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    I am currently a student and work part time. I am from Nevada, live and go to school in Oregon.
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    I enjoy learning, reading, bicycling, writing, the sciences and mathematics, dancing, singing.
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    More of me!

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    Yeah, I am looking for ideas also. Today is my first day of puree. I just had one egg, scrambled, light cheese, a tsp of ketchup and some pepper. I ate about 3/4 and felt completely satisfied. Excited for tuna!
  3. ladyomnom

    First couple days post op diet

    I'm day 6 post op. Self-pay Mexico, Dr. Garcia. Just expect to not get any liquids down right after surgery, maybe your experience will be different but myself along with quite a few others stated that it is next to impossible, painful, constant burping when sipping etc. 64 oz of liquids in general, not just water. The more water, the better of course. I have been and still am struggling getting the amount of liquids and water I need! Don't be too worried, it will work out. The post op plane seems detailed, but I found myself having a million questions. Email and asking when you're there are the best, they'll promptly respond! Isopure is a good option, if you can stand it post-op. I thought all the flavors minus apple melon were so yucky! Water it down 60/40 or 50/50! Chicken broths... add pepper. The stuff at the Marriott (if that is where you're staying) is very good! Try other broths (mushroom, veggie, miso, etc) if you dislike chix. - Mariah
  4. I am the person whom told you to stop eating ****. All of you that are farther along have your ups, downs and inbetweens, as do us newly born into the sleeve world. There are struggles on day one, day 10, day 365, and day 43534, your struggle isn't special, it isn't uniquie, so please spare me your superior attitude. The people that you are calling negative and judgmental all have a few things in common: determination to be better, an Iron will and a no bullshit policy with themselves. That isn't to say you aren't, but where people get irritated is, it is annoying to see someone post something like what you posted. Why? Because it is very commonsensical what you should do. If it isn't, I shall help you: think back to when you got this surgery. Why did you do it? Think of your thoughts then. As I said before, stop eating ****, to sum up. I haven't experienced your "stage-specific" struggle, obviously because I am not there yet. So what would I do if I "fell off the wagon." Get back up on the damn wagon. Eat to live, do not live to eat. Be happy, live on.
  5. POST-OP 30 hours.Woooo!

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    Instagram :)

    Look @ all of you beautiful women! I am a newbie here. Would you all mind adding me ? Username: LADYOMNOM My surgery is Monday!
  7. ladyomnom

    Puree Suggestions

    NOMNOM NOMOMONOMMMY NOM! I have surgery Monday, so when the puree stage comes, I will have to come bother you!
  8. I am having surgery on the 9th in Tijuana! I will be checking on Sunday.
  9. The above was directed at you!
  10. Do you mean to ask me or ask the OP? I am with ready4achange! Sept 9!
  11. Nickie! Congratulations! I am very excited for you!
  12. Hey guys! September 9th in Tijuana, as mentioned before. Update: I have been following my pre-op diet: Protein shake AM, protein shake lunch, light salad with some form of protein (chix, fish, etc) and a protein shake later in the evening if needed. It has been working out quite well, and I have been working out pretty damn hard. 1 hour of cardio a day (most days), but I have also been lifting some weights ---which has most likely slowed my weight loss. Should I stop that? It just feels so good to lift!!! ;D Anyway, doing well, surgery is THIS MONDAY! I am so friggin nervous, but SO EXCITED! I am however, a little nervous about post op liquid diet. I have noticed that Isopure is very popular, so I believe I am going to buy some today. What are all of you buying for your post op? I hope all of you are having a beautiful morning! CHEERS
  13. That is awesome! I am a little jealous!
  14. Very cool! Well, I will be having surgery there the day before you, I am sure we will run into each other!