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  1. I'm 5 days post op and I'm already having lots of hair loss :'(
  2. Day 1 post op in the car coming home from the hospital I popped a piece of gum in my mouth to freshen up my breath before I got home and accidentally swallowed it. No more gum for me...
  3. Just checking in with you all and wanted to say hello... I'm 4 days post op and at times I feel like a hot mess lol I've been on my pain meds lol and sleeping all day. Gonna try to ween myself off the meds in the next few days... But I am doing better, I'm still just very sore around my incisions. It hurts when I try to sit down or get up from bed or the couch. My protein intake wasn't too good the 1st & 2nd day post op because I didn't follow my nutritionists schedule but yesterday & today I'm right on track. Can't wait until tomorrow where I can move on to full liquids instead of just clear. I'm just taking it day by day trying to get better & start seeing some damn results!!
  4. Ahhh this is what I'm afraid of! I'm a low BMI'r and only have about 100 pounds to loose as well.... but that's awesome that you've met your goal in only 6months! How is your skin? (sorry, I'm very curious... my surgery date is next friday 10/11)
  5. I love baby food! When I would feed my kids as baby's one spoon went for the baby one spoon for mommy!
  6. Didn't think about baby food! Great idea!!!
  7. All I told my job was that I have a surgery coming up and that I'll proved a doctors off work note soon.