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    tebowfan got a reaction from Erickah1 in Can I take Benadryl?   
    Wednesday, I will be 2 weeks out from bypass surgery. I was out walking tonight and I am not sure what got on me but I started itching and little bumps showed up. Can I have Benadryl pink pill??
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    tebowfan reacted to Inner Surfer Girl in Regain   
    My advice?
    Make an appointment with your NUT today and go back to basics.
    Are you following your program?
    Are you tracking your food?
    Are you getting in all of your Protein and fluids every day?
    Are you taking all of your Vitamins and supplements as recommended?
    Are you exercising?
    Whether you are entering a maintenance phase or still want to lose more weight, talk to your NUT about healthy strategies for reaching your goal.
    And, Embrace the Stall!
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    tebowfan reacted to Txn26 in Regain   
    What are you doing for pouch reset? I'm starting tomorrow on only Protein Drinks and liquids. I'm so aggregated that I may have ruined my pouch.
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    tebowfan reacted to Brooklynrain in Regain   
    Yes this is a tough stage. I'm at about 18 months out. I've noticed that I can eat things I couldn't eat the first year after surgery. I went back to drinking more Water, being more active and lowering my caloric intake. I go up 6 - 10 pounds and then back down when I focus. I realized I lacked planning my meals for the day and that would put me into trouble when I was out and about. My advice, lower your caloric intake, exercise, drink more Water and plan your meals. Also, try and remember to take your time when you eat and definitely don't eat and drink at the same time. Find dense Protein to eat versus softer mushy foods. I've had to do all these things to just maintain versus gain. Best wishes.
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    tebowfan got a reaction from Pinkgirl1234 in Band revised to sleeve revised to bypass! Please help   
    I also have the band as on May 7th I will be having a revision to the bypass. I don't weigh much more than you. I found out I have Barrett's esophagus and I cannot do the sleeve. I was told in most cases the bypass cures acid reflux. Anyhow, I've wrapped my head around it.
    Side note, this is my 3rd wls surgery. I had an a Molina band that didn't adjust ( first band used) It tightened up on me and I couldn't keep food down. I went from 310 to 119, size 2. I had it revised to the adjustable band on 2007. I had foot surgery and gained about 30ish lbs. this year. I had no real issues with band but I went to talk to wls surgeon anyways and found out my esophagus was turning into a stomach and that contributed to the weight gain and then found out with scope biopsy I have Barrett's, precancerous cells. The band has to come out I know I need a tool so if bypass is what I have to do so be it.
    I would love to keep on touch with both of y'all. I don't understand this site fully, but if u know how add me. . Wednesday at 7, go time
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    tebowfan got a reaction from betrthnever in Dear veterans...... Need help..... :)   
    I also had these se problems. I had a revision in May to the RNY. Best section I have ever made. I also wish I had done the RNY in the first place. Please be cautious of the throwing up and acid reflux. I now have Barrett's esophagus from having the band and will have to take medicine for the rest of my life. Not something to play with at all.
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    tebowfan reacted to stajin in Dear veterans...... Need help..... :)   
    Thank you for that, I just scheduled my next injection for my back. I want so bad to get back to exercising. The next thing is to find me a support group in the area.
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    tebowfan reacted to Sharpie in Getting started with Medicare Insurance   
    had my band at age 66, medicare and BC/BS paid 100%. I have had fills for the past 2 years and follow up appts as needed. no out of pocket. I haven't had any complications with my band but hopefully if I do I can have a revision or another surgery . I doubt I would get 80% of my stomach removed but depends on my state of health and mind at the time. I am enjoying a new lifestyle of mobility and good health. I am diabetes free, normal blood pressure and normal cholesterol levels in many years.
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    tebowfan reacted to babykins529 in Pain in my left side when I breathe   
    I am not sure what the prognosis of this was, but I started having pain in my left rib cage after I ate, or took a deep breath or laid on my right side. I also had pain in my left shoulder blade area (which is from the band/banding rubbing against the vagus nerve, and I have gotten off and on since being banded 2 years ago, but more so now with the rib pain). After dealing with it for a few days I call my bariatric surgeon's office and told them what was going on. They immediately got me in for a barium swallow eval and some x-rays. My surgeon called me later that day and told me my band has slipped. Back in May 2014, I had bad gastroenteritis which sent me to the hospital because I couldn't throw up, yet I was wrenching and super nauseated. Two weeks later I got stuck...and I couldn't get it out. After hours of trying and not being able to swallow my own saliva, I went to the ER for an emergency un-fill by my surgeon. Since then, I have take my fills very slowly. The last one was in August 2014, and I am not in the green zone for fear of getting stuck again, so I honestly don't know what, how or when my band slipped. Since yesterday I have developed severe reflux and nausea. I go in today to get un-filled yet again and let my band settle hopefully. I also asked about getting a revision to either the sleeve or bypass since having this band has caused me a lot of pain and multiple ER visits and once it slips, it has a high chance of it happening again, so if I'm going to need surgery to fix it, I may as well try something that will work better...I hope you all figured out what the problems were and got them fixed. Best of luck!
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    tebowfan reacted to Djmohr in Undecided on revision procedure   
    Honestly if you have gerd now, the sleeve can make that much worse. I would spend sometime with your doctor and go on line and read about the statistics of each surgery before making a decision.
    You will get a lot of opinions on here but you still may be left with confusion over what to do. I was originally scheduled to get the sleeve done. After meeting with my surgeon and going over my history, he suggested that I change to the RNY. I was absolutely devastated because I had my heart set on the sleeve. For some reason I was scared about the rerouting that happens with RNY.
