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    SmilinNC got a reaction from Mocha2871 in August 2013 Roll Call   
    Hello everyone! Just wanted to throw in my updated info. Took me forever to get back on this site. I'm not a fan of the new layout etc. Anyways, I'm glad I made it back!
    Surgery was 8/14/13
    HW 261
    CW 173
    TL 88
    No more Migraines, back aches, restless legs or depression.
    I have already done (2) 5Ks since Dec. mostly jogging/fast walking. I'm preparing for a 10k in April at The Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston, SC.
    Life is good!!!!! LOVE MY SLEEVE
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    SmilinNC reacted to Jenschob86 in August 2013 Roll Call   
    -49.1 lbs!!!

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    SmilinNC reacted to Robert Angel in 11th Week Update   
    Hey Guys, I haven’t been on much lately. I have been really working hard on my routine and workout schedule. I am so happy to say I am down 60lbs. I Started at 304 8/1. I was at 287 on 8/12 then this morning I am down to 244. I am hoping to get down to 200 for my Birthday in January. I just want to say thank you for all your support and I have learned so much from all your posts and recipe ideas and suggestions. I made the best decision of my life to go forward with the Sleeve and I will NEVER look back again. I have no back pain, I don’t wake up with Numb arms, I am sleeping better and of course I am eating good healthy food. I updated the “before and after” my pics in my profile I have 74lbs to get to my goal weight and I can’t wait to continue my journey and better myself. Cheers everyone. By the way I am looking for MyFitnessPal Friends add me: RRAHUERTA11 or my email is RRAHUERTA@yahoo.com I hope to find locals to work out with soon…anyone from Orange County, CA? Hope you all have a good week!
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    SmilinNC reacted to txbucki in Update time   
    So I was sleeved on June 24th
    and I am very happy with where I am at and the progress
    am now 102 lbs from my highest weight which was 2 weeks before surgery and now 85 lbs since surgery
    Today I went to the gym and did 4 miles in 52 minutes on the treadmill
    feel more energy and so much better
    I do travel a lot so getting all my Protein in on the road is at times a challenge, but I am still learning and doing better
    and as I said all along, I was not going to go crazy on this strict food plan - i wanted to be realistic and practical, smart and yet not deny those things that i like but thanks to the tool really control my portions.
    so, I do eat a halloween size pack of Peanut M&Ms every now and then - so yes all 6-7 of them little candies - the old days it would been a whole pack
    I have had a bratwurst (no bun) at a football game
    I have had pizza ( mostly just the toppings and very little of the crust and its a thin crust) - if i have 2 slices of toppings that is a lot - compared to used to eating a WHOLE pie
    I do have the Skinny Cow 100 cal fudgesicle most nights when at home
    sometimes for Breakfast I have 2 slices of Cracker Barrel Cheeses (individually packaged so very nice) with a 100 cal Pack of Goldfish (nut said crackers were good to help with nausue on occasion from chewable Multi-Vitamens
    and my biggest bad thing - I will drink diet soda - i get the small can 7 1/2 oz and drink slowly - used to drink 6-10 full 12 oz cans a day
    I do drink through a straw in public and yes at a restaurant i get soda and small sips when eating, but i have never emptied a glass
    So i am not perfect, but I am doing well and making progress, i could see how i could go backwards, but the portion controls is huge and I am eating so so so much better and working out so so so much more
    Used to wear a size 50-52 w pants and now i am doing 44-46 shirts were a 5XL and now 3Xls are almost to big Goodwill got 4 huge bags of clothes!!
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    SmilinNC reacted to outwithbenjiboi in Can I just show ya'll my HOT wife?   
    Who WOULDN'T want to get healthy and fit for THIS hunk of burnin love? *sigh*

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    SmilinNC reacted to DeeJack08 in Before and After Pics   
    Was 277. Now 154. 7 months later

