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  1. Dont beat yourselves up. Weight loss is different for everyone!
  2. Lisa O

    Slipped up on pre op diet

    Happy Birthday! Dont worry, youre expected to slip...& to have celebrations!
  3. Follow your new eating habits. Dial back or change up your exercise. You didnt gain it all in a day. Even though you had surgery, you wont lose it in a day! Stay away from scale! Otherwise you start a new obsession. I was where you are, everyone was eating and going back to old habits. It took me 18 months to hit my goal of 100 lbs. At first I saw no weight loss and really beat myself up. Once I got away from the scale, started taking baby steps in the exercise area, 50 lbs melted away. Dont live your experience via what others are doing. You are unique. I had my sleeve June 2013, most people I know that didn't do it slowly, gained most of their weight back. Yes, I started doing like them, started gaining it vack, but caught myself and am now back here redoing the steps...and losing!! Even have gone back to my "baby" utensils my kids for me to show support when I was sleeved. Do you....you do you best! And besides, everyone else is taken!
  4. My kids bought me these when I got sleeved in june of 2013. The cupcake plates were fun because I DID get my cupcake...just in picture gorm ( which was fine because my taste buds changed and sugar tasted disgusting!) The little mason jar glass was to remind me to sip, sip, sip. And the small fork and spoon kept me from taking too big of a bite. I still use these today, especuallt when stressed so I slow down my eating and drinking. You will get there. Dont worry about what you cannot eat or drink, be happy you are making progress every single day!!!
  5. Just remember, you just gad major surgery!! Your stomach area is still swollen.you will not reach the requirement until that swelling goes down. You wont get your food intake either. Those are goals to get to! Just like everything else! Sip, sip, sip. Youll be fine! Im 4 years on june 24 '17.
  6. Nice pictures!!!! You look like a whole different person! Sent from my SM-G925V using the BariatricPal App
  7. You will find its definitely not easy, but it is very doable. You find that you just can't eat as much but you can have bites what everybody else is having just don't go for the sweets. I found that my tastebuds changed as I was losing weight and things that I left before just work appeal. We go to the restaurants and my husband will order a burger and instead of ordering my own because I know I can't finish it I'll have some of his. You just find it's a different way of life and then your food becomes less important because you get tired of the fullness feeling. Right now you're still feeling the old you, but you will see that the new you and the new stomach does allow you to live just in the lot more moderation. You still cook and eat with the family has you might just eat on a smaller plate! You still work really hard at your job! But you carry carrots or whatever your food choices are instead of eating the cookies or whatever somebody else's brought. Is there Temptation absolutely! But you start liking the weight loss and you start liking the new you. Just don't get cocky! Just keep taking the steps that you need to do!
  8. Ok, I have to read...if not for the name alone....my name is Lisa Ouellette! Sounds like we have similar journeys! Looking for it now!!! Where did you find? Sent from my SM-T550 using the BariatricPal App
  9. Lisa O


    Oh, and my weight loss was extremely slow....I left the boards for a long time because others seemed to be having it easier and losing faster...you'll get there, in the way that works for you! Sent from my SM-T550 using the BariatricPal App
  10. Lisa O


    Very normal. I remember crying my self to sleep. 4 years out now, can never go back to pre vsg days. It's just new. Have a good cry, most people have these regrets, cry for the old you, but look forward to meeting the new you. I can't wait to hear your thoughts each passing month, to years, when you are giving advice to the next newbies! Sent from my SM-T550 using the BariatricPal App
  11. Lisa O


    I'll be 4 years out in June, 2017. I think because I lost slowly, I had a little skin sag, but not bad! I'm 56. Younger people I know that have had weight loss surgery didn't have hardly any. I've met one person in a support group that had additional surgery for skin. I say, just see how it goes, exercise along the way and see how you feel closer to goal. Sent from my SM-T550 using the BariatricPal App
  12. Lisa O

    Any Colorado sleevers?

    I'm Aurora Too! It'll be 4 years June 24th... I have slipped lately...fallen.... 30 lbs on in 6 months... but determined to get back to goal again by june! Slow and steady wins the race. I loved being at goal. Feeling that confidence that while everyone thought the surgery was crazy, I did it! And got to goal. And that pride on my daughters face when we went shopping for what I thought I'd wear... size 12s, and find out I was an 8! (Goal for size was a 10 after being a skin tight 20!) Going home getting on the scale...and had hit my weight Goal of 100 lbs off. Yeah, I'll do it again, because I really loved that feeling, and hate the dread of gaining 10, then 20 and then 30.....Ugh! Small .... steady.... one step at a time. That's all of us here. Newbies reteach the "veterans" veterans teach about the reality of what it's really like! We all share the same story! We got this! Sent from my SM-T550 using the BariatricPal App
  13. Yes. 3 1/2 years post, and the past 6 months have been stressful..buying a business, son getting married, life...ive gained 30 lbs. Back! I am refocusing on me now. Ive pulled out my surgery books, called my dr for support, gotten a list of vs support groups and hitting it hard! It is very easy to stray off course, but now I have to buckle down and look at the whts and,resolve or I will go back. So yes. It is a,fear, but while you think you solve a problem. Life happens and this is one more thing that I think will always have to come first. Dont get me wrong. Im terrified it will keep snowballing...so I came back to this forum too. Everyone here has the same story, different wording and we are here for each other! this forum got me to my 100 lb goal. And it will get me to my 30 lb one too!
  14. Lisa O

    Color analysis input (aka failing at girl-fu)

    Forget the books. Forget the videos. Take someone who you think dresses nice, ask them to help. Youll be amazed hiw they will really help you, and not dress you like them. They just KNOW! I actually took my daughter who was 23, but dresses nice, snd looks for classic items you can wear in different ways. She even told me what we were buying before we got to the store, and we werent paying more than this on these items! I mean it was like amazing, and I got enough clothes for 2WEEKS for $250!! Oh and the proper undergarments and 2 pairs of shoes. The most amazing part? I was in a size 14 (down from a tight 20) and was excited to think I was going to buy my first size 12s! I normally wear things a bit baggy, but with ger encouragement she said the 12s look a bit baggy,and she said try on 10s...see how far you need to get in your goal size of 10. I did...And they were too big! She said heres the 8s. I think these will do it..And they fit. Perfectly! I walked out of the fitting room crying. People were noticing us and as I cried I look at my daughter with the biggest grin on her face and tears running diwn her face, and she said to the people, everything is ok everyone. My mom just proved to herself she can do anything. Im proud of her. And everyone started clapping. Find someone you have that makes you feel proud of you. Ive never known how to dress, and I dont know where she learned, but im grateful she was mine. She also refused to let me go to a makeup store. She said minimal start. Mascara and lip stick or lip gloss. Oh and by the way, it wasnt until that day that I really realized I had list weight. I kept thinking I s asas that fat girl. It takes time to get to know yourself in your new "suit". Dont rush. Enjoy the journey. Ive now had a complete makeover hair and makeup, and nobody can believe im the same person from 3 years ago! I was vrunette, now im my natural silver. I had long hair, now a pixie! I never would have thought it would be so good. Enjoy the journey! Im a tomboy through and through, so it's been fun learning to be girly now and then!
  15. Omg! You are my new hero! I am so addicted to those eggs! And I beat myself for paying 4.45 for 2 freaking eggs, but they are the perfect meal! I was just getting ready to google to find a recipe and found your recipe! Can I tell you how amazing you are!!! I cant wait to try your recipe! Let's hope it doesnt end up on a pinterest fail page!! SO EXCITED! And can I ssk? What the heck is a soue vide device???? Now ill have to google that! :-)

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