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    Let's talk about EXERCISE!

    At first I re-joined my gym and started go to cycle classes. I was 320lbs at that time. Cycling was the best on my joints. Then, I started losing weight so I started running. Now I run all kinds of races. Just completed a 10K a few weekends ago. I also make sure that I strength train at least 2 days a week, to build muscle. Finding something you enjoy is key, because you'll be happy to exercise. Also, make it interesting with music or movies on your phone or iPad. Good Luck!
  2. I have extra skin in my mid section, and lost everything in my rear end. So its been tough, until I discovered Ann Taylor Loft jeans. I absolutely love them! They also have curvy fits as well.
  3. Marathongirl

    My surgery is May 11th!

    Today is your day! Hope all is going well
  4. Hey everyone. Just wanted to ask a quick question. It's been a bit over a year since I had my surgery. I have lost 143lbs and now I'm down to that last little bit. I want to lose another 20 to have my BMI be in the normal range. Im, of course, having trouble. I talked with the dietician at the docs office and she said I need to be eating 950-1000 calories. I workout quite a bit and hard. So when I told my trainer and therapist they both said that was crazy. Tell me, with exercise, how many calories do you all eat. Counting calories helps keep me in control. I already feel tired so if I lower the calories too much will i be losing more energy. HELP! Thanks.
  5. I'm over 9 months out since my surgery, and I have fallen into this slump of eating too much. The funny thing is I went to the surgeons office last Thursday, they said I am way above average for weightloss. I weigh 181, and in the end of the 18 month period I was suppose to be 194, but I have surpassed that in only nine months, but I feel so disappointed in myself. I'm feeling mildly depressed (I have Bipolar disorder), and when that happens I reach for my comfort of food. I haven't lost or gained any in 2 weeks. I just can't stay away from the Snacks. I'm eating to the point where I get sick and throw up. Anyone out there that can give me some advice on how to stay away from the snacks and quit overeating. Its causing the depression to become even worse. Please help
  6. Marathongirl

    Finishing up 2014 for our March group

    Happy New Year to you! I'm so looking forward to my year anniversary. I can't believe how quickly time has gone by. Glad you're doing well!
  7. Marathongirl

    Creeps at the gym

    Ewww that is creepy! I also hate when you're doing something and some guy comes up to show you a better way of doing something. If you're not a trainer, then don't bother because you're probably doing it wrong too buddy!
  8. Marathongirl

    Help! TMI Beware

    I had this problem in the beginning as well. I couldn't go for some time after my surgery as well. I talked to the doctor and they told me to continue with the miralax. It's really the best option for you. Beware of stimulants because that will cause you pain. Hope you get some relief soon!
  9. I have a few ideas for dinner: Stuffed peppers are awesome - ground turkey, rice and tomato sauce on the top. My nutritionist gave me the recipe. Baked chicken breast with veggies - I brush a little olive oil on the chicken, salt and pepper. Then I chop up veggies like yellow squash, zucchini, red pepper add a tablespoon or two of olive oil salt and pepper and roast them in the oven. Delish! You can also add potatoes that you zap in the microwave. You can also put shredded parmesan cheese on the veggies it is so good! Turkey burgers with veggies as a side Rice Pasta with tomato sauce These are just a few of the things that I make that my family will also eat. If you work I'm sure its tough to come home after a long day and start dinner. Maybe you could try just a few of these on the weekend at first. Let me know if I can help at all.
  10. I never thought that I would ever run again. I started out at 320 and have lost 140lbs. I can run 6 miles without stopping now! If I can do it I know you can too! Good luck on your journey
  11. Marathongirl

    Please help... I'm eating too much!

