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  1. SmilinNC

    August 2013 Roll Call

    Hello everyone! Just wanted to throw in my updated info. Took me forever to get back on this site. I'm not a fan of the new layout etc. Anyways, I'm glad I made it back! Surgery was 8/14/13 HW 261 CW 173 TL 88 No more migraines, back aches, restless legs or depression. I have already done (2) 5Ks since Dec. mostly jogging/fast walking. I'm preparing for a 10k in April at The Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston, SC. Life is good!!!!! LOVE MY SLEEVE
  2. SmilinNC

    Before and After Pics

    You look gorgeous in that red dress! ROCK IT GIRL ????
  3. SmilinNC

    August 2013 Roll Call

    Today's is 2 months post-op. Feeling awesome! Down 38 pounds YAY!!
  4. Welcome Bobby! Best of luck with upcoming surgery. The best thing I ever did besides falling in love with my wife & having a son
  5. Well,apparently they cause Migraines in people who suffer with migraines. I took these pre & now taking them post. I have a long history of severe migraines (31 yrs now). Biotin has not caused any migraines for me. Never heard that about Biotin before now.
  6. Im 6 wks out & never can come close to my calorie or protein goals. 500 is about my avg calorie & 50 is about my protein avg. :-/
  7. SmilinNC

    Incision won't heal

    I am having this same problem but not my belly button one. It is the incision on my right side (over my Liver area). I am 6 wks post-op & just now starting to close. I cleanse the area each morning in my shower. Pat dry, blow dry the area on cool setting, do my morning routine etc & then put small gauze/tape over it. No Neosporin. ( Neosporin keeps the hole moist & delays healing). Once home & settled I take off the gauze to air the wound. Just prior to bed I put new gauze/tape on to catch any drainage during the night. This is common to happen to some folks. Slow to heal. Healing from inside outward. Your pic looks great (I'm a nurse) & will eventually close. Just keep it clean & dry as much as possible.
  8. SmilinNC

    August 2013 Roll Call

    I am a stomach sleeper. Couldn't sleep on my stomach until 4 wks post-op. It felt sooooooo good to get back on my stomach. Finally able to sleep all through the night now
  9. SmilinNC

    Loving That There's An LGBTQ Place :)

    Hi "family" :-) I am 5 weeks post-op today. Weight is slowly but steady coming off. Getting used to the "new way of life." I do NOT regret having the sleeve! My partner is my biggest supporter & my biggest fan. She rocks!!!
  10. SmilinNC

    August 2013 Roll Call

    I'm 3 was out & still have it
  11. SmilinNC

    August 2013 Roll Call

    I can't wait either. It has really been stinging/pain this past week! Hoping it will pop SOON!!!
  12. SmilinNC

    Dear Diary ....

    Just checking in. How was the wedding & those floors?
  13. SmilinNC


    Sounds like surgery induced. Hormones & anesthesia. It will end soon.
  14. SmilinNC


    Not sure what you are asking but I'm going to take a guess Do I take a psi or do I have reflux at 2 weeks out? No psi & no reflux.

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