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  1. Well, I, for one, am an old prude who enjoys sitting around my own crib with my posse of cats. I sit in my chair and read or watch TV while I eat my Soup and dribble it down the front of my housecoat.
  2. magtart

    Day 5 after Surgery

    Try different temperature liquids.
  3. I don't know if he does what you're asking but you could always call and ask. Dr. Ricardo Bonnor Texas Endosurgery Associates Katy, TX
  4. magtart

    Gas pains

    While walking, swing your arms around. It looks stupid but it worked for me.
  5. magtart

    How long does this last?

    When walking swing your arms up and around. It worked for my gas pains.
  6. magtart

    Pre-op diet sabotage...

    A chicken fajita taco and a side salad would be better than Applebee's.
  7. magtart

    Vacation sucks

    I planned, booked, and paid for a vacation from caregiving for myself and Sis as a companion, at the end of this month. Then Hubby was admitted to the hospital yesterday and they are talking about hospice care, in-patient. We were going to Los Angeles, then on to Catalina Island for four nights, and two nights in Hollywood to visit with old friends from our hometown. Most of this was purchased non-refundable. I am hoping I can just reschedule instead of losing roughly 5k. This has been a trying few days. The paramedics had to call the police to forcibly remove him from the house as he would not cooperate with anyone. He said he wanted a court order or to be arrested to take him to the hospital. Then, to top it off, I fell trying to get into the ambulance, which has a very high step, possibly tearing my meniscus. Oy, what a day(s) I've had today. I am sad and in pain. Mostly sad. I miss the hubby I used to have. We went to Catalina together once and he would get a boner while we were frolicking in the pool. That will not happen again I am sad to say.
  8. magtart

    Almost 10 years later

    Thanks for posting this. It is very interesting to hear your perspective.
  9. magtart

    A Significant Milestone

    That's awesome!
  10. magtart


    My adult son stayed with me.
  11. Not lighter, just sore and kind of bloated.
  12. Oh wait, I also won a Super Mario backpack and wallet. If I hadn't had a young son at the time I would have no clue who or what Super Mario was.
  13. magtart

    I hope you don't end up looking gaunt...

    Bummer. I hate it when that happens.
  14. magtart

    Burger and Fries

    I'm two years out and can eat about 1/4 of a regular size burger with bun and a few fries. If Son is going out to pick up a burger I usually don't want anything, but once in a blue moon I ask for a junior burger and can eat 1/2 of it with no fries. Every few months or so I get a 6" Subway sandwich and it makes 3 meals for me. By the time I get to the last 1/3 it is pretty soggy so I just pick out the meat and pickles.
  15. Four million is pretty impressive!
  16. magtart

    Can I specifically request Gastric Sleeve?

    I guess it depends on the surgeon, but yes you can. I went in asking for the sleeve and he said that it was what he would have chosen for me anyway. He was pleased that I had already done my research and didn't have much explaining to do.
  17. I watched and had the same thought about Clean Momma. What a nutjob.
  18. magtart

    Are you excited about 2016?

    Um, no.
  19. magtart

    Hot new boyfriend loves my sleeve

    Never mind.
  20. magtart

    Pregnancy post vsg

    I don't have any advice, but congrats on your pregnancy!
  21. magtart

    Need help

    You really can't ruin your sleeve. How far out are you? If you are no longer restricted to liquids you can get along fine without those darned Protein drinks. Just have some eggs, meat, cheese, and especially fish.
  22. I was given a booklet with a ton of true or false questions. Frankly, I found some of them so silly or funny I actually laughed out loud. I snapped a pic of one page with my cell phone. 'My soul sometimes leaves my body'. The next part was just like having a 15 min. chat with a friend. No biggie.
  23. magtart

    Feeling horrible

    Every day that passes you will start feeling a bit better and before you know it you will be feeling good.
  24. Thinned refried beans with some cheese on top.

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