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    SmilinNC reacted to outwithbenjiboi in hi there!!! are there really gay people here?!?!?!?   
    I could have sworn I introduced myself here, but I'm a newbie, and still figuring out the difference between a group, forum and discussion!
    My surgery info is below, but I wanted to talk about non-surgery stuff!
    Soooo..... I'm a 50-year-old butch living and working inside the DC Beltway. I married my wife in 2010 when it became legal in DC after we'd been together for four years. We both work for the federal government (when it's open ), and we're recent empty-nesters. We have a 22-year-old daughter here in DC, and one in college in NC.
    My wife, Laurie, is from Georgia, and a UGA alum. I see SOOOO many people from the Atlanta area on this site! I'm a Va Tech grad.
    We're both writers/editors; we own and are constantly working on our 76-year-old house; we have a dog and five cats (of course we do); and we love to travel and camp.
    Let's all get to know each other a little better! I can use all the support I can gather around me, and -- after all -- we're "FAMILY" right!?
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    SmilinNC reacted to SuperKen in hi there!!! are there really gay people here?!?!?!?   
    Hey all, I'm 8 days post op and starting stage 6 pureed foods. I'm partnered for 13 years now and we adopted our doggie Jackson in May. Jackson was essential to my pre op weight loss this summer, Jackson and I walked at the beach, around town every single day for miles and miles and the weight just came off. I lost 66 lbs from May to the weigh in the morning of surgery. I am very pleased to have found an LGBT section on this incredible site.
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    SmilinNC reacted to endless80 in What is your "(non)guilty pleasure" food?   
    I have an adverse reaction to aspartame so I cannot even drink Crystal Light. Aspartame is really a harmful poison.
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    SmilinNC reacted to outwithbenjiboi in Any October Sleevers?   
    I had my surgery on Oct 15 at Hopkins Bayview in Baltimore, MD. Oh yeah, and I'm gay. And gay married. And gay HAPPY!! I'm about 40 lbs down, with 80 more to go. I'm still on my post-op full liquids, but I'm doing great! No complications, and I'm off the pain meds and walking the neighborhood.
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    SmilinNC reacted to LosinginFrisco in Liquids   
    5 days on liquids and I lost 10lbs. Its getting easier especially with a routine now. 9 more days until my surgery!!!
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    SmilinNC reacted to Arts137 in McDonalds   
    Butterbean is spot on! And I say "if you see it on TV, you don't want it". Somehow it helps.
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    SmilinNC reacted to Julie G T in Before and After Pics   
    My husband and I have lost over 230 pounds between the two of us we were both sleeved in May of this year.

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    SmilinNC reacted to ajeeprider in Before and After Pics   
    4 months out....slow loser...but I am happy with my 48 lb loss!
    Surgeon: Dr. Farrell UNC Hospital 4/24/2013:------ Preop: 239-----Current: 190.4

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    SmilinNC reacted to LI Gemini NY in Before and After Pics   
    pre-op 343
    post-op 283
    Surgery 8/14......**** this 3 week stall, not letting it get me down :-P
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    SmilinNC reacted to gamergirl in Before and After Pics   
    I was looking at this thread and as your picture came up, my husband walked in, saw it, and said, "who's that guy holding this d&&k?"
    Dude, a little cropping....
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    SmilinNC reacted to rensterness85 in Wow this is an awesome find!   
    Sleeved this past Monday, 10/07/2013, and released home yesterday. Doing okay, some pain and discomfort and working on consuming proper amount on liquids.< /p>

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    SmilinNC reacted to bigsleeve56 in What do you order at restaurants after weight loss surgery?   
    I have asked for just a grilled chicken breast and they look at me like i am sick. Fast food do not knowm how to handel it when you order a sandwitch with out bread.< /p>
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    SmilinNC reacted to cricketcree in Loving That There's An LGBTQ Place :)   
    Hi everyone
    Wow! I was excited to see a thread for our family!!! I'm 34, 5'7", a whopping 263 lbs, my sleeve is scheduled for January 21rst. It can't come soon enough!! I'm ready to have this procedure done as a helping tool to accomplish my goals I've set!!!
    Anyone from Louisiana ?
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    SmilinNC reacted to cricketcree in hi there!!! are there really gay people here?!?!?!?   
    Hi!!! It's so nice to see some of MY family!!!! I'm 34 SINGLE lesbian from central Louisiana!!!
    I'm having the sleeve done January 21rst!! I can't wait for this life changing experience!!! I have about 110lbs to lose.
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    SmilinNC reacted to natedog51 in Does eating out become awkward after VSG?   
    I had the issue of "you don't even want a glass of Water? " Now, I just order a glass and push it away to save the headache/embarrassment. You learn to pick your battles.
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    SmilinNC reacted to thebean in Does eating out become awkward after VSG?   
    I try to just order an appetizer, but times that I ordered an entree I've had the chef come out to make sure I liked it since I barely touched it. This has happened twice and is quite embarrassing.
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    SmilinNC reacted to SJMusicalman103 in PB2 Recipes   
    Anyone have any good high Protein low calorie recipes using PB2 or PB2 with chocolate? I love baking but need something high protein and sleeve friendly! Thanks for sharing!
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    SmilinNC reacted to JennieDK in 10 month update- with video link   
    I haven't posted in a while. I used to find these kinds of videos really helpful, so I decided to chronicle my own journey through this process. Here's my 10 month update-- I've now lost over 100 pounds!
    I also included some before and after pics!

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    SmilinNC reacted to rensterness85 in Any October Sleevers?   
    Ok, so Monday is the big day for me. I am to arrive at Albany Medical Center in Albany, NY at 5:45am. I'm seriously beyond anxious, excited and now very nervous. I'm so looking forward to a new amazing future, but the whole surgery part is finally hitting me. My program only requires a 24 hour clear, sugar free liquid diet, which I have now officially started. Tomorrow my friend will be coming over and she will be sleeping over and we will do final pictures and official inches of the soon to be old me. I look forward to this new life more then words can describe, but nerves are shot. Will keep everyone post.

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