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  1. LeaMarie617


    Pre op still hairy seen a doc
  2. LeaMarie617


    Yes lots of water to the point where I think that is where all all my weight is! But seriously I just don't understand y I can't take the next step like I've been seeing the nutritionist since June
  3. Here we go ... I've been into this weightless program since June and took a while to lose right but finally lost 15 lbs.. Then told needed a nicotine test so I quit butts 100% to gain 10 lbs back... Now I'm basically where I started and bc I'm not smoking I have a tendency to pick more.. So now my nutritionist keeps putting me off and scheduling monthly visits to see if I lost the weight again I'm not losing and starting to think I'll never get this sleeve
  4. Txs for the response. Well I didn't really get a choice on the diet. Same as what you said close to no carbs high high protein exercise. I'm following it weighing everything like all other diets weight is going no where. Been on the diet for little more than a month now next appt 20th of this month is this just gonna go on forever, feels like it
  5. really? thank you for responding. well they told me i was close to surgery that i've completed all the steps but i need to shrink my liver and lose weight
  6. ok.. i'm dieting. i am following everything. gone through all the steps (i think) met with MD about getting vitamins up.. ok... now i have another nutritionist appt on the 20th... lost 5 lbs last month. but they can not have me meet doctor and schedule surgery until i decrease my size of my liver. i also found out i have gallstones so i will need to get my gallbladder out when i have surgery as well. in all i'm psyched about everything and glad the process has finally started moving along. one issue I CAN'T LOSE ANY WEIGHT!!! like i feel like if i can do this diet and lose weight i would not be requesting surgery. i know that i need to decrease my liver size but wahhhhhhhhhh i dont' know how. the doc told me the nutritionist is waiting for me to lose weight before i can meet the surgeon and start scheudling a surgery date.. anyone have this problem? like not being able to lose weight and having your surgery in the clouds ahead of you???
  7. LeaMarie617

    Nutritionist and........whats next

    Ok kewl well my bmi is 44 n I'm getting no info
  8. LeaMarie617

    Nutritionist and........whats next

    see how fast your process was! i need to do that bc your right they are all close but this whole nutritionist visits and now a nurse visit.. and my initial appts were all a month ago. i see this biatric nurse (MD) on friday so i will be sure to ask her what the steps are. i know i am a good candidate.. my mother had the gastric.. all bros and sis are over weight.. strict diet for the last month and only lost 5 lbs... thank you for your responses
  9. LeaMarie617

    Nutritionist and........whats next

    why is it taking so long? i'm trying to understand.. like some are done in 3 months and some are 8-9 months out... I"m confused
  10. LeaMarie617

    Nutritionist and........whats next

    OH WOW. see when i went for the information session they said that it could take between 1-3 months to schedule a surgery. i have kept all appts gotten all labs and following up with the nutritionist. i have only met with the nut (psych) one time at the initial appt. so it's like wth is going on?? I did my first information session at the end of june.. and now we are about to hit aug with no time line.. thank you for your insite.
  11. ok, i have done a month of dieting with the nutritionist. Though i have slipped up a couple time (but thats natural as i did not have any surgery yet) and ate something i shouldn't have. Anyways.. I went in and saw her and lost 5 lbs. ok.. she schedules another one. tells me not to drink milk anymore. ...... whats next. i feel as i am just seeing a nutrionist and my surgery is in the shadows.. when am i going to see a doctor. I have already had labs, ekg, ultrasound, and upper gi tests.. seeing biatric nurse (actually MD) but she is someone to make sure I am healthy for surgery. has anyone gone through this process and what is next. i don't want to be hasty and ask them like.. ummm whats a timeline. or is she waiting for me to lose more weight? like i'm confused!!!!!
  12. LeaMarie617

    Liquid diet nightmare!

    i haven't had surgery YET but i know the cravings and dieting.. i have a 1 year old..and a 12 year old brother i have custody of and ahhhhh he always wants wendys, mcds, etc. just tell yourself you will mess everything up that you have worked hard for.. fight the urge.. chew on gum.. brush your teeth.. they say if you brush your teeth won't want to eat ... i'm so psyched for you.. i have gone through steps still waiting on a surg date myself and if insurance will even approve.. but you can do.. bring the strength out and look away
  13. LeaMarie617

    Anyone from Mass that has NHP

    no one? masshealth/ neighborhood health plan
  14. LeaMarie617


    thank you everyone.. i appreciate all your help
  15. LeaMarie617


    thank you.. thats exactly how i feel about my hair.. but your right.. i saw your pic and your hair looks great! so i am hoping for the same outcome