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  1. tebowfan

    Band to gastric bypass

    I had mine removed the same day as my bypass surgery
  2. Wow!!! $4600!!! Please tell me your experience?? How much was airfair also?
  3. Anyone have this procedure done?
  4. Hi there, just checking to see if you had your revision with medicare.? My mom is having a lot of issues with her band and i don't know if she should look into another doctor, cause her current wls doc says medicate will only cover one wls surgery per lifetime. I'm worried about her.
  5. tebowfan

    Have a date

    Hi there, just checking to see if you had your revision with medicare.? My mom is having a lot of issues and i don't know if she should look on to another doctor. I'm worried about her.
  6. tebowfan

    Nothing but problems! :-(

    I was denied for my revision with another insurance. My doctor scheduled a 'peer to peer' with the insurance and it got approved after they spoke in phone with doctor.
  7. My band caused acid reflux which turned into barretts esophagus. I was told Rny was the way i had to go cause the sleeve actually could cause acid reflux, while the bypass can cure reflux. Its because of the way the sleeve is shaped that causes it. I love my bypass and i am 15 pounds from goal weight.
  8. tebowfan

    Can I ever have carbonated beverages again?

    Carbonated drinks can expand your stomach.
  9. My doctor said initial weight before diet.
  10. Hi there, i am looking for scar makeup with SPF AND waterproof for my scars on my arms. I was told Mac waterproof, but wanted to see if anyone had any other suggestions. I am will be wearing my first sleeveless dress and its to my daughters wedding this summer. Help!!
  11. tebowfan

    Scar Makeup

    Is palmers to get rid of scar or to cover up?
  12. Do ya'll still get together?
  13. tebowfan


    Are they gonna do lypo as a revision to your knee from the thigh lift?
  14. Dr Clayton Moliver is awesome! He is in clear lake and very easy access to the freeway. He has great prices. I already had tunny tuck, but just had thigh lift and arm lift with him. His staff is amazing as well.
  15. tebowfan

    Scar Makeup

    Thank you so much!!
  16. I was like you totally against the Rny and set in the sleeve. My doctor discovered i had barretts and would not do the sleeve and suggested the Rny. He said its the shape of the stomach that is the problem with the sleeve. I was told the majority of people who have rny no longer have acid reflux. I totally trusted my doctor and went with the Rny. So pleased i did! Best decision ever and i have no acid reflux. I an one year out. Ps i also had hernia repaired in surgery and my recovery was nothing.
  17. I totally get what you are saying. I originally lost right after plastics, but i had some set backs with my thigh surgery and I'm laid up here since march 12th. This past week i am up 9 pounds. I am scared. :/ Btw, I had my thigh lift surgery with Clayton Moliver and he did a fabulous job! Check him out.
  18. tebowfan

    Scar Makeup

    Perfect! Thank you!
  19. tebowfan

    Scar Makeup

    Thank you for the suggestion!!
  20. Dr. Clayton Moliver. He did a great job and his prices were more reasonable. The staff is also great. He is very reputable and I spoke to everyone in the waiting room each time. It was good to hear their opinions and who referred them, which was usually other doctors.
  21. Thank you! I already had the surgery
  22. Hi guys, Time flew by & I am scheduled this week for arm and thigh lift! I am kind of anxious. Ready for it to be over and the healing to start. I will be going on a cruise April 26th for my 20th anniversary & hope for quick recovery! ~~If you don't mind sending a prayer up if you think about it????

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