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  1. This thread is going to be very embarrassing for me, but I've talked to ALOT of women who are 8 or more years out on this subject, wished I'd of talked to them sooner!!! Before surgery I was warned OVER AND OVER again about alcohol!!!..did I listen, NOOOOOOooo. I was going to be the ONE who drank like she did before, This is the ONLY issue I REFUSED to listen to, I didn't want my surgeon or the PhD's to get in my 'Cup'. I did give up beer, only because of the carbonation, but what was I thinking, I wasn't!! About a year out, I thought I was safe, I was a miraculous 115 lbs, entering 'Maintenance" , had my Vitamin regiment down pat. blah blah blah. Feeling accomplished. BARTENDER!!! vodka martini please!!! first one, feeling good, whooo hooo...did a body check, no pain in the pouch, cool, BARTENDER!!! Vodka martini Please!!! People, I don't even remember leaving the establishment I was in. I opened one eye, head pounding and my husband standing at the foot of the bed shaking his head!!!..OH GOD!! what did I do!!!...well apparently not much. One minute I'm sitting there socializing, next second, I'm on the floor. I was a complete puddle, he carried me to the car and poured me in. out like a light!!!..I consider that episode a fluke, wont happen again, I'll drink something lighter DING! round 2: GNO aka: Girls Night Out. This time I decided I'd better get a strategy. I'd eat first. well this time I ordered my fave: White Wine..loveeee my wine, or I did. 1st glass, good, milder and lighter than the martini, slower to get a buzz. good strategy. yay me, figured it out. Drank a glass of Water in between, good, no pain in the pouch, not to buzzed. 2nd glass good, THIRD GLASS, BAM!!!! Hit me like a tone of bricks, this time I didn't fall out, but my buzz factor incapacitated me, I knew I couldn't get up and walk. crap! I whisper to my gal pal, to take me home. EMBARRASING!!! ok fine, I get it, I don't need round 3 to teach me anymore lessons, I'm not hard headed. But I do miss hitting the Vino till 2 A.M. So I do have 2 glass on whatever with a water back, and call it a night, or if its a dinner party, I drink water for the rest of the night, I mourned, and still mourn my 7-8 glasses of vino on GNO'S. thanx for listening, embarrassing as that was.
  2. Dee_1111

    Why We

    Attempting to lose weight or simply eat healthier is difficult when you find yourself continuously craving sugar. This desire for sugar may cause you to break your diet and reach for candy or baked goods instead of a healthy snack. To curb your sugar cravings, eat fiber-rich foods, which make you feel fuller longer and help keep cravings at bay. Additionally, Fiber helps keep your blood sugar from rising too quickly, which may lead to sugar cravings Whole grains, such as whole wheat, barley, oats and brown rice, contain fiber, which can help reduce your sugar cravings. Whole grain breads and brown rice dishes are good sources. Consuming six to 11 servings of whole grains a day can also help regulate your digestion and reduce the risk of coronary disease. Eat fruit. Apples are a wise choice. They are sweet and rich in fiber to make you feel fuller and satisfy your sugar cravings. Additionally, their portability will enable you to eat an apple at anytime without having to peel or cut it like other fruits. Lastly, because apples take longer to chew, your body has a longer amount of time to register that you are no longer hungry, thus suppressing cravings. Vegetables not only deliver a high dose of Vitamins and minerals, but also ample amounts of fiber, helping to reduce sugar cravings. Choose leafy green vegetables like turnip greens, collards and kale. Sauté these vegetables in light olive oil and season to taste using flavorings such as garlic, herbs and lemon to bring out the flavor of these nutrient-rich vegetables. Just one ounce of nuts can deliver high fiber and fight your sugar cravings. Almonds, cashews and peanuts are all healthy and fiber-rich alternatives to sugar. For an added snack, mix almonds with raisins in a plastic bag for a naturally sweet snack on the go. You can also add nuts to plain yogurt as a sugar substitute. Or, you can begin fighting your sugar cravings early in the day by sprinkling a handful of nuts over your Cereal.
  3. Dee_1111

    maybe hope for my fLat ass after all

    I'm right there with ya sista..just got a PT myself..he, one the other hand has decided to make me loose the "cardio" body ( which is becoming to long and lean) and give me a body that heavy weights and HIIT(high intense interval training) will give me, I want what he wants so hopefully were a match made in 'HIIT' hell!..good luck, buff bods HERE WE COME!!!!
  4. Dee_1111

    Liquids & weightloss

    Is not pookbear the sweetest thing??..you rock!!
  5. Dee_1111

    Been Away For A While, Here's Why...

