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    December 2013 Revisions: Get in touch!

    WombatVSG, the hunger really does go away as long as you keep sipping on your Water and Protein drinks... I am 3.5 week post and as long as i don't stop drinking for more than 30 minutes i never feel hungry.. now when i feel hungry it because i am hungry and the 2-4 tbs fills me up if it is pureed like canned chicken w. fat free mayo. and i stay full for hours... but i do keep sipping even when full from the food... good luck it is amazing for sure.. Erica216, I hope you start feeling better soon... I was lucky and didn't have any pain like you mentioned.. Both feel free to ad me as a friend. and keep us posted on your journeys..
  2. MusicMan1383837856

    December 2013 Revisions: Get in touch!

    I was sleeved on Dec4th 2013, I was banded August of 2005.. i puked every time i ate or swallowed wrong when drinking.. for year and years .. then 5 years later there wasnt any restriction what so ever..I went to my surgeons offic eadn the y checked it .. there was no Fluid in the band and the port had busted (cracked).. so i started the process to go to RNY Sept 2012, i ended up loosing 86 lbs on my own and my surgeon suggested doing the sleeve because i was am a big guy at that point i was 583 started at 669.. so after having the sleeve done I have lost 47lbs totaling 133 lbs i love my sleeve and how well it is helping me in my weight loss journey...
  3. MusicMan1383837856

    My 26th Bday

    maybe have some faux drinks like some cranberry and Oj, if you can handle the juices.. then nobody will ever know your not drinking what could be a sex on the beach, of a tequila sunrise... good luck to you and i know you will make the right choice for yourself and have a great time... Happy Birthday..
  4. MusicMan1383837856

    Into & "Labels"... Thoughts and feelings

    Hey Hey, guys... Had surgery on Dec 4th, and am really looking foward to the knew me that comes about. I had my Surgery done in Reno Nevada I live about a hour east of Reno.. I am Really not sure where I want to be in the Gay community since I have never really fit into any group beside huge gay man.. i mean i want to be a 200lb gay man who likes all types.. for example, bears are HOT! as are (i don't want to say twinks because when i think of twinks i think of 18-25 yr olds and thats to young for me) but i do like hairless toned men, also like daddy types and just the average joe types as well... So working on my goal so far since starting my new life change in Feb 2013 i have lost 107 lbs.. and like i said im really not sure where ill end up on the gay spectrum but i do know I will love all types of men... any views on where you will fit in at goal of your journey??
  5. MusicMan1383837856

    20131204 031132 (1)

    From the album: the Day of Surgery.

    day of surgery
  6. MusicMan1383837856

    the Day of Surgery.

    just a few pics of the day of surgery
  7. MusicMan1383837856

    20131204 031043

    From the album: the Day of Surgery.

    day of surgery took a few pics.
  8. MusicMan1383837856

    New to the site

    Hi everyone, I am new to this site and new to the sleeve actually, I have the LapBand currently and am having it removed because there is a leak in it and it stopped working about 3 years ago.. so the other day i visited my surgeon and we discussed RNY and VSG and we decided to go forward with the sleeve... I am currently scheduled for Dec. 4th to have surgery i'm actuallt very excited to take this new life by the horns and make it mine.... Do any of you have any suggestions or tips for the first few days/weeks ect... like i said im trying to research it as much as i can, but feel that getting info from people that have had the VSG done is way better than reading it on the inter webs... I hope to hear from many of you.. thanks talk to you soon..
  9. MusicMan1383837856


    Hi group... my name is kevin and I joined because i want to connect with other "Super Obese " people.. I am here for the same reasons as eveyone else... my health... im currently 582 i was 669 in Feb. my goal is to get down to 200lbs.. i know its a far fetch goal but hey i know i can do it... its going to be along road but a fun one im sure to make it...
  10. MusicMan1383837856

    Anyone in No Nevada....Reno or Sparks?

    its a little rough but it will be ok.... I'm out in Fallon... and I know your original post was for ladies ,but there aren't to many men on this forum.. sorry if i intruded...
  11. MusicMan1383837856

    Anyone in No Nevada....Reno or Sparks?

    I have Medicare and I to had to do a 6 month liquid diet.. im having surgery Dec4th.. been in this process almost 14 months.. and im on a 6 week liquid diet.. Dr. Ganser @ WB is my surgeon and this is a revision. i have teh Lap Band and it has popped over three years ago so i have chosen the sleeve this time around.

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