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  1. Antonette

    Antonette's sleeve journey

    Before Gastric Sleeve Surgery
  2. Totally disappointed with my weight. It's been over 4 months with no weight loss.

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    2. Stevehud


      i see your not a new sleever, i was worried for a sec.

      you can do it.


    3. IcanMakeit


      Are you tracking your food? That information will be helpful when you see your doc or nutritionist. Make sure you see either one of them soon. They can help.

    4. ProudGrammy


      i'm sorry - must be so frustrating - don't give in or up -get help/ideas from doc/nut-please don't give up and go back to bad habits - stay strong- drink and continue to follow the rules - i have confidence in you kathy

  3. Crap. I gained weight.

  4. Antonette

    76 lbs down

    I've been stuck at this weight for some time. I think it's because I've been working out at the gym 3x a week since late September. Losing inches, but not weight. A little discouraged with not losing weight.
  5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  6. Very irritated that I'm not losing weight even though I work out at the gym 3x a week.'

    1. Packerfan61964


      I don't know exactly what kind of working out( weight training, walking, cycling,ect.) that you are doing at the gym.......but please remember that muscle weighs more than fat.

    2. ☠carolinagirl☠


      are you losing inches?

      are your clothes getting loose?

      are they getting too big on you?


      if so, then you are losing actual/real weight

      regardless of what the scale says or does not say


      keep doing what you are doing as it will soon enough

      ps, dont weigh all the time if you are...look how you feel now :)

      it will happen...hang in there

    3. Michele Keller

      Michele Keller

      Always or drink your protein 1st. Check your heart rate and you want to burn the fat. Really walking distance of 1 to5 miles I need to. Do more each week, Surprise the weight will COME OFF. WALK WALK, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT. PICKING THEM UP & PUTTING THEM DOWN. AND SMILE.

  7. Dropped a jean size again. Size 14 skinny jeans!

  8. The gym is kicking my butt! But I'm getting results!

  9. Started at the gym. Working with a trainer. Hope to start seeing results soon!

    1. Ginger Snaps

      Ginger Snaps

      I love working with my trainer. I saw her 8 weeks before surgery and lost 4% body fat and gained 10 pounds of lean muscle during that time. I was actively maintaining my weight because I was borderline qualifying for surgery. I still see her post-op and it's great. Don't worry about it slowing weight loss... if you're building lean healthy muscle you're also amping up the metabolism because muscle burns more calories than fat. I'd rather be lean muscle and healthy than skinny and weak any day! :)


  10. 71 pounds down, less that 40 to go. Anything more than that is a bonus.

    1. ProudGrammy


      you are doing great!!keep up the good job - i know you will

  11. Over 70 lbs down. Not sure just how much until I get weighed at my surgeon's office next week.

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    2. pink dahlia

      pink dahlia

      Awesome ! Great job ! Keep it up !

    3. Antonette
    4. dlamp112


      Congrats! That is AWESOME :)

  12. Antonette

    70 lbs down!

    My weight loss journey.
  13. Hair falling out but managed to lose some weight! Getting off hormone therapy so I think that will change things for the better weight wise.

  14. My hair is falling out and I stopped losing weight. Not happy.

    1. Chelly


      I'm eight months out and I'm still losing but my hair is still coming out.

      Some on this site recommended Juvenon for hair loss problem.

      I don't know anything really about it but my surgeons office said it was okay to use.

      I also checked with the pharmacy I go too to make sure I wouldn't have a problem with it if I started it and was told it was okay to use.

      Here's to our hair not falling out any more.

    2. terrydumont46


      have you guys tried biotin. it worked extremely well for me. but it isn't just surgery that will make your hair fall out. go back 5-6 mos. did you experience something stressful? i love suave shampoo the morrocan one. when my hair was falling out it at least fell out shiny and healthy looking. :)


  15. Antonette

    60 lbs down!

    60 lbs. lost more to go but I'm more than halfway to my goal!

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