    Dave: Good for you!!!!.. yes indeed, buff bods HERE WE COME!! today was DAY 1..all was good, no trainer today, we needed to see if I could do it on my own and later discuss how I felt about navigating the machines. Well I breezed threw the sets, all expect the 'push-up' which just about killed me!!!!..I do have a b*tch though..my gym is to crowded for how I need to navigate, people are all over the machines I need, luckily we have a 'Women's Zone', which I'm not use to using, but that seemed the solution to the overcrowd of machines. So my biggest accomplishment today was finding an alternative solution to keep forging ahead...lol..I bet in about 3 weeks my sunny disposition will be greatly clouded..lol..Im to cocky about getting threw today..I better shut it, before I have to eat my words. Imsoworthit: I have also been strength training for the past 3 years, but not to this degree, heavier weights. I've lost all the weight and more I was suppose to, and started noticing that my body was becoming to long and lean, like a runners or bicyclists. That what cardio does, make long lean muscles. I don't want long and lean, I want strong and shapely ..Eric, the trainer guy, explained that to me when we met. Cardio burns calories, for that long and lean look a runner has. Strength training, gets me sexy shoulders, back and a small waist, with a flat tummy and beautiful legs with awesome calves...SIGN ME UP!!!!! Day 2, tomarrow!!!
  6. Dee_1111

    Weight question

    Orama--> wow, you jumped 17lbs and your Doc called thats 'normal'???.. sorry orama..don't mean to be a downer, but, Im 4 years out and NEVA went anywhere near that number, my lowest weight was 113lbs and Im stable at 115lbs..yikes..thats a bit scary. Look back at your food logs..what are you doing different? anything? wow, seems you gotta be your own detective, and quickly!!!
  7. Here's the thing about that Kristina..besides the powder..I get my protein from foods, I don't want my powder to be my daily allowance of protein. Im a eater/foodie..so I don't get high doses of powder. I get my other protein from my home made humus which consists of approximately 14 g's of protein per serving, I eat boiled eggs a lot which are like 6 g's each, I eat about 4 a day, I also eat all the nut butters on celery or what ever and Nut butters are 7g's a serving..so durning the day I kickin' some protein a$$. I also eat TONS of baked chicken breasts...I know this doesn't help Kimr much, but humus is soft , you can make soft boiled eggs, I have ton of other protein I eat also, but your not their yet.
  8. Dee_1111

    Dangers of Sugar Free - how much is too much?

    Ick!!!..I'll just eat my fruits & veggies..organic preferably
  9. Dee_1111

    Cardio Workout Question

    If weight loss is your primary goal in an exercise program, then you should create a program that necessitates 3 days of cardiovascular exercise. Make sure your cardiovascular exercises last 30 minutes or more. For quicker weight loss, work out on those 3 days for 1 hour or more. Then, incorporate strength training into your regimen 2 days a week. If you've never lifted weights, try an all-over body workout like circuit training. Alternate your cardio and strength-training days. If you incorporate this regimen with a sensible, low-calorie diet, then you will burn more calories than you take in as well as raise your metabolic rate. Then you'll definitely lose weight. Grabbed these info pieces from Ehow.com
  10. Dee_1111

    10 years out and cannot keep weight on

    While this is soooo not funny..I had to smile a bit..I'm thinking, not many people have this problem..But I will say this..4 years out and I haven't gained more than a pound or 2 on the up side, but on the down side, I have (accidently) dropped down to 110 lbs, it happens when I have to much going on, I'm running myself ragged, and forget to eat, I remember to exercise, but I forget to eat..I think a lot of people on here cant relate to that yet. I don't get hungry often, so I have to remind myself to eat. Breakfast is NON NEGOTABLE, I eat breakfast no matter what I'm doing or where I'm at. But the rest of the day is a fight to remember meals. I do want to slow down though, that seems to help, but since I lost the weight, I cant sit still, 'mI constantly doing something..my poor husband, he says we need a intercom in every room so he can just stand in the kitchen and call me on a wall unit..he taken to texting me of my where abouts in the house lol..So I don't know if its the same thing..but I do have to be vigilant about feeding times, or the scale starts to slide downward..I don't want to be a bag of bones!
  11. Dee_1111


    ok I be serious for a sec..don't worry about telling a new guy about your weight..if the subject comes up..simple is better. My youngest daughter is a cronic dater..lol..she says if it comes up she dishes, if it doesn't, it doesn't, she doesn't seem to think it defines her, I don't think it should define you. If he (the new guy) becomes a serious thing, well then I think you should tell him in your own time. When you feel comfortable to do so. Just advice from a mother watching her bariatric daughter date..
  12. Dee_1111

