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  1. Ditto to the above. Headed to the hospital in one hour. 8am arrival with surgery set for 11am. Nervous and excited. Here is to our health! Wish you all well.
  2. AB2B

    Gastric Bypass complete!

  3. AB2B


    And you are not alone. You have us!
  4. AB2B


    So don’t tell them. I agree, if they don’t support and only throw shade then they don’t need to know. Excited for you.
  5. I am a few days away and so excited and nervous all at the same time. Thank you all for sharing and keeping us updated. It helps so much for us who are waiting and have questions. My surgery is a revision from sleeve to bypass due to Hiatal Hernia which my surgeon will repair, GERD and never getting to goal with some weight gain. 2017 HW 284 I’m 5’3 LW after sleeve 194 after I juiced for three days to break the 200’s. Then two years ago I gained up to 224 and I turned vegetarian. Got down to 187. Then COVID hit. I have gained and lost the same 30 lbs for the last few years. Now my current weight is 225. My revision is set for Thursday, 2/17. I am hopeful all my efforts will get me to goal this time. I’m scared to end up the same. Wish me luck.
  6. 2/17 here. I can’t wait. Best health and success to all.
  7. Congratulations on your surgery date. Sending you success and healing vibes.
  8. Interesting post. Happy you all shared. I have my revision from VSG to RNY bypass next week and I am so anxious to know how my body with adjust. I have terrible GERD now plus have gained and lost the same 30 pounds for 2 years. I had VSG in March 2017.
  9. AB2B

    I hit goal today!

    Amazing dedication and work. Way to go!!!
  10. I had sleeve 2017 and having a revision to bypass Jan. 13 due to 30 lbs regain and GERD. Even water causes heartburn. I basically sleep half sitting now. I am so nervous but hopeful.
  11. AB2B

    7 month update...down 103 lbs

    Wonderful, wonderful post. Thank you for taking the time to share and you are doing amazing! Can’t wait for an update. SW 284 CW 205 GW 141 (Normal BMI) SD March 2017
  12. Too cute! SW 284 CW 205 GW 141 (Normal BMI) SD March 2017
  13. Amazing story! Thank you for sharing. You are beautiful! SW 284 CW 205 GW 141 (Normal BMI) SD March 2017

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