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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. Holly Clare

    Albany, New York....?

    Thanks, rensterness85, but a very long time, for #2 dvt may be forever for surgeries, except in emergency. Some other good news, lost another 10 pounds. So, onward and upward!
  2. Holly Clare

    Albany, New York....?

    Good and bad news. I was hospitalized with a deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary thrombosis. I survived (stated the obvious) but cannot have any type of surgery for a very long time, and then only in an emergency. Perhaps a lap band will be in my future. I am going to have to continue the weight loss on my own. MY favorite Protein shake is Bariatric Advantage, Ice Latte and Orange Cream. Enjoy. Yes, BrickHouse, we are wonderful, and yet I do not deserve" to be in this forum any longer.Bon Chance!
  3. Holly Clare

    Albany, New York....?

    well, I look forward to attending a support group or 2 and visiting locals and getting tips. . Thanks for being here.
  4. Holly Clare

    December Sleevers?

    December 18th; just found out today!
  5. Holly Clare

    December 18Th

    just got my date- December 18th
  6. Holly Clare

    Albany, New York....?

    Just got my date-December 18th. Woohoo!
  7. Holly Clare

    Albany, New York....?

    Sorry, AuntVick. Well, and I have no news further than pre-op on Wednesday. Hope to talk with you soon.
  8. Holly Clare

    Albany, New York....?

    Auntie Vick seems very dear. Well, soon we can all have a cuppa sumpin' and talk without typing
  9. Holly Clare

    Albany, New York....?

    So, did you folks have a meet-up? I have been watching for updates!
  10. Holly Clare

    Albany, New York....?

  11. Holly Clare

    Albany, New York....?

    WAS APPROVED -just got the call. Pre-op class/seminar on the 20th; then a date asap. One hold out-my therapist is 2 months late with my evaluation. Grr
  12. Holly Clare

    Albany, New York....?

    rensterness; LOVE the picture, penguins and all. Yep, I am hoping to get to a support meeting soon. Tomorrow is the team meeting and I am supposed to get a phone call when it is over. Did my quota in Cooperstown, 2 hrs from my home, in order for the whole thing to get okayed. Now, I more want to go for me.I absolutely want the first available date AND I really would like to meet you and other folks in Albany-just a dozen miles away.
  13. Holly Clare

    Joint replacement surgery

    Diagnosed with degenerative arthritis in neck, back, hips, knees, etc at age 37. Now nearly 62. Had a fall and sprain in February and suffering since my doc said I was too fat, or it would be so much harder to recover. Even 30 pounds lost has helped. 10 yrs ago I could have had it, but put it off because would need to be repeated down the line. Now, hoping to have my knees replaced 6 months out after VSG. Awaiting approval and date now. Glad this thread is here.
  14. Holly Clare

    Albany, New York....?

    BrickHouse, Rensselaer is just up 797; used to work near there-I am off exit 22 on 87, Selkirk. I doubt that I shall have surgery before December 11th, but please stay in touch. I have a lot of detractors, but am happy for this place and nearby folks and encouragement.