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  1. qnz234

    10 YEARS LATER!!!!

    We’re kinda twins! I’m july 2013! Congrats to us!
  2. qnz234

    Halloween Challenge!

    ok! im in...because...thats my birthday weekend and im already gearing up to go hard!
  3. qnz234

    Labor Day Challenge!

    114. At a standstill. But that's about to change.
  4. qnz234

    C25k ?

    Just tap complete. That's what I did. Lol ur time will b off. Like how long it took u to do it. But that doesn't matter
  5. qnz234

    July Sleevers! Let's chat!

    That's my anniversary date! Best of luck!!
  6. i dont even think youre supposed to chew gum...introduces too much gas into your system. consult your surgeon
  7. qnz234

    Why the sleeve?

    Initially i wanted RNY because my sister had it. but when i went to the dr, he suggested the sleeve. i wasnt too comfortable with my stomach being removed at first. but as time went a long, i realized the sleeve is the best option for me. mainly because there was no issues with absorption, no rerouting of my intenstines, and weight loss was slow and steady. almost like a non-wls person. but had similar results to the rny, and better results than the lapband. research, research, research. your surgeon will make a professional suggestion. go from there. we can all give you our opinions and stories...i honestly, for the most part, based my decision off of the statistics that i found while researching. even my friends who see my progress and want the surgery to, i encourage them if it's what they want/need...but i still say do your research. good luck.
  8. Omg awesome!!! We need to connect :-) Lol oh wait! I quoted u. lol that wasn't me saying that lmao lol well I was supposed to be quoting. Dunno where that went wrong
  9. qnz234

    What about the boobies!?

    awwwww that made me smile....thanks @@OKCPirate
  10. the people who gave me the "dont do it", i didnt say anything else to them about it. i let them have their opinion. because i had more people on my side than not. and once i started to trasnform, i let that speak for itself. good luck! you will be A-OK!
  11. yea more or less...or in the vicinity!
  12. @@twittymilk and the staff is great!
  13. qnz234

    What about the boobies!?

    lmao this cracked me up!
  14. qnz234

    What about the boobies!?

    haha! right?! me too!
  15. thanks! yea pretty much..i'm able to achieve muscle growth, i can see it and feel it in my legs and arms. im and apple shape. so most of my body fat hangs around my torso. i have to do a lot of cardio. i think im scared to look too thin. and so i havent kept up with my cardio routine.
  16. i dunno what was up with that doctor. just because that is the average size for an american, doesnt make it right. its no surprise that he reacted that way. what ppl dont kno, they question. i wish you the best of luck!
  17. yes, but i may adjust it to 105. I'm 4'7.5" in case u were thinking that that was way too low of a number lol
  18. qnz234

    july 2013 sleevers

    thank you! i had to take a break and just rest. my gas has gotten better, although it took some time. i actually started taking the prescribed pepcid ac and voile...gas is better. go figure. i did throw up again today, but that was more of a gagging issue...im not getting all of the liquids i need since i was never a drinker to begin with. so my saliva is rather thick and it just felt yucky. once i get to heaving i hav to concentrate on calming down. tmi...sorry lol...but im feeling better. im getting so stuffed on purees. so my next goals are more liquids and learning my portions. i have NO idea wat size my sleeve is lol
  19. qnz234

    july 2013 sleevers

    still cant with these cold drinks, and there is lingering gas. i pray every night for it to go. imma get my mom to burp me like a baby lol
  20. Tomorrow makes 1 week since surgery. I've lost 12 lbs, but I don't feel like I did anything. Yes, I walk everyday, and I stick to my diet as per my surgeon during this healing process. Still, I don't feel like I've begun to really do what is necessary. Maybe in the coming weeks. However, I still rewarded myself to start a non-food reward habit, and purchased my first pair of flip-flops Have you ever felt this way? What are some of your non-food rewards?
  21. qnz234

    Cold drinks

    I think I might miss chugging. But I only chugged when I was super thirsty. Since we hav to always be hydrated, maybe I won't miss it as much. I dunno. It remains to be seen. U r right "sip sip sip"

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