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  1. qnz234

    10 YEARS LATER!!!!

    We’re kinda twins! I’m july 2013! Congrats to us!
  2. qnz234

    June 2021- calling all Vets!

    I just made 10 years in July. Time really flew by. I went up a little, but im back down. Almost to my goal of 100lbs (im super short). Finally decided to go ahead with plastics. Im 2mo out
  3. I lost weight with the idea that if it’s less fat then it’ll be less work, less hours, less money lol I’m about two months out
  4. i will do that. thank you!
  5. indeed...there is definitely more accountability...
  6. cuz i was eating whatever i felt like eating, whenever i wanted. i didnt track anything. i hate tracking. i also stopped doing cardio. powerlifters are not big on cardio, so it wasnt a part of my program. however, i have since added it back to my program, because im not the average powerlifter. i need cardio. and as annoying and tedious as it is...i realize i have to start tracking again. i really hate that sh!t tho.
  7. you're right. i used to indulge in sweets when i first started lifting, but have since given that up. especially since i started to pack on the pounds. i brought that to a cold stop. now, im just trying to find what works for me in terms of lifting heavy and losing weight. there is definitely a science to it. since my case seems to be unique, i'll have to figure this one out on my own.
  8. i suppose i will have to supplement as well. it's just so hard because i can hear my surgeon saying "dont drink your calories". Then again, that was when i wasnt a competitive powerlifter. im sorry for the delayed response. i had my notifications turned off. thank you for your comment.
  9. i suppose i will have to look into it. i really dont want to spend anymore money. coaching and gym memberships cost enough! lol i apologize for the late reply. i had my notifications turned off. thank you for your comment.
  10. i'm so sorry for the super late reply! i have my notifications turned off. but thank you for the comment. my instagram name is seejennsgainz. tons of photos and videos there.
  11. i know...it's a lot. kind of an anomaly. i may have to write my own guide, if im successful! lol
  12. It's been so long since i've made a post. Im almost 6 years post op, and about a year ago i decided to get into powerlifting. i've gotten some gains, muscles AND fat. now im trying to lose the fat, and keep the muscle. i also dont eat a ton of meat. in fact, i prefer not to. i know one person who started bodybuilding after wls, however they eat meat. They also told me that they take in a lot of calories. is there anyone else here who powerlifts and understand my dilemma? i feel like i have to go back to the very basics and watch every single thing that i eat. that is so annoying and time consuming.
  13. Thank you. Yes, I am.
  14. Hey people! I recently started powerlifting. I had my first completion a few weeks ago, and since then I’ve decided to do a weight cut using an RP strength template. Problem is, it’s SO much food. I’m over 5 years out and figured I’d be ok. But when I measure based on macros, my goodness! Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can be successful with this as a WLS patient...without having to pay more money to RP and speak with a registered dietician?!
  15. qnz234

    RP strength template


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