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    magtart reacted to LipstickLady in Veterans ONLY please. One year + post op.   
    Well so far, it seems we have quite the majority in favor of closing down posts/replies to anyone who is not 12-18 months post op.

    I am all for people of all stages being able to read, though! Great thought, @@VSGAnn2014

    Is that possible, @@Alex Brecher ?
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    magtart got a reaction from Christinamo7 in Pre-op diet sabotage...   
    A chicken fajita taco and a side salad would be better than Applebee's.
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    magtart reacted to walkermy in The struggle is real and why I'm going through with it.   
    Here I am less than 36 hours before I take my seat on the losers bench. Currently on day 12 on my 14 day liquid diet. Pause to knock on wood, I made it with out cheating and no major craving episodes. Hopped on the scale this morning and I'm down 14 lbs since my pre-op visit, 36 since I started this journey in March 2016. Someone today applauded my weight loss and commented, that if I can do this without surgery, why am I having surgery. Well my friend I said with a smile on my face. These 5 months have prepared me for the rest of my life. See, I've lost massive amounts of weight before, once I took phentermine and lost about 50 lbs, of course when I got off the drug I gained about seventy. About 7 years ago I went on a high Protein, low carb diet, joined a gym and exercised 6 days a week. I lost a whopping 90 lbs, of course along came a job change, a new roommate, a change in habits.... and I gained 110, imagine going to bed one night wearing a size 10 and waking up in the morning wearing a size 22. I know it didn't happen like that, but that's what it felt like happened. See yo yo dieting is real, the struggle is real, and the mind and body play tricks on you. Each time you lose and gain your metabolism slows, your mind tricks you into craving the sweet, the fatty, the salty. Your body wants more, and it stores more (fat that is). That's only part of my story, but you get the drift. I've gone through it, and that's why I am going through with it.
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    magtart reacted to NeedaBreak4Me in Instant Pot! Good recipes and ideas?   
    My fave lamb shank recipe.
    4 lamb shanks
    1 red onion & 1 white onion
    1 litre chicken stock
    Dried oregano
    Dried thyme
    Bay leaves
    3 large tomatos
    1 eggplant
    3 potatoes
    Add a little oil in the pressure cooker, sear lamb shanks.
    Add onions, garlic, oregano, thyme, bay leaves, 1 litre stock, salt/pepper.
    Pressure cook for 10 mins, release pressure and open lid.
    Then add the eggplant, tomatoes and potatoes and return to pressure for 30 mins.
    This is super fragrant and totally yum!
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    magtart reacted to Heidijenn in ADVICE PLEASE HELP!   
    Thank you so much every one, you have given me a lot to think about, and you have some really good points, Thank you so much again!!! I think I will continue the process, I just don't want to feel like this anymore and I hate taking so much medicine. I am only 50 years old, no spring chicken but I take tooooo much medicine!!! So here we go!!!
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    magtart reacted to Proud2BMe in Alcohol Addiction   
    Just wanted to update that I've been given some great advice in personal messages and some good websites. I'm doing a tapering method and have turned over my liquor to my roommates who will be dispersing it to me. Today I'm logging everything and tomorrow starts the tapering. The good thing is that I've been doing shots and not just taking swigs so this will be relatively easy to taper off from. I'm breaking it down to morning, afternoon and evening. And will keep to that schedule until I'm doing about half shot at each time and then try to stop completely at that point. Like this morning I only did 4 shots before work so tomorrow I will only do a max of 3. So hopefully pretty soon I'll be free of this soon. And I'm looking into AA groups in my area to cover my bases. Thank you all for the advice and kind messages.
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    magtart reacted to sc101071 in Alcohol Addiction   
    Look, I love to drink, and I haven't had surgery yet. It's half the reason I need the surgery. The way you describe it, you are hurting yourself at a much faster rate than ever with food. Weening ain't enough. If you care about your health, and the surgery shows you do, talk to someone. No judgment.
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    magtart got a reaction from Andrea72 in I Am Thankful For My Stall   
    I'm going in to my 2nd month of a stall. I am not worried, freaked, or scared. I know I will eventually "whoosh".
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    magtart got a reaction from Deletemyacct in What are you looking forward to?   
    Getting under 200 lbs.
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    magtart got a reaction from Deletemyacct in What are you looking forward to?   
    Getting under 200 lbs.
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    magtart got a reaction from Deletemyacct in What are you looking forward to?   
    Getting under 200 lbs.
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    magtart got a reaction from Andrea Guadiana in A days diet after VSG- Can anyone give examples?   
    Yesterday I ate:
    B - 1 whole egg + 3 T. egg whites made into an omelet w/mushrooms, cheese, spinach (couldn't eat the whole thing)
    L - 1 oz. tuna mixed with 2 T. cottage cheese and a slice of avocado
    D - 1.8 oz. beef tenderloin, 4 mushrooms, 1/4 C. green Beans
    S - 4 brown rice triscuits w/4 slices pepperoni and 2 T. shredded cheese + 10 oz. Isopure zero carb drink.