    It doesn't necessarily have anything to do with me being bipolar. I was just saying that the depression makes my eating situation even worse, then when I'm not depressed. I don't buy "bad" foods, I overeat on all the good ones. Plus, I have a nine year old daughter who packs her lunch for school, so she likes to have the same things the other kids have, but I try to put a healthier spin on it. I've lost 140 pounds with this stuff in my house over the last year, it just seems right now, I'm having so much trouble. I do use myfitnesspal to log my food, and have noticed that I can eat over 2000 calories, most of what is snack foods. Thanks Lynn for your email and shoulder to lean on. I will definitely have to email you.
  12. It's okay for you to be pregnant. There is nothing physically that will harm you or baby. The reason they don't want you to get pregnant until after 18 months is because they do not know the effect it will have on weight loss (my doctor told me this because I thought I was pregnant too early). You will still lose weight, do not worry. Enjoy your pregnancy and try to eat healthy and exercise!
  13. I will be consulting my dietician, but wanted to get a few ideas from you folks first. I'm about 8 months out and I have lost a total of 129 lbs. I have been eating 1200 calories. However, I have really upped the exercise. I run 3 times a week, 4 miles each time, and I do a strength training class 2 times a week. Is 1200 enough? Sometimes it doesn't feel like enough, but when I go over I feel so guilty. Anyone have any insight?
  14. Anyone else addicted to starbucks? I love venti iced coffees unsweetened with fat free milk, but its an extra 40 calories every time I drink one. My doctor warned me about drinks with calories, but I love them so much that sometimes I might have 2 a day. I always add it into my daily calorie count, but am still worried. Anyone have any thoughts?
  15. Marathongirl

    A question about calorie intake

    Awesome job! Exercise is definitely key to losing those inches! I was getting really hungry after runs, so I added a Protein Shake to help out and it's worked. My doc doesn't want me drinking them anymore, but oh well. I have to do what I have to do. Good luck with your continued weight loss!
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    I say go for it!
  17. Marathongirl

    A question about calorie intake

    Thank you so much for your insight! I did notice that even though I upped the calories, I still lost. I do need to up the carbs a bit for sure. You're awesome!
  18. Ran my first timed 5K today and came in first for my age group. I ran it in 32:07. I was so excited and have gotten bitten by the race bug. I have come so far!
  19. Marathongirl

    Ran my first timed 5K!

    It's totally different running on a treadmill. It's easier, and very boring. Running outside I have things to look at and I get natural inclines and declines. It's awesome for working on your endurance and the muscles in your legs. However, running on a treadmill has one advantage, whatever speed you decide on is the speed you're going until you turn it down. I have practiced that way as well when the weather is icky. I do not run in rain, snow or strong wind for sure. You'll find what is best for you. Everyone is different. Whatever way you choose its always better than the alternative of doing nothing!
  20. Marathongirl

    Ran my first timed 5K!

    I've always liked running. I ran (not like I do now) in college, and it's always been my first choice for exercise. After surgery, I started running a bit more. I would run for like a minute, then walk for 5 on the treadmill. I did that until I could run a full mile. It just takes a lot of practice. I would say run 2-3x's a week. There are also programs out there that are couch to 5K. Runkeeper, which is an app on your phone, has that same program. It helps you run a 5K in a couple of months I believe. Whatever you decide to do, just make sure you enjoy it. That is definitely the key to stick with any exercise program. Good Luck!
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    Starting at 320.... now down to 206
  22. Marathongirl

    What Are Your Trigger Foods?

    Pretzels. I could eat them at every meal! I am letting myself have them at least once a week. I just go out and buy a snack size bag, and I'm good. I thought I would miss my coke zero more, but what I really miss are my pretzels
  23. You all have started a new chapter in your lives that you are going to love. Eat healthy, follow your doctors instructions, and you are going to see some awesome results! We're all here to support!!! Good luck with everything!
  24. Marathongirl


    I remember them saying no caffeine in the beginning, but I'm 8 months out now. So... However, I was doing some research and it said that it can stimulate the appetite. I have never found this to be true for me, but I think after reading that I'm going to cut back in case that does start to happen. Thanks everyone for your advice!