    Just Curious

    oh I always have after thoughts sorry..The main reason I chose it, is what you really want to know isn't it,..Truth be told.. was because in my research bypass seems to have the most horrendous consequences of all the surgeries if you didn't follow its rules, a lot of bad things can happen if you don't keep a balance. I need that, I need to be forced to behave. I need consequences that Im afraid of..but now 4 years later, my fears were all in my head mostly..its not that scary as I lead myself to believe, but at the time its what I needed. Sorry if this doesn't help, but you asked..
  13. Dee_1111

    Is it right for me?

    Their gonna kill me if they read this...lolol...Im called the "food nazi' around my house
  14. Dee_1111

    I love gardening!

    ditto..I live in very rural North Minnesota..love gardening!!.most relaxing, workout worthy and nutritious project ever...AND!! it all gets into my fitness & nutrition log as points!!!..yay!!...win win situation.
  15. Dee_1111

    What is your WLS Motivating Mantra?

    I've noticed that almost everyone has the most beautiful sayings for their signatures in their thread boxes. I've even written some of them down and put them on my frig for additions motivation ..I'd like to hear some more, their just lovely and inspirational.
  16. Dee_1111

    Updates please

    My status as of right now is..4 years out, doing what I'm supposed to be doing, not focusing on WLS anymore, just living & loving life. Vitamin regime a total non thinking habit at this point, vits are near the coffee pot, so its a no brainer. Don't see my Doc again till Aug 2014, I cant call anymore unless there's a complication...lolo..(that's another story..lol). But your right, we all should keep updated!
  17. Dee_1111

    I thought this was a good thing

    It just makes me so unbelievably angry and sad..years and years we all sit around with our friends & families, and talk about how fat & unhealthy we are, how we all need to lose weight, how we need to get to the gym or just start exercising...and when ONE of us seriously decides to do something about it..and ARE doing something about IT..the "Seven Deadly Sins" take over our friends & families? , and the "Ten commandments" go straight out the window..Funny, we humans, quite contradictory we are, and much hypocritical . I just want to cry for you, I really do!
  18. sweeettt...gotta tell you this...even 4 years out, I stand in my kitchen chopping or just making food for the week, and I'm just a bitchin'..it always takes me 45 minutes to chop, sauté, bake, broil or boil, my weeks worth of food...arrrhhh..I now have a fricken TV in the kitchen for company..sad really...lololo..I hate all that chopping, gets tedious, it really does. Good lord, the women who HAD to cook from scratch ALL THE TIME!!!..alas, I do it, but certainly don't love IT!!!...LOLOL
  19. Dee_1111

    The Medical Team Meant It. Did You?

    right!!??..lolol..love this article
  20. Sound advice. I'm just 2 months ahead of you Misty. I on the other hand am an extremist...I've taken to calling myself that lately. I wont apologize for my life/food choices cuz I work VERY hard at it. I get mad at myself, and tell myself to lighten up and have a cookie, or a cracker, or whatever..but I cant, I just cant. But doesn't mean it wont happen, it just hasn't yet. So I will take notes and follow your progress an see how it works for you. Cuz I never say never. I will learn from you on your journey back...Good Luck sweetie.
  21. Dee_1111

    Pouch problems any one?

    Jeeez crappy typing...2/13/10
  22. Dee_1111

    Pouch problems any one?

    OH btw...her surgery was 2/13/2110
  23. Dee_1111

    Pouch problems any one?

    Again this sounds like a kink in ur lower bowel..which is really hard 2 detect...it takes exploratory surgery 2 detect it..someone I love just had this done..and that gudness she would not leave the Dr office until they helped her..It was my daughter!..just saying..it sounds the same..seems its commom in Gastric people..now We know
  24. Seriously Lori if that kind of pain is there when ever u eat..u may have a intestine/bowel kink they r very common.. havw that chec:k 'd rigbt away..dont wait!!!
  25. Dee_1111

    One Step Closer..

    sorry sweetie..Im not getting it?? who lied about what? and why on earth were you forgotten??

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