    I like those flavored salmon packets, I find them where I find the tuna, as well as tuna salad, chicken salad, or light thin sliced deli meat with a laughing cow wedge. I eat them all with a portion (5) of whole wheat crackers (crackers were approved by my nut). I also pack snack things like the light baby bell cheese, no sugar added fruit cups, boiled eggs, greek yogurt, cottage cheese with sugar free jelly, hummus, Protein drinks/bars, low fat Jerky. Good luck going back to work! I went back at 4 weeks and was still feeling extra fatigued and was not ready to go back mentally at all. I deal with chronic fatigue anyways though so it wasn't anything new. =) But it didn't take me long to get back into the groove of things. You will do great!
  5. blondiebabs

    Sleeping positions

    I can't sleep flat on my back, it's painful for me, so I normally sleep on my side but every time I tried it felt like my guts were falling out or something. So luckily I have a couch with recliners built in it and was able to sleep in a recliner for the first 3 weeks until I felt like I could lay on my side again. When I was finally able to lay on my side I had to spend the first couple of weeks holding one of those long round neck pillows against my abdomen while I slept and it really helped.
  6. blondiebabs

    Nervous - Does Anyone Else Feel This Way

    I had my surgery in Feb and had similar fears, but luckily I'm losing. You will do great! =D
  7. blondiebabs

    New to forum

    Welcome, and good luck! =)
  8. @ShellMilliner That is funny =) And mine was Dr. Roelant at N FL in Gainesville.
  9. @ShellMilliner I'm in Florida too, it's miserable for those of us who suffer from allergies here right now. My car is blue and I walk outside and it's covered in a thick blanket of yellow in just a few hours after washing it.
  10. I didn't realize I had asthma for years and talked to a dr about my symptoms and they were like... you have asthma. lol So anyway, since then I just take a daily inhaler and it's made my life much better. Maybe next time you are in to see your PCP talk to them. =)
  11. blondiebabs

    Needing support

    I just had mine on 2/16 and the first few weeks were a bit tough but it gets better and better. I live alone and don't have any family or friends anywhere near me, closest people I know are almost 2 hours away. So it was really rough feeling alone, and then trying to talk to my friends it really was like no one understood. I totally get it. As you go along and start to build a routine and start feeling more human again as well, it will get better. =)
  12. blondiebabs

    Required to be off birth control

    I didn't have to go off my BC except the day of surgery, but I did have a visit with my GYN about 2 weeks before my surgery and she had to give me a spiel about how BC greatly increases the chance of blood clots after surgery and how imperative it was for me to walk and move a lot after surgery. They did keep the air things (technical term ha) on my legs to keep the clots away until I was able to get up and walk. I also take my BC for treatment of PCOS to regulate my hormones, not just to not get knocked up, so that may be part of why they let me keep taking it. I'd just ask them why, I'm sure they'd be happy to tell you. Ask for a diaphragm, or make him wrap it up, or both.
  13. I check in at 5am in the morning! February 16th is the day! I'm excited and the nerves are pretty much gone, I've been so nervous and full of anxiety and now that it's here I'm like "Lets rock it out!" =) Good luck to anyone else having surgery tomorrow (2/16/15) as well!
  14. blondiebabs

    Almost Surgery Time!

    @@marbelvsg mine is supposed to start at 8am!! I was hating that i had to get up so early at first, but now that it is here I'm glad!! HAHA GOOD LUCK! @@GreenEyes604 THANK YOU!
  15. Hopefully I'm not repeating a post that someone else has made. My nut sent us this link this evening and told us everyone that happens to be a patient at North Florida Obesity in Gainesville and participates will get a free Water bottle (contact her if you did not get the email). I'm not sure if anyone else in FL is giving perks but it'd be fun to participate anyways! From the site: http://asmbsfoundation.org/pedometer-challenge/ February 22, 2015 the FL State Chapter of the ASMBS and the ASMBS Foundation will team up to take a virtual walk across the state to raise awareness of obesity and related diseases. Help Us Reach Our Goal of 1.7 Million Steps! Join us along with healthcare providers, bariatric patients, and those affected by obesity on 2/22/2015 for a virtual walk across the state of Florida. We hope to walk from Pensacola to Key West, a distance over 820 miles! To participate, take the pledge by completing the form on this page committing to raise obesity awareness on Sunday, February 22, 2015. There is no fee to participate. Track your steps on 2/22 with a pedometer and submit your total by the end of the day. Once you submit your pledge you will receive an email with more information and instructions. If you don’t already own a pedometer you can purchase one from a local retail store, or pick one up for free from our listed participating programs below. Most smart phones also have apps to track your steps. The total number of steps taken on 2/22 will be announced on Monday the 23rd. Helpful Tips: Wear your pedometer ALL DAY! Track your steps throughout the day, while shopping, cleaning, going to church, etc. Make a special trip to the gym or a local park to walk Invite friends to join you. Plan a gathering and all walk together
  16. @@Sharpie My surgery is on the 16th so I will not make it to the upcoming meeting but I should be able to make it to the next one.
  17. blondiebabs

    PCOS Question!

    I think it depends on the dr and the bc. I am allowed to take my pills right up until the day before surgery and I'm encouraged to start taking it again about a week after surgery. I would call and ask your surgery team before changing your current bc, investing in a bunch of stuff, or stopping using your bc.
  18. I have PTSD, severe anxiety and OCD... survived childhood trauma that involved multiple kinds of abuse and torture, then an abusive marriage. I started going to therapy in 2014 and go to weekly sessions and it helps me. The closer I get to surgery the more anxiety I have though. Insomnia, headaches, muscle aches. To top it all off I've been breaking out in hives nonstop since last week! I've had 5 Patches break out so far, stress and anxiety always manifests in me physically in one way or another. I've felt barely awake with the amount of benadryl I've had to take. But all in all no matter what my body puts me through I'm going through with it. I know that if I don't have anxiety about one thing I'll have it about another. =)
  19. blondiebabs

    Hospital bag.

    I'm packing a light robe so my butt doesn't hang out, extra panties for if I stay longer than a day, normal toiletries like tooth brush, deodorant, etc, chap stick, maybe my kindle, phone charger. And just wear out the same thing I wear in. I don't plan on taking a crapton of stuff. I've seen some people suggest taking a small pillow bc it helps to hold it against you on the drive home.
  20. On instant - Orange is The New Black, Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Prison Break, Lost, Z Nation, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Bones, The Tudors
  21. Hello! I tried to search and find if this subject had been addressed in the past and was unable to find anything. I'm in the beginning stages of this process, I go next Friday 6/13 for my initial seminar and will set the first appointment with the surgeon then. I do not have any family in the state where I live, and I don't have a whole lot of local friends that do not have their own family obligations. I'm curious how difficult others found it coming home from the hospital after their surgery and not having any help around the house?? I have seen lots of youtube videos where people talk about having their families help them, but no one really talks about dealing with it on their own. I have a large dog (gentle giant) that I will have to take out about 3 times a day, but besides that I wouldn't have any other things that I forsee going on. Thanks in advance for any feedback/advice.
  22. @Elizabeth21 THANKS!!! It's actually been about 7 months since I originally posted this, and I feel so much more prepared now than I did then. I have a date of Feb 16th! =D
  23. @@Pac-woman Oh my gosh!! What a cute pug!!! Funnily enough I just got home from seeing the movie Wild, and there is a part where she's trying to get up with her super heavy pack and rolling on the floor legs up and looks like an upside down turtle and I'm pretty sure I am the only one who laughed at it hysterically because it made me think of this convo!
  24. @Pac-woman I hate to laugh, but I just imagine myself looking like an overweight pug flopping around trying to move, you give a great description. I'm glad it's getting better, soon you'll be in turbo mode! =D
  25. @@Pac-woman that is a good description! haha I'm hoping you are feeling much better now =)