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  1. Jerzygurl

    December 2013 Sleever Pounds Lost Log

    HW 348 SW 330 CW 270 down 6lbs this week... I actually had grilled steak for dinner two nights..and still went down...yippie! Fitting into clothes I haven't worn since Noah was in cut-off shorts and a T-shirt with the words "two by two" on it! lol
  2. Jerzygurl

    December 2013 Sleever Pounds Lost Log

    No change for me this week.
  3. Jerzygurl

    December 2013 Sleever Pounds Lost Log

    This weeks' update: HW 348 SW 330 CW 276
  4. Jerzygurl

    December 2013 Sleever Pounds Lost Log

    Hello everyone... hope all is well. I lost a whopping.. 1 pound this week..lol... better than none I suppose.. HW 348 SW 330 CW 279
  5. 500 calories, plus exercise? No way. Where would your energy source come from? Since I exercise 4 days a week, my Nut has me at 1200 calories per day with 80 grams of Protein and with that I don't have to watch carbs and fats because I'm too busy concentrating on protein, so my intake of those two are already at a pretty low count.
  6. Jerzygurl

    December 2013 Sleever Pounds Lost Log

    Morning sleevers! HW 348 SW 330 CW 280 4 more lbs gone... I had to buy some new clothes yesterday. Nothing fits anymore...and that is a good thing..! Plus all my wide calf boots are gapping.. Yippie!
  7. Jerzygurl

    16 days Post-Op, Sad & full of regret

    I'm two months post op and have adjusted nicely. I don't have to sip my water anymore, I don't gulp it either because that's not healthy, but I can drink a pretty liberal amount with no problem. I break bread with family and friends all the time, I just order something from the kiddie menu and something healthy. If I'm thirsty while eating, I take a sip of water. As my Nut said, "it won't kill you and as long as you don't over do it, it won't wash away the nutrients from your meal...which is the whole point of not drinking and eating at the same time!" I feel more in control than I ever have with regard to food and my eating habits. This too shall pass. Remember this is for a lifetime and for your health. Maybe you should speak to a psychiatrist again, could be you need to talk it out with a professional. Anyway, good luck.
  8. Jerzygurl

    December 2013 Sleever Pounds Lost Log

    HW 348 SW 330 CW 284 Down 4lbs, Stall Broken!!
  9. Jerzygurl

    December 2013 Sleevers Come In!

    Hope everyone is doing well! Just checking in.. been super busy with work, family and other things. Managed to Celebrate my birthday this past weekend without indulging in all the party food that was around me. My ex-hubby had a huge superbowl party and I was surrounded by wings, pizza, chips, pretzels, subs, cake, Cookies, chili, mac and cheese, beer, wine and mixed drinks... O.M.G.! But I was good...actually took some Wendy's Chili, turkey pepperoni and string cheese with me...and happily ate only that... Amazing how much I've changed..I used to dive head first into all the goodies... What a difference a year makes.
  10. Jerzygurl

    December 2013 Sleevers Come In!

    It has happened to me from time to time...I just eat a tablespoon of all natural, sugar free Peanut Butter or a piece of fat free cheese, and I can go right back to sleep.
  11. Jerzygurl

    December 2013 Sleever Pounds Lost Log

    Hello everyone... Been super busy... with all this extra energy I hardly stay still these days... always on the go..and that's a blessing, I'm no longer hiding in my house. Anyway..I'm in a stall haven't dropped anything since last Saturday. Haven't gained either..so I'll take it. HW 348 SW 330 CW 288
  12. Jerzygurl

    December 2013 Sleever Pounds Lost Log

    Fantastic!I'm getting in about 70-100 grams of protein a day with about 800 calories and the scale barely moves. I just started exercising so hopefully that will get the scale moving. I work out 4x a week, I think that helps, but I think getting the water in really makes a big difference too. I generally drink between 80 and 960z, but no less than 80oz.
  13. There's a post-op diet plan for a reason! You're healing...HELLO! You can get away with not doing the pre-op diet without dancing around too much danger, but not the Post-op diet...
  14. Jerzygurl

    December 2013 Sleever Pounds Lost Log

    This morning's weigh-in ...made it to the 280'S--haven't been here since 2007! HW 348 SW 330 CW 288
  15. Jerzygurl

    What's with the Program Fees?

    I never heard of program fees. My doc never said anything about any other fees... and didn't bill my ins. for anything other than the surgery and my visits to his office. He even offers free support group meetings and a boot camp (mandatory informational session) right before surgery at no cost. Definitely sounds like some padding to me.

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