    62 g. Protein, 32 carbs, 619 calories
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    magtart got a reaction from Andrea72 in I Am Thankful For My Stall   
    I'm going in to my 2nd month of a stall. I am not worried, freaked, or scared. I know I will eventually "whoosh".
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    magtart got a reaction from Miffy in ECHOCARDIOGRAM now needed after ekg this morning   
    What was the problem with your EKG? I have A-fib and it didn't impact my surgery.
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    magtart got a reaction from mngreeneyes in Vacation sucks   
    I planned, booked, and paid for a vacation from caregiving for myself and Sis as a companion, at the end of this month. Then Hubby was admitted to the hospital yesterday and they are talking about hospice care, in-patient.
    We were going to Los Angeles, then on to Catalina Island for four nights, and two nights in Hollywood to visit with old friends from our hometown. Most of this was purchased non-refundable. I am hoping I can just reschedule instead of losing roughly 5k.
    This has been a trying few days. The paramedics had to call the police to forcibly remove him from the house as he would not cooperate with anyone. He said he wanted a court order or to be arrested to take him to the hospital.
    Then, to top it off, I fell trying to get into the ambulance, which has a very high step, possibly tearing my meniscus.
    Oy, what a day(s) I've had today.
    I am sad and in pain. Mostly sad. I miss the hubby I used to have. We went to Catalina together once and he would get a boner while we were frolicking in the pool. That will not happen again I am sad to say.
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    magtart reacted to VSGAnn2014 in Vacation sucks   
    @@magtart ... so sorry your life is so chaotic and painful now.
    Thinking of you and hoping you can find some places and times to rest. Care for yourself, too.
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    magtart reacted to Jessica Ellison-Correa in Vacation sucks   
    I'm sorry your going through this
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    magtart reacted to JamieLogical in Stretched Sleeve   
    I certainly don't eat like that every day! Of course you would gain weight over time. If I go to a birthday party, I will eat some of that stuff. What is that, like once every couple of months? I have to live the whole rest of my life. There's no way I'm doing that without EVER having pizza, cake, or ice cream again. I'm 17 months post-op and struggling to find a way to eat ENOUGH calories to maintain my weight now that I'm training for a half marathon. I don't apologize for having an occasional treat at a party at this point. I have ice cream in my freezer at home in fact. It just sits there. I haven't eaten a single bite of it in weeks. But if I do decide to have some, I'll just work it into my day.
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    magtart reacted to Babbs in OK Ladies, kinda embarrasing question for you all   
    Oh, and can I say one more thing?
    As someone born in the late 60's, this whole shaving your pubes thing is weird to me. I'm not saying it's WRONG, just weird.....
    That's not to say I haven't done it in the past. But the upkeep and itching was more of a hassel for me than anything. Besides, I keep it trimmed and minimal, so my hubby doesn't mind the natural look
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    magtart reacted to neiljmorton in Sleeved 1/18   
    Well here goes and let the journey begin. I had my procedure Monday morning. I don't really remember much till about mid afternoon on Monday. I was very groggy and nauseous. I wound up with the dry heaves for about 24 hours. Not real fun. But since I been home things are settling down and I feel pretty good. Drinking going well. Gas is a flowing. Sometimes painful. But otherwise good.
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    magtart got a reaction from AdecadeLater in Almost 10 years later   
    Thanks for posting this. It is very interesting to hear your perspective.
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    magtart got a reaction from ld33 in What does it feel like right afterwards?   
    Not lighter, just sore and kind of bloated.
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    magtart got a reaction from Inner Surfer Girl in A Significant Milestone   
    That's awesome!
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    magtart reacted to CowgirlJane in I was forced into the gastric sleeve.   
    So pseudo planning on having 85percent of tummy removed with no intention of Being educated or compliant is not self harm? Of course if she lied to surgeon, why not lie to counselors?
    guess now i know why my surgeon insisted on the psych letter we even though my insurance didn't require it.
    BTW, counselor and my primary care doc were against bariatric procedures but as responsible professionals they did write that I understood it,had reasonable expectations and threw something in there about highly motivated to succeed.
    Anyway, this is a sad situation whether it's all true or it. I can't imagine being pressured into this. I know I am in the minority, but I don't think most young people should have WLS.
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    magtart reacted to Babbs in I was forced into the gastric sleeve.   
    I honestly think she was having a full on anxiety attack along with the normal "what the hell did I just do to myself?" moment. It was the typical moment of regret ramped up to 1000...to the point of wanting to blame everyone else and being terrified of what the future holds with 85% of her stomach gone.
    But what do I know. I only post here.

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