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    Dee_1111 got a reaction from Momonanomo in month 9ish post op, down 105 lbs   
    Good for you..sensible thinking..I've never heard of 5:2..I wouldn't do that even if I knew what it was. I have learned and adapted a healthy way of eating and I stick to it. I eat pretty much the same things everyday. I get into trouble when I introduce unfamiliar foods into my staples. for meat its just chicken, turkey bacon, venison (I live in Minnesota..lol) turkey burger, ham, & deli ..quaker oatmeal, Quaker caramel corn flavored rice cakes, Smuckers natural peanut butter, applesause, lots of fruits and every vegetable I can get my hands on..lol..oh and green olives..lots and lots of spices.. I've been maintaining for 4 years. oh yeah, no bread, pasta, rice, dairy (surgery made me lactose) and absolutely no sugar. But its maintainable for me. I had to find it. it didn't find me, Im still looking for great foods..
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    Dee_1111 got a reaction from joatsaint in You Don't Have to Be Perfect to Lose Weight   
    Wow just reading that so relaxed me..I just wish I could be one of those people. It sounds so enjoyable, like being in a sauna. But alas, I'm that ridged person 'personified' who your talking about. I can not waiver left or right and come back to center. Man, I wish!!!..but for most people this is prob the way to go. Lot less stress, that's for sure..
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    Dee_1111 got a reaction from joatsaint in You Don't Have to Be Perfect to Lose Weight   
    Just an after thought..I do practice the 80/20..but my 20 is grabbing recipes from this and other sites on how to make pouch safe muffins and stuff for the wkend..I know..to rigid ..well I suppose someone's gotta be..lol.. (sigh) didn't think it was a bad thing till I read this post..gotta be more choosy :/
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    Dee_1111 got a reaction from Momonanomo in 8 months & 100 lbs gone   
    Yayyyyyy for you. It gets better and better..I found I like walking and Katy Perry..lol..Yes life is AWESOME here in maintanence!!! ..I flew on a plane and put my arms down by my sides and still had room between me and the ARM RESTS!!!!!! little things like that!!!!!..I'd hug you in person if I could
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    Dee_1111 got a reaction from betternowthanever in Things are not as they appear   
    Im right there with you..Im a gym rat, and I don't eat any of the white foods, sweets, red meat, or dairy..thats how bad I wanted it. I has paid off. You'll get no apologies from me...lolol..rock on girl!!!
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    Dee_1111 got a reaction from BlueMoon~T in Stress and Eating   
    Now that is the attitude that will make you successful!!! And it wasn't even hard to put down that chip was it?...just remember that! super good luck sounds like YOUR GETTIN' IT!!!!
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    Dee_1111 got a reaction from Domika03 in Day 3 post op   
    HI Domnika..Im Dee, 4 years out: 3/1/2010...remember your body just a MAJOR thing happen it. It's adjusting, what happens to the intestine when its been touched or cut, fall dead like a possium...lol..like one of the fainting goats...lol..it needs time to realize its undamaged and being left alone. Give it time. Your stomach doesn't realize its a pouch yet. Its a newborn baby trying to seen immature signals to the brain. So the brain automatically thinks its hungry, drink hot broth or water. You are NOT hungry, your intestine are still sleep and not ready for solids, that's why we cant eat them. Give your system time to understand whats happen to it. Remember, your innards have no air, so it can not form a scab. It takes a while to heal. It's rest that heals it quickly. Your bowel will wake up on their own time..NO LAXATIVES. who wakes up a sleeping baby?..
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    Dee_1111 got a reaction from LadyDiva618 in Yeah... I am at a plateau   
    lol..sounds like you have thing well in hand. That my dear is how you CRACK THE FLOOR of a plateau..lol..I love wine to..rats! we do have to cut down on it though..sad, but true

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