    Then, I went to see my gastroenterologist who told me that if I had the sleeve and my gerd got worse, there was nothing he could do with medications as I was already at the max. He suggested that I go on line and do some additional research but his recommendation to go to the RNY was very clear. He was concerned I would be looking at a revision down the road.
    I only wanted to do this surgery once. After spending many hours reading on line and books I decided to go with the RNY.
    I have not regretted it for one second. I can eat anything I want, I do not have to take meds for gerd/reflux prevention and I have never had a single episode of either.
    Research until you feel comfortable...... good luck!
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    tebowfan reacted to lopez948 in Did insurance count starting bmi or bmi right before approval?   
    Thank you all! So glad to be able to ask questions
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    tebowfan reacted to Sharpie in Can I ever have carbonated beverages again?   
    ask your dr. mine says No Carbonated drinks Ever, No Straws Ever, No gum, No drinking while eating. No Ibuprofen. I have not had a soda in 2 1/2 years but in all fairness Soda was never my issue. doesn't bother me to not drink while eating, you get used to it but I paid my Dr. good money for this surgery, I follow his rules . But, your Dr. is your person who will guide you through your process.
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    tebowfan reacted to aelovelady in Did insurance count starting bmi or bmi right before approval?   
    I had the same concerns, it is based on your weight at your initial consultation.
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    tebowfan reacted to Sherrischeffler in Scar Makeup   
    I use Palmers, scar oil . Sold at Walmart.
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    tebowfan reacted to Bluesea71 in Scar Makeup   
    I use the Derma blend body cream to hide a tattoo I had removed (but you can still see) on my ankle. It comes in a large white tube. I would say the biggest challenge is finding a color that matches your skin. They sell it at Ulta. There are great tutorial videos on YouTube on how to apply it. Layer. Layer. Layer. It holds up great (for me) while swimming in pools and ocean Water without applying the optional setting powder.
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    tebowfan got a reaction from AZDee in Weight Gain After Pastics...   
    I totally get what you are saying. I originally lost right after plastics, but i had some set backs with my thigh surgery and I'm laid up here since march 12th. This past week i am up 9 pounds. I am scared. :/
    Btw, I had my thigh lift surgery with Clayton Moliver and he did a fabulous job! Check him out.
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    tebowfan reacted to patrickm613 in Help severe gas pains   
    Gas X and walk, walk, walk
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    tebowfan reacted to Cleo's Mom in Anyone With Barretts Esophagus? Help!   
    Be very cautious with Barrett's. Personally, I would not have the sleeve with Barrett's. My husband had Barrett's esophagus (did not have WLS), took acid blockers (PPI's) and had yearly endoscopies and went from one year with no dysplasia to esophageal cancer the next and died two years later despite being caught early and given a good prognosis. Esophageal cancer is a very difficult cancer to treat. His treatment was to remove his esophagus and pull up his stomach to create a new one. Can that be done with the sleeve? Ask your surgeon that question.
    There's a reason some surgeons won't do the sleeve on patients with Barrett's esophagus.
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    tebowfan reacted to craigcu in Anyone With Barretts Esophagus? Help!   
    Diet and omeprezole 20 mg once per day
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    tebowfan reacted to Sherrischeffler in Scar Makeup   
    Palmers, scar/stretch make oil sold @walmart, walgreens.has worked well for me.
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    tebowfan reacted to BayougirlMrsS in Scar Makeup   
    Dermablend, you can get it at Ulta.... or Sephora has some really good covers.. like Make up for ever.
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    tebowfan reacted to judyoz in Scar Makeup   
    I was going suggest going to Macy's, Younkers or somewhere that sells upper end makeup. Ask all the different counters what they have available to try. Usually can try right there to see if it works. Also try ULTRA if you have one locally.
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    tebowfan got a reaction from AZDee in Need Houston Texas Plastic Surgeon!   
    Dr. Clayton Moliver. He did a great job and his prices were more reasonable. The staff is also great. He is very reputable and I spoke to everyone in the waiting room each time. It was good to hear their opinions and who referred them, which was usually other doctors.
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    tebowfan got a reaction from NewSetOfCurves in Arm & Thigh Lift this Thursday, March 12   
    @@Julie norton
    Everything looks great! I am swollen and have edema in my knees. I start message therapy tomorrow to get the swelling out.
    As far as pain, this surgery is nothing compared to he Tummy Tuck pain. You would think it would be worse cause I have a cut from the groin to the knee and cut from right below arm pit to to almost the elbow. I would definitely work on abs and squats before having any if these surgeries. You will need those muscles to get out of bed and sit on toilet. I am really glad I did.
    I am 9 days out and so far I have shopped on 3 different days for about 2 hours at a time. I went to a wedding last night and was in a car for 2 and half hours total to get there and back. I did way more than I should have but so far I haven't paid for it today. I do have a pain that shoots in one if my arms out of the blue but mostly when I take clothes on or off. I only take meds when I am going somewhere and that's only 1 hydro codeine instead of 2.
    Antestisiaologist said the tummy tuck is the hardest to go through. To me that's the first thing a weightloss patient should have done. It makes the biggest difference.
    One last thing, I was complimented by so many and they didn't know I had anything done. I told them I pulled my groin, lol!
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    tebowfan got a reaction from NewSetOfCurves in Arm & Thigh Lift this Thursday, March 12   
    I am doing well! Had a 6.5 hour surgery in Thursday. I am wrapped up and have my compressions on. I am very swollen, but I can tell duffle differences already. The pain hasn't been bad at all. I am glad I have abs cause you mostly use them only to get up.
    Thank you so much for asking about me! I am praying the pain will stay away I see doc on Monday.

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