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  1. smiley922

    OCTOBER 2014

    I have started thinking about counseling, my self sabotage, I know I am doing it.
  2. smiley922

    OCTOBER 2014

    Hey all, I had a plastic surgery consult and am looking at doing surgery 10/15 to get rid of the excess belly skin. Woot woot Congrats on everyones successes.
  3. smiley922

    OCTOBER 2014

    Hey group, been a bit, taking care of mom in DC, wont be long now. Her friends keep bringing treats, candied pecans mmm badddd. I had someone put them on a high shelf outa reach. Finally dropped another 1.5 pounds, hadn't lost in 3 weeks. Working towards my dr's goal of 110, 8 pounds to go. I dont like how thin my face is, but realize I prolly won't stay thos thin based on statistics so try not to worry. Sometimes I think about ignoring my dr's goal, but he is the expert and he gave me the tool that got me here so...
  4. I have been partaking since 2 weeks post op. And up to two weeks before the surgery. I lost 50 pounds preop, while smoking and 50 post op, while smoking. I normally have a treat planned for my evening snack, the no sugar added fudgecicles or sugar free dark chocolate pudding, so I plan for possible munchies, most times I dont notice munchies though, depends on the strain of marijuana. Hope that helps.
  5. smiley922

    OCTOBER 2014

    Same trick works for me.
  6. smiley922

    OCTOBER 2014

    amylynns, if you get sweaty rashes under your boobs, insurance should cover, also with back problems, another reason, I had a reduction from dd to c back in 1995, insurance covered it, best part was having the dents in the shoulders go away.
  7. smiley922

    OCTOBER 2014

    100 POUNDS GONE FROM MY START OF DIET MARCH 21 2014. Can you see me doing the happy dance!
  8. smiley922

    Is it Inevitable

    I am someone who is vain about her long hair and was worried about this. I actually started losing lots of hair even before the surgery, I had lost 50 pounds preop and then the anesthesia from the preop testing, one month before surgery I was already losing handfuls in the shower. I started Biotin preop also. This only helps with new growth, it does not stop the hair from falling out that was there before surgery. I also read about hair cycles and depending on where you are in your growth cycle plays into the amount lost. So it got to the point where I dreaded showering or combing my long hair So got it cut off a few weeks back, about 4 months post op. Short pixie cut, don't notice the hair falling out near as much, I feel much better.
  9. smiley922

    OCTOBER 2014

    I am so with you, mone was so stringy, I had lost about half my hair. I cut mine off today, feel pretty good about it, glad I own some hats.
  10. smiley922

    OCTOBER 2014

    I guess they dont feel we are beginners any longer. we are old pros by this point.
  11. smiley922

    OCTOBER 2014

    Thanks guys, went to the grocery store and got some better foods, rode a bike for a bit, can't take care of her if I don't take care of myself.
  12. smiley922

    OCTOBER 2014

    Here is a funny, got pulled over by a cop today, he takes my driver's license, and checked it out and said "200 POUNDS, YOU DON'T LOOK LIKE YOU WEIGH 200 POUNDS" in a very snarky tone, almost like I was 400 saying 200, and with a big grin I responded, Yep, I have lost 79 pounds, course that was from 225, didn't need to tell him that.
  13. smiley922

    OCTOBER 2014

    @@Beni, congrats on the loss. Keep it up. I joined a gym this week, rode 4 mile the first day, then second day only 2 miles and got trained on the weight machines. Yesterday full work out, 4 miles and a full set on the weight machines. Trying to decide if I should go today or weight until tomorrow... we shall decide later, nap right now as I left for work at 4 am. Sleepy girl. Keep up the good work, and those that are struggling, it will get better, hang in there.
  14. smiley922

    Diabetes Post-Op

    Are they having you eat healthy carbs regularly?

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