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  1. Chelly


    Caffeine is a BIG no, no.... I quit a major Diet Coke habit way before surgery and I am glad I did it before hand because carbonated drinks of any kind are not good for your gastric bypass. So no soda, no sparkling Water, no club soda. Caffeine acts like a diuretic also. So get rid of this habit now so your body is clear of it before surgery.
  2. Chelly

    Dying hair?

    No problem with coloring your hair.
  3. I was told to use the one from Celebrate Vitamins which is what I do.
  4. I forgot to mention that I have to eat more often because I have reactive hypoglycemia as a result of my surgery. When I eat popcorn it's a normal serving according the package and I always have it with Protein. I only eat it twice a day for like lunch and maybe a late night snack and again always with protein. The Protein Bars I have more of then I probably should but I have a hard time getting meat protein down a lot of times so I compensate with the bars. I need to go back I think to having more shakes like I used to. Well thanks James for your input. The exercise I do get is going up and down the stairs at least a dozen times a day so i'm not totally immobile. I suffer from osteoarthritis, RSD, fibromyalgia and stenosis of the spine so exercise recently has been more difficult to go to the gym but I have confidence I'll get back there.
  5. Chelly

    New tasties!

    I use it in my protein shakes and it's so yummy. I use the PB2 chocolate protein powder in my Jay Robb chocolate whey powder. Give it a try.
  6. I need words of encouragement. I'm having troubles eating to much popcorn, Protein bars and protein. I stopped exercising because of problems with health. I need words to help me get back where I should be in watching myself and maintaining. I haven't been eating any sugar or fat things. At least that's a plus. Any encouraging help would be appreciate it.
  7. Chelly

    Question about pouch

    From what I've been told once you stretch that pouch out from eating to much it will not shrink back. This is why people have to have gastric bypass revisions if they stretched it out to much and want to start over. I think this would only be necessary if you really went back to old habits. If you really want detailed information ask your surgeon about this and they can really give you the best answers. I'm only repeating what I've been told I'm not an expert. I should also say I've not fallen off the wagon I'm still on the right ride.
  8. I originally was going to have the sleeve and until my gastric doctor told me with my reflux and GERDS I would be sorry so I went with gastric bypass and I'm very happy that I did. I have not taken any diabetic meds since surgery, I no longer take high blood pressure meds, no migraine meds, no chlosterol meds, no GERDS meds, no more CPAP machine. My last A1C was 4.7 a couple of months ago. This decision for you should be made by you and your surgeon's suggestions. Only you can make the final decision of what's best for you. Look at every piece of information you can to research to help you make the final decision. Good luck with your surgery and here's to you for a happier and healthier life.
  9. It is way to early for you to be eating like this and you could be doing damage to your unhealed pouch. I'm 13 months out and I rarely eat that much and if I do it's yogurt never meats. You better talk to your nutritionist fast and have them go over your plan with you again because I don't think you understand what you should be doing properly. Your surgeon even might want to check you to see if you have done any damage. Watch what you are doing from now on and make a new start.
  10. Never let anyone even yourself stand in your way of happiness and better health. Many people here have made great suggestions to you of what you could possibly do to succeed at this. We all are emotional beings and each of us deals with it in many different bad habits. Here on this board we came from being eaters to bury our feelings. This surgery is for life and each of us works at each day to deal with things that can trigger us. All we can do is our very best at controlling our eating everyday. Those days work into weeks, then months, then years of healthy and happy lives. So do your damnedest to figure a way of getting this surgery. Best of luck to you.
  11. I'm on three anti depressants and I lost all my weight from surgery and am maintaining it. I think you need to talk to your nutritionist to chart what you are eating and if they can help you get back to the basics again. Maybe you should talk to your psychiatrist about your meds and maybe they can be adjusted to help you. Best wishes and good luck on a fresh start.
  12. Chelly

    New Protein Bar

    The Caramel Peanut has 170 calories and the Caramel chocolate Chip has the following info. Fat 3.5g, 3g sugar, 15g Protein, 5g fiber, 150 calories.
  13. Chelly

    New Protein Bar

    I would like to add that my nutritionist said they were fine to have.
  14. I found a new Protein bar called Detour Simple. They are really tasty. They come in Caramel Peanut and chocolate Chip Caramel. They have 15g of Protein, 3g of Sugar, 5g Dietary Fiber, 6g Fat for the Caramel Peanut and similar for the Caramel Chocolate Chip. costco is the only place at this point to get them because they are brand